Thursday, January 10, 2019

NC On The Money: On The Road with Suze Orman Part 1

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The goal of money is for you to feel safe and secure.

The goal of money isn't to buy things. It's to provide for your safety and security.

Most of Philippines use money to buy things. Buy things you cannot afford, impress people you do not know even you do not like.

7:23/ 27:30

You will never be powerful in life until you're powerful over your own money.

7:44/ 27:30

Three obstacles to wealth:
fear, shame, and anger

9:36/ 27:30

For this country to grow, you have to be able to save for yourself first.


Stand in your truth. Truth attracts money. Lies repel it.


This entire country can change.
This entire country can become a nation of savers versus a nation of spenders.

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