Monday, January 11, 2021

Sven carline: AT&T Stock Analysis - High Dividend Makes It Undervalued But Sell When Things Look Good

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AT&T stock is undervalued and if things remain as those are, you can expect a 10% long-term investing return. However, I am not sure things will remain as things are today and that is what make T stock a risky buy. AT&T's debt is so large that it would be the 40th ranking country qua debt in the world. That is a big risk and a key risk investors have to understand when contemplating buying AT&T stock. 0:00 AT&T Stock Price 3:41 AT&T Business Overview 5:26 AT&T Debt Issue 11:10 AT&T Stock Valuation 13:44 AT&T Stock Forecast Intrinsic value template for downloat: What is this channel all about? Value Investing: My 5 Core Stock Market Investing Beliefs My passion is to look for low risk high reward investment opportunities with a long-term business owning like focus. I apply my accounting skills and investing experience in order to find the best businesses to own that offer the possibility to lead me towards my financial goals. If you are a sophisticated investor looking for in depth, independent stock analyses and investing ideas, here is my STOCK MARKET RESEARCH PLATFORM (business research and risk reward analysis, stocks to buy from my covered stocks list, my portfolio): https://sven-carlin-research-platform...

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