Thursday, December 8, 2016

HackerRank - NCR codesprint - Spiral Message - Code Review

Dec. 8, 2016

Problem statement


The spiral message algorithm is an easy algorithm, but Julia stumbled on this algorithm badly in the contest, she missed the important part - the message starts from low-left corner, not upper-left corner. And then, base cases should be tested: one node, one row, one column first, and then, four edges are handled from low-left to upper-left to upper-right to lower-right to lower-left.

Here are two blogs showing her work:

1. Blog about performance in the contest.

After the contest:
3. Blog about things to work on after the contest.

Continue to work on the spiral message algorithm.


First review the code after the contest.

Julia spent over one hour to do code review, and then, she put together a new version, ready to post on code review section, ask help:

C# version:

Highlights of change

1. Function name is changed to match the requirement: 


2. Test cases are added to spiral message, ensure that the order is correct, not just
how many words in the spiral message.

Important Link to get some feedback from the community on code review.

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