Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Health research for software programmer

Dec. 10, 2019


I have to start my health research. I am 53 years old, it is so important for me to work on my fitness, and also I have to start to work on health research, so that I can design a series of fitness activities to keep me healthy, happy and live a very productive life.

Health research

I have to start from youtube.com videos, build curiosity to learn the basics of health. How to keep myself fit, and keep myself happy and start to gain knowledge how to live happy life.

Bench 200 - 545 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 0E9

Here is HackerX event detail:
Melinda Slaski

HackerX - Vancouver (Back-End) Developer Ticket 12/10

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM (PST)
dateBench Accounting (front entrance tucked between Jinya and Tractor)
200-545 Robson St
Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 0E9
Organized by HackerX

[NeurIPS Special] Talks + Panel Discussion

Here is the event.

NeurIPS Conference 2019 is happening in town and we are bringing in some domain experts to our meetup! Join us for 2 hours of talks, panel discussion and networking.

6:00 PM: Doors open, meet and greet

6:15 - 6:30 PM: Lightning Talk 1
Title: Deep Learning on Low resource Domains
Speaker: Ishadi Jayasingha

6:30 - 6:45 PM: Lightning Talk 2
Title: Privacy in Machine Learning
Speaker: Fatemehsadat Mireshghallah

6:45 - 7:00 PM: Lightning Talk 3:
Title: Fake News Detection via NLP is Vulnerable
Speaker: Meghana Moorthy

7:00 PM: 7:20 PM:Panel Discussion:
*Olga Vitek (Professor, Director - MS in Data Science Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Northeastern University)

*Ioana Baldini (Research Staff Member at IBM T.J. Watson )

*Annie Ying (Manager of Cisco Data Science Lab in Vancouver)

7:20 PM - 8:00 PM: Networking

Tree algorithm: Morris traversal algorithm practice

Dec. 10, 2019


I came cross the algorithm through Leetcode article called Google offer, and it is the popular algorithm in onsite interview. I like to review my practice back in 2015, and then practice one more time.

My practice

Here is the blog I like to review. I read a blog written by a Facebook engineer when she was in university back in China. She has such great writing skills, I enjoy so much to read her blog again.

Case study: remove k digits - a depth first search approach

Dec. 10, 2019


It was my mock interview 10:00 PM on Dec. 9, 2019 as an interviewer. I learned something as an interviewer, and also I like to write a coding blog for this mock interview. It is hard for me to push myself to hold high standard, I need to give out lowest score and learn to use full spectrum from 1 to 4.

Mock interview case study

Another two mock interviews on Leetcode.com

Dec. 10, 2019


It is a vacation day and I will have an event to attend called hackerx event around 7:00 PM. I need to prepare a lunch and have a lunch. I like to work on two mock interviews on Leetcode.com.

Two mock interviews

I like to take the first one from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM. I need to practice some coding today.

Leetcode 72: Edit distance

Dec. 10, 2019


It is hard for me to correct my own behavior. I used to watch a lot of personal finance video, but I should spend time to review algorithm instead last few days. This morning I rushed to spend one hour to review algorithms. I chose to review pramp.com mock interview algorithms, I only had time to review algorithm Edit distance.

My past practices

I just could not believe that I started to write down so many practice blogs related to Leetcode 72: Edit distance. I did find some issues, so I quickly added source code into the blog.

Learning Edit distance algorithm was such amazing experience. I worked with 10 rounds mock interview, 10 times I was an interviewer, 10 times I was an interviewee on the algorithm.

I did work hard to write down some practice notes. It is easy for me to review my progress through those practice.

Those people helped me to learn how to write good code, and also reminded me to understand the importance of dynamic programming algorithm.

I just could not believe that those experience in 2017 is already more than two years ago. I am growing old but those blogs are written so clear and very good reading material.

Here is the link to access those practice searched by "Leetcode 72: Edit distance".

My timeline

I got up around 9:30 am.
Took a walk 20 minutes - 10:00 PM
10:00 PM - 10:50 PM study Leetcode 72 Edit distance
Mock interview github page is here.

I just could not believe that that is the way I prepared for the phone screen on Dec. 10, 2019.

HackerRank CodePair Conduct great technical interviews from anywhere.

Dec. 10, 2019


It is the first time I use HackerRank codepair. I do like the compiler and I found out that it is so interesting to work on the product environment.


Here is the link.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Case study: Get back USA citi bank credit card

Dec. 9, 2019


I spent over one hour to talk to my renter, since he likes to get Xfinity internet service in the city of Boca Raton. I like to subscribe the service but I came cross the issue since I no longer had a working USA credit cards. My citi bank credit card was voided in 2017 since I did not have any activity more than 12 months.

Case study

I like to apply citi credit card again. I like to have a USA credit card.

Vanguard's How America Saves 2019

Dec. 9, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I have to push myself to learn and be a millionaire. One thing I can do is to continue to read and learn by myself. It is the best thing for me to do in December holiday season.  I like to read the article and enjoy well-written article. I like to copy some ideas to write good analysis report.

First reading

Here is the link to the article.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

2007 to 2009 double dips

Let me work on those numbers:

Oct 2007 - July 2008                 20% drop
July 2008 - March 9, 2009         45% drop

S & P 500 lost almost 60% of its value from Oct 2007 to March 2009

I did sell everything around March 2009, fifteen years lowest time. I just could not believe that I should learn how to invest from 2000 when I started to invest my 401 K and IRA. 

Double-dip recession, here is the article.

How to Prepare for a Recession?

Dec. 9, 2019


It is so easy to understand the article called how to prepare for a recession. I like to gather more information about recession. I think that recession is most important time for me to build wealth and grow rich. Hopefully I can fully take advantage of the coming recession.

How to prepare for a recession?

Here is the article.

Owning bonds is a great way to hedge your risk from that volatility for the part of your portfolio you may need to sell in the next few years.

Facts to read first time

For instance, during the Great Recession, the S&P 500 first fell 20% from October 2007 to July 2008. But unlike the more recent bounce-back in 2018-2019, the market fell another 45% before finally reaching bottom on March 9, 2009. In all, the S&P 500 lost almost 60% of its value from October 2007 to March 2009.

Let me work on those numbers:

Oct 2007 - July 2008                 20% drop
July 2008 - March 9, 2009         45% drop

S & P 500 lost almost 60% of its value from Oct 2007 to March 2009

I did sell everything around March 2009, fifteen years lowest time. I just could not believe that I should learn how to invest from 2000 when I started to invest my 401 K and IRA. 

Review the statements

Keeping half of your market-crash money ready to deploy in a deeper market correction can serve two purposes. The first and most obvious is that it gives you the chance to take advantage of an even more deeply discounted stock market and enjoy bigger long-term gains when things inevitably improve. The second purpose may be even more important: It can help you manage your emotions and avoid falling into the trap of selling because you think you need to do something.

deeper market correction - what is deeper? 60% drop is deeper
deeply discounted stock market
bigger long-term gains 

It can help you manage your emotions and avoid falling into the trap of selling because you think you need to do something. 

the trap of selling - understand the trap of selling 

What are those two purposes? 

3 Stocks to Recession-Proof Your Portfolio

Dec. 2019


I just started to work on personal finance research. I like to be a learner, in order to learn what stock to invest, I have to understand other people's ideas first. It may be a good idea for me to study one article a week related to stock analysis.

Facebook stock

Here is the article.

Facebook's Instagram Is Turning Into an E-Commerce Platform

Here is the article.

Facebook's Instagram Could Generate Nearly $9 Billion in Sales This Year

Here is the article.

Where Will Facebook Be in 10 Years?

Here is the article.

It's still the cheapest FANG stock

Wall Street expects Facebook to grow its earnings at an average rate of 22% over the next five years. Based on that forecast, we get a PEG ratio of 1.0. A PEG ratio below 1 indicates that a stock is undervalued, but that's rare for high-growth tech stocks. The three other "FANG" stocks have 5-year PEG ratios closer to 2. This means that if you believe that Facebook can generate at least 20% revenue and EPS growth over the next five years, it's actually the cheapest FANG stock.
Analysts don't offer 10-year estimates, but Facebook's growth momentum should continue as it follows its 10-year growth plan. Reports of Facebook's "death" have been greatly exaggerated, and it could climb much higher over the next ten years.

Amazon Is Becoming the Third Largest Internet Ad Platform in the U.S.

Here is the article.

CEO来了 蔚来李斌:身家百亿,却租房住、开二手车的“出行教父”

Here is the link.


Here is the link.






《遇见大咖》 蔚来汽车创始人李斌特辑(上):3年默默造车终亮相 打破“PPT造车”质疑 20181027 | CCTV财经

Here is the link.

13325 102A AVENUE, Surrey, British Columbia V3T0J5

Dec. 8, 2019


I spent time to visit open house, and this is a nice unit in a five year old building. I was so surprised to learn that the condo is such a good investment, I did not have chance to look into more than five years ago.

The first floor

I visited first floor. There is a gym, community room and meeting room.

13325 102A AVENUE 805, Surrey, British Columbia V3T0J5

Asking price: $259,000 

Actionable Items

I need to spend some gas money to look into real estate market in the city of Surrey. I need to learn the basics. Through the conversation with real estate agent, a Chinese, he said that if a person working as a software engineer making $100,000 dollars, you only make 40%, how can you afford the place to live? I cannot get the loan. 

This brings up the serious topic that I need to think about and how to evaluate the business. 

The owner is a Chinese, and BC assessment only show last three year's history. This is not a correct way to do business. 

Case study: My Canada retirement calculation

Dec. 8, 2019


It is so challenge for me to figure out how to make a living in Canada, if I am retired. I need to prepare my knowledge on this area.

Case study


I like to talk about CPP.
highest amount is $1012 every month. Earliest time is 60 years old. I am 53 years old right now, so I can apply 7 years later, in 2026.

Average CPP is $528.00 dollars
CPP is for all of us, the main goal is to help low incomer to have life guarantee.

I already work almost 10 years. I need to figure out what is the amount I can get.


Old age security
If I live in Canada 10 years, then I should be able to get the benefit when I turn 65 years old.

After 18, count how many years, each year will count 1/ 40. I will have at least 10 years to live in Canada.

GIS - Guaranteed income supplement

If the annual income is more than $21887 ( household), or personal income is higher than $16559, live more than 10 years.

No tax requirement.

2013 Maximum $740/ month

Case study:


2013 highest OAS is $546.07/ month, GIS single highest is $740.44/ month
One Chinese couple came to Canada over 20 years, live with daughter. every month husband and wife each can get over $1000 dollars.

GIS highest one - $740.44, the wife or husband will be $490.96

Actionable Items

How much can I get?
I will  have three possible income, one is CPP, one is OAS, one is GIS. So I should have at least 25% maximum OAS.

Life is tough. I still do not know where I will live in Canada. Vancouver area is too expensive. I am thinking about having a business to get some income as well.

Top 10 Leadership Books to Read

Here is the link.

1. I love Capitalism 2. Tribal Leadership 3. Crucial Accountability 4. The leadership Secrets of Billy Graham 5. The One Thing 6. The 15 invaluable laws of growth 7. David and Goliath 8. Handling difficult People 9. The Five Temptations of CEO 10. Ego is the Enemy


Here is the link.

他有典型的三好学生式经历:被保送上清华大学,毕业后获得奖学金前往美国读书。他 带着明确的创业计划从美国回国创业。创办了人人网、饭否网等知名网站。他最新的创业项 目则是美团网,一经上线,即引起广泛关注。本期节目王兴与您一同分享团购网怎样做才可 以赢。 2007年11月16日,王兴创办的社交网站海内网上线。这也是王兴继校内网和饭否网之后创办的第三个社交网站。 海内是一个真人网络,提供个人空间,迷你博客,相册,群组,电台,校友录,买卖好友以及电影评论等服务。[1] 王兴还表示,与校内网相比,海内网面向的用户更高端一些。校内网只针对大学生用户,两家网站的用户重叠率并不高,两者不存在竞争关系。王兴,人人网(原校内网)创始人,饭否网总裁,美团网创始人兼CEO。 1997年王兴被保送到清华大学电子工程系无线电专业,毕业后拿到全额奖学金去了美国特拉华大学师从第一位获得MIT计算机科学博士学位的大陆学者高光荣。

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Principles For Success by Ray Dalio (In 30 Minutes)

Here is the link.

How to Double Your Income

Here is the link.

Recreate = new results
stay the same = old results
Peer pressure

Death, Entertainment, Divorce,
Compressed time frame

How to Increase Your Net Worth

Here is the link.

Four brackets of net worth:
Money, health, skill, influence and voice

Four areas of net worth
Credit, savings, income, investments

Influence - Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
Health - Body fat, stamina

Income - Active, Passive

Write it
Track it
Put a goal
Drive IT

How to Make a Million Dollars a Year

Here is the link.

500,000 makes a million dollar income in 2018.

Logic/ emotion

7 Types of Equity to Help You Make Millions

Here is the link.

1.) Money Equity 2.) Sweat Equity 3.) Social Equity 4.) Language/Culture Equity 5.) Contacts/Connection Equity 6.) Specialised Skills Equity 7.) Intellectual Property Equity

10 Signs You Won't Be Rich

Here is the link.

1) You don´t like rich people 2) You think rich people are special 3) You don´t spend enough time learning 4) People make you easily feel guilty 5) You worry too much about what people think about you 6) You worry too little about what the right people think about you 8) You listen to every single thing your parents tell you to do 9) You´re an expert at making excuses 10) Your attitude sucks

7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful

Here is the link.

1] Super Competitive 2] Finish Everything 3] Circle Outearns You 4] Mind Never Stops 5] Credible People See Them Going Places 6] Always Learning 7] Extremely Obsessive

10 Things To Do Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

Here is the link.

15:12/ 16:20

1. Learn to self-motivate
2. Save, save, save
3. Learn how to sell
4. Work for an entrepreneur
5. Network, build contacts, relationships
6. Work 80hours/ WK for 12-24 months
7. Research & Learn fast
8. Build an audience
9. Learn your strengths in different industries
10. Death ground/ back against the wall

12 Mistakes I Made My First Year as an Entrepreneur

Here is the link.

1. Almost quit 2. Become CEO too quickly 3. Taking advice from too many people 4. Not knowing how to ask for advice 5. Forcing v. Influencing 6. Living the life too early 7. Selling too many products 8. Thinking that I knew it all 9. Partying too hard 10. Acting like a boss, not an employee 11. Not having a schedule 12. Not having a business plan

16 Time Wasters of Entrepreneurs

Here is the link.

1. Doing $10/hour jobs 2. Blame 3. Worrying about going out of business 4. Constantly think about what competitors are doing 5. Turn off notifications 6. Constantly hiring new people for new positions because you don't pay well 7. Thinking about people who left you 8. Non-effictive social media use : Newsfeed on facebook 9. Wasting time with office butterflies 10. Too many meetings 11. TV 12.Taking calls from friends during business hours 13. Chasing the big account that you think will change your life instead of the small sales 14. Reading the wrong books 15. Too much partying

Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur- 2019 Driven Keynote

Here is the link.

Fat kids in USA -> Parks close down -> lawyer sit in the park -> kids get hurt -> sue the city -> share the profit

Where most people struggle
1. lens
2. language

Treat people like customers. How to serve them?
Do not try to sell things to them.

Morale of story - change lens, change language.
What is your purpose?

Actors vs. Doers

half million - million - 1% -> look up internet
$100,000 dollar/ year - 80%

1% or 20%, hunger for next level

11 Skills that Millionaires Master

Here is the link.

the 11 skill sets that millionaires master. #1: Persuasion - 4:00 #2: - Reading People -- 6:00 #3: Sharing the Wealth - 8:04 #4: Leverage - 11:03 #5: Recruiting - 12:57 #6: Energy Management - 14:15 #7: How to Process Issues 16:07 #8: Time Management - 17:10 #9: How to Manage Money - 19:37 #10: How to Be Aggressively Patient -- 21:26 #11: Learning - 24:12

How to REALLY Become A Millionaire

Here is the link.

How to be a millionaire?

20 hours
40 hours
All the timer - 80 hours

Work ethnics side - 80 hours, prior to that
Every one has a week to brag about.

Personal growth speed
Rat race - identity is not growing - ability to scale

Level 1 - average 20 books a month
Level 2 - average 40 books a month

business book  - learn how to figure out things

Work ethnics

How many stops you run?

7 Psychological Effects That Rule Your Whole Life

Here is the link of a million view video.

Did you know you could sell a $20 bill for ten times its value? Or that a person you’re physically attracted to may not be as smart and funny as you think? Or that the only reason why there’s this third option on the market is to create the decoy? All these things are called cognitive biases, and they rule your entire life without you even knowing it. Here are some of the most prominent ones.

TIMESTAMPS: Phenomenon of Max Bazerman 0:25 Decoy effect 2:23 Halo effect 4:00 Framing effect 5:00 Illusion of control 6:05 Dr. Fox effect 7:45 Spotlight effect 9:17

SUMMARY: - How hard could it be to take 20 bucks from an MBA student? In fact, Professor Max Bazerman proves it’s easy-peasy. In 2010, he first conducted an experiment at his class where he organized a simple auction: he would give a $20 bill to the student who pays the most money for it. The $20 bill was sold for $204. - The only reason why there’s this third option on the market is to create this decoy to make you buy a more expensive product. - You may not notice this, but when you see an attractive person, you tend to exaggerate their good traits of character. And that’s the gist of the halo effect. - We tend to prefer an option that is described in a positive way. Even if the only other option is absolutely the same, people will likely disregard it because it’s been given a negative description. - Although a situation can be completely random, people tend to think their choice somehow affects the results. We like to be in control of everything, don’t we? - The positive attitude and liveliness of a person can completely fool a whole audience of highly educated specialists. If you ever heard motivational speakers and got inspired by their ideas… well, chances are that you’ve also experienced the Dr. Fox effect. - If you’ve ever felt self-conscious leaving your house in different socks, worrying that everyone would laugh and point fingers at you, you’ve become a victim of the spotlight effect. It’s a psychological bias that basically makes you think too much of yourself.