Thursday, February 21, 2019

Coast Capital Savings

Here is another company for me to look into. I am so glad to get connected and learn so many companies in Vancouver area.

Tasktop startup

Feb. 21, 2019


It is such great experience to attend open house event tonight. As a software programmer, I learn how important it is to keep connected with the community. I like to learn more about software companies in Vancouver area.

Tasktop software company

Here is the company profile. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Money week youtube channel

Feb. 20, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I learned last three months that I should invest time early back in 2001 to learn personal finance, and also push hard to build good finance habit. I like to invest more time after work and in weekend to learn some basic of personal finance. Money week is very good place for me to learn

Money week

Here is link.

DIVIDENDS! | The Easiest Way to Get Rich #1

Here is the link.

Kevin O Leary presentation in Vancouver

Feb. 20, 2019


It is the first time I attended the show in the city of Vancouver. I like to share my hand writing notes taken on Feb. 20, 2019.

My notes

Here is my notes.

How is my handwriting?

I also have strong interest in design and art. I like to overcome my impatient problem. I like to push myself to write down by myself, so I can work on hand and brain together. I believe that it is good to train myself to think and analyze better.

I like to write down a few notes later about my learning.

Stock Dividends Explained in 7 Minutes

Here is the link.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

What if I know the stock market

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett

It is a good research topic for me to work on.

I am a programmer but I like to do a short research. My interest is superficial, play tennis, shopping, I bought thousands dollar clothing again starting from 2010, it is junk since they are my wants and not needs. I watch netflix shows to take breaks instead of learning things on on personal finance until Nov. 2018.


One day I felt so lost since I thought about other thing not tennis, I was playing tennis against the wall. I like to have a home, own a home some place in Canada, but I failed to time the market. I talked to a Chinese friend who also has a real estate license. He explained to me that I did not know the market. Now it was too late. It was in 2018

I felt that I like to start something new. Why I just work on a case study first.

Because I do not know what problem I have. I think that I have income problem not expense problem. I do believe that I should hold on to grow rich until I can get more income first.


I did not know the stock market, when in recession 2009, I took the loss, sell everything to focus on my immigration case.

My attitude has problems. I should learn more about stock market starting from 2001. I was a home maker in 2001.

I made a mistake to sell VIGRX mutual fund in 2002, and then totally forgot it, do not talk about it. I moved on with other interest.

I did not succeed the first time to file Canada immigration. I had 30 days to respond the immigration office to provide finance letter to show $10,000 Canadian dollar fund. The consultant did not receive the mail and I did not know where I was in the application status at all. All I am doing is to wait for the result. I got denial of application since lacking of financial statement. I took advantage of 60 days to appeal my case, started to file appeal for leave in Canada federal court by myself.

I felt so disappointed and this was the first time I learned that I could not turn back the clock.

I was impatient, and I sold everything in stock market and took the loss in 2009, and I decided to move on immigration case.

Monday, February 18, 2019

If I want to be a data engineer

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my short research topic. I got notification that one friend I met on or joined Facebook as a data engineer, and I remember this January one startup is looking for a data engineer, work on scala/ docker. I was curious how to get training to be a data engineer.

If I want to be a data engineer

I need to write down how this friend made a good career move to Facebook as a data engineer.

I am still working on my personal finance, and start to understand basic economics and how index fund / Vanguard fund beat other active managed funds.

I learn from my personal finance research. To be a data engineer, it is not an easy job for any of us.

How to play Canadian investment game?

Feb. 18, 2019


I am a Canadian citizen. I need to learn how to survive in Canada. Ideally, my first priority is to hold a software programmer job, no matter how low the pay it is. I need to learn how to build wealth and grow rich from the steady income.

Short research

Now it is 9:26 PM. I will have a mock interview on 10:00 PM. I will have to go to bed early for tomorrow work. I like to come out the idea how to play investment game in Canada.


I need to learn more than 10 Vanguard funds first, and then I also like to push myself to tell the basic difference before I start to invest again.

Are You Too Old to Buy a House?

Here is the article to read.

在亚马逊 (Amazon) 公司工作是怎样一番体验? (Series 5 out of 10)



亚马逊升到 SDE II 是件很不错的成就。


着重于成长, 而不是升职。

亚马逊某部门这两年就出了一个问题:很多系统被设计得过度复杂。后来调查时发现,都是因为设计复杂了容易忽悠人好升职。 升上去的人, 很多不称职。

亚马逊是会 PIP 人的!能力差的经理一般专 PIP 那些工作不久的 SDE I。其实 SDE I 是最不该PIP的。 因为 SDE I 破坏力最小, 而且最容易训练。

职位越高,越容易遇到经验比较足的经理。这些经理会着重审核 SDE III 和 Principal。

有个部门今年一年就开除了两个 SDE III 和一个 Principal。

做得好总是会加薪的。做得不好, 升职了饭碗都不一定能保住。

当然 SDE I 也不要怕 PIP。只要你做得好,学得多,你就不怕 PIP。 出 PIP 是件很光荣的事情。 因为一个经理去 PIP 一个人,
  1. 这个人造成伤害很大
  2. 这个人无法被训练
也就是说, PIP 的确是用来开除人的。
但是如果被 PIP 的人出了 PIP, 就很可能这个经理看错了。

如果一个经理把一个好员工当成坏员工,最后被开除的很可能是这个经理。所以在亚马逊, PIP是双向的。

这是为什么 SDE I 其实没有那么好欺负:
  1. SDE I 无法造成很大的伤害
  2. SDE I 通常可以被训练
所以PIP SDE I 十有八九都是错的。一个经理如果经常 PIP 那些 SDE I,等遇到一个有经验的经理, 就归他自己被开除了。

Actionable Items

There are some good arguments in the article.

在亚马逊 (Amazon) 公司工作是怎样一番体验? (Series 4 out of 10)



1. 关于是否应该来亚马逊

如果你不是太缺钱(比如学生债很重之类的), 亚马逊西雅图总部是一个适合职业成长的地方。今年(2018)亚马逊的应届生起薪不比别的类似公司低, 所以如果负债太重, 这类公司可能都不适合你。

不管你是什么专业, 都可以从这里的 SDE I 做起。 现在亚马逊招的本科生中, 有很多理科非电脑专业的。 我也见过很多文科、医科的, 读个半年的电脑硕士就来亚马逊当SDE实习生的。

个人而言非常喜欢这样的员工。 他们的思维模式往往非常灵活, 可以给公司带来不同的视角。 如果你背景就是电脑, 也很好。 这样上手快, 也就有时间多学一些别的专业的东西。

传统上,亚马逊大多数组会给新 SDE I 甚至实习生从头到尾的 "ownership" (近三年某些部门有一些变化, 之后会提到)。 很多新人会去与客户谈项目、设计系统。一直到最后的购买硬件、发布功能、系统, 都可能是新人在主导的。这个 ownership 不应该被曲解为加班加点赶活。 只是说这个实习生或者 SDE I 拥有整个项目最高的话语权。

比如我今年就看到一个组的实习生, 在花了几周与他的客户讨论和深入分析之后, 成功说服他的组员去放弃他的实习生项目。 他的经理之后又花时间跟他一起开始了一个完全不同的项目。 这种自主能力是亚马逊强调的ownership。

这里同时要注意, 自主和自私是不同的!有人来帮着做项目是好事。 如何有效利用他人的帮助, 也是自主能力的一部分。


一般工作经验 3 - 5 年的人, 面试亚马逊 SDE II 失败率很高。 因为这个阶段的普通程序员是很少会做项目规划和系统设计的。


我听说过不少起亚马逊 SDE II 跳槽到微软当 Principal Engineer 的事情。

当然并不是所有组都是这么好。 这点之后会详细讨论。

How Much Will You Spend in Retirement?

Here is the link.

在亚马逊 (Amazon) 公司工作是怎样一番体验? (Series 3 out of 10)

Soft skills


Soft Skills

Soft Skill下列出的那些管理技术和交流技术并没有错。 Soft Skill 不是 IT 行业产生的, 用来区分于technical skill。

我经理有次告诉我, 这个概念应该是来源于军队或者制造业。

早在1950年左右 Soft Skills 的概念就出现了。 1972年曾经军队开过专门关于 Soft Skills 的讨论会。 当时 IT 行业还不存在。

Soft Skills 的定义是“难以测量的技能”(比如你的工厂里的人是否融洽)。

它相对的其实就是Hard Skills(而不是网上说的technical skills), 就是一些“可以测量的技能”(比如你一天生产量是多少之类的)。

虽然难以测量, 因为Soft Skills是一些技能, 所以它们还是可以通过学习、锻炼来获得提高的(相对于天赋)。

这些技能是有系统的, 有专业的(管理能力、行为影响能力、政治能力等所相对的学科:管理学, 心理学,政治学 )。 所以它们也可以说是technical的。



因为难以测量, 所以是一个Soft Skill. 但是这个技能可以通过不断地锻炼和学习来提高。


架构就是所谓的 Architecture。 这个词是从建筑学来的, 在软件行业里被滥用 。

我很长时间都不信这个词。 其实这个词还是有用的,它指的是把资源、空间以某种方式分配, 让在这之上的设计自然趋向于好的。

两个组距离远, 系统耦合度就小, 就是其中一个例子。 如果我们希望某些系统能融合, 把开发它们的小组并到一起就好。 如果我们想分割一个系统, 就把开发它的组员分成不同的小组。

架构也可以是电脑相关的工具, 比如用 functional language 去写一个系统会让组员更多去思考运算, 更少去思考物件(更有可能会招不到员工)。

现实中, 分组、合组都是很复杂的事情。 这关系到大组结构的影响.

怎么说服别人,怎么用人, 怎么调整过程中和之后的人际关系,怎么调整每个组的开发流程,怎么定义每个组的职责等等。这些技术往往是无法直接测量能力高低的,比如管理技术和交流技术。属于Soft Skills的范围。

设计上的容易懂都是需要Soft Skills的.

每个 Soft Skill 都是一门技术. 我们更有效地去探索其中的机制,  通过实验得出的结论, 而不是单纯地利用直觉(intuition)、好的意向(good intention)、和“成功人士”讲的“道理”。

比起从建筑学、工程学借用一些工具, 软件开发其实更适合借用心理学、社会学、管理学、经济学、以及政治学里的工具。 大概因为建筑学和工程学的媒介(比如木头)和限制(比如万有引力), 都来源于物理。 而软件的媒介(想法)和限制(思考方式), 都来源于人的思想

比如我们之前提到, 软件设计最重要的是"容易懂"。

"容易懂" 是认知心理学的概念(cognitive ease) 。 通过学习认知心理学, 我们能够有机制地让软件更容易懂, 而不是单纯地借助直觉。

Conway's Law, 它提到软件结构通常来源于部门的交流结构。这是社会学的范围。 通过学习社会学, 我们可以有机制地优化部门之间的交流模式。

SDE II 之后 technical path 最需要的是系统地学习 Soft Skills , management path 也得学。

大多数亚马逊成功的 SDE III 的 Soft Skills 都是比较强的。 尤其在沟通能力和处理人之间的矛盾上, 他们大多都很有天赋。

这方面的天赋不强, 作为技术来学了。

SDE III 的职业发展可以参考 Daniel Kahneman 的《Thinking, Fast and Slow》。

Actionable Items

I spent a few minutes to simplify the structure of content. The article was written to mix arguments and statements and facts together.

Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams

Here is the wiki article to read.

在亚马逊 (Amazon) 公司工作是怎样一番体验? (Series 2 out of 10)

Here is the article.



SDE I 其实在很多地方都是看作是暂时的一个角色, 不可长久。 一旦自主能力开发好了, 就是 SDE II。

SDE I 如果做得好,顶多底薪增加1.9%左右(我第一年好像只涨了0.1% 还是多少)。 但是SDE II 做得好, 底薪可以每年增长 6% 左右(少数可以增长8% - 13%), 直到增长到 SDE II薪水封顶。

SDE II 开始, 薪水慢慢向股票 ( RSU )转变。 亚马逊给股票时会假设, 明年这个股票会涨。每年给的股数可能都比去年少。 最后交税时还是可以看到每年钱在往上涨的。

SDE II 开始每个级别薪水区间可以很大。西雅图有的 SDE II 可能一年就 10 多万,有的可能20多万, 有的接近30万。这与亚马逊股票浮动关系很大。

总之至少2018年, 就我个人了解:

SDE I: 13万 - 15万
SDE II: 14万 - 28万
SDE III: 16万 -

Principal Engineer:

在美国, 员工之间讨论薪酬是被 National Labor Relations Act 保护的。 阻碍员工讨论薪酬是违法的。 所以大家也可以入职之后找同事了解一下别人的薪酬。

薪酬隐私化是美国传统企业为了削弱员工的议价能力而制造的文化。 但是如果你的同事不想讨论, 还是要尊重别人的。


只要你愿意放长线, 亚马逊给的报酬还是还可以的。

一个员工是 2012 年大学毕业入职,4万 的 signing bonus, 在 2016 年全部 vest 时就已经成了 20多万。2018年,就是40万了。



在亚马逊 (Amazon) 公司工作是怎样一番体验? (Series 1 out of 10)

Here is the article.

最开始工作时我喜欢做些operations方面的苦活。因为当时觉得在西雅图10来万年薪已经很高了。组里大家不想干的活我就多做点才对得起这工资。当时组里同事对这个做法经常表示不解...因为一般当时最好的项目开发的活一般都是给实习生和SDE I做的。 这样可以让这些新人多写code, 在做code review的时候就可以更方便培养他们的设计灵感。 当然这些我当时都不懂。 我当时看我们SDE III一直在干一些又累又没人欣赏的脏活累活, 所以我也干。
那个组做的系统当时并不容易理解。 问题也多。我入组之前据说每晚得手动重启才不会把内存跑没。但是我反正新手, 也不知道问题所在。 我还以为干这行就是这样。


My analysis

I have to learn some basics from the article. SDE I vs SDE III is very good topic to look into. 

Top Investment Ideas for Retirement

Here is the link.

2:15/ 48:23
Vanguard total stock market ETF VTI
March 9, 2017

Analyst rating


Last Price


Total Assets
$75.8 Bil

Valuation Rating
Faily Valued

10-Yr Annualized TR (Price)

Large Blend

SEC Yield

3:39/ 48:24

Vanguard high dividend yield ETF VYM
March 9, 2017 $78.39

10-Yr Annualized TR (Price)

Retiree Roundtable: Lessons Learned

Here is the link.

Linkedin profile study

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I have to go over all my paper work again and again, and try to category those paper work into small projects I can work on. First time I looked into the manager profile on LinkedIn after more than 6 months of my onsite interview in the city of Seattle, USA. I need to push myself to learn Amazon leadership principles.

Linkedin profile update

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my personal finance research year. I do not intend to advance myself to top 10 - 15% performance on Leetcode weekly contest in next 6 months, but I focus on my personal finance research. But  I still keep finding short projects to work on related to data structure and algorithm research and development.

LinkedIn profile update

I need to update my linkedin profile based on the sample profile from my linkedin profile research based on weekly contest performance research.

Here is the template I like to follow.

I need to add Honors and awards section, courses section, test scores section.

Maximize Guaranteed Income in Retirement

Here is the link.

Benz: Building Your Retirement Portfolio

Here is the link.

This is an excellent teaching and learning for me. I like to write down some notes in the following:

26:46/ 47:56
Bucket maintenance example
- retiree needs $40,000 in cash flow from $1 million portfolio to re-fill bucket 1 in 2016
- 60% S& P 500/ 40% bond portfolio yields $21,186 in 2016
- Portfolio also has capital return of $105,800 in 2016
- Retiree's $40,000 cash flow distribution comes from
  - $21,186 in income
  - $18,814 from capital return/ rebalancing
- Retiree reinvests remaining $86,986 of 2016 capital return

Benz: 5 Fund Picks for Conservative Retirees

Here is the link.

It is hard for me to parent myself

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my personal finance research topic. Today I have to stay at home to process my personal business, one thing is to handle lease agreement with my Florida Boca Raton rental, and another thing is to handle my personal finance learning.

Hard to parent myself

I like to go out and meet those old friends on Burnaby tennis court to play some tennis. But I choose to stay at home and learn more about personal finance from Morningstar inc Christine Benz. Here is the video link I am watching.

Our Favorite Funds for Retirement Portfolios

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my statue holiday called family day. I spend time to stay in my home office and then learn something related to personal finance. Here is the video.

Retirement fund

I did three startup companies in United States. In every job, I rushed to pay as much as possible into my 401 K account. I need to get organized and then look into how to get educated related to 401 K fund and IRA accounts.

It is long road for me to catch up. I start to learn from so many people and open to a new world of people who shares good content.

I start to work on my personal finance from Nov. 2018.

I sold all possible big gains mutual funds, stocks in recession 2002 and 2009. I tried to focus on Canada immigration case in 2009 only.

Grow rich is so painful experience

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my personal finance research. In order to solve problem of housing problem in Canada, I have to push myself to work on personal finance research starting from Nov. 2018. After more than four year research on data structure and algorithm, I believe that I learn how good a research can be. I like to push myself to learn various topics, and also I need to push myself to case study so many things in my past and existing experience. Grow old is not to grow rich. Grow rich is not automated, I have so many struggles and painful experience, I have to push myself to learn how to save money, and find time to work on my own personal finance business highest priority first time in my whole life.

Why it is so painful?

I have to face the reality. It is easy to be nice but that means I have to pay the other person's bill. I have to learn how to defend my own interest.

I stopped netflix monthly subscription in January 2019. Even though I did not have time to watch a lot of show, I did subscribe over 4 years. My English reading is not so good, I start to watch videos first, and then I start to read articles related to personal finance.

I park the saving on 1.8% interest on Scotia bank saving account, but I have to think about carefully. If I like to invest some money on stock long term, I am better to take tax advantage and put it into RRSP first.

I park those 401 K account and IRA account on money market fund and low interest rate less than 2.0% from 2016 to next six years. I plan to spend next six month to learn another 1000 hours personal finance first, and then I should come out some good ideas how to take action.s

I worked full time last eight years nine month. I have not come cross one single good idea to invest based on my savings. I just could not believe that how good those deals are. I was so ashamed to learn those research related to Chilliwack condos and the price from 2010 to 2015.

All my attentions are drew away from Canada to my mom and my siblings and those relatives in China from 2010 to 2018, friends in USA. I should focus on low income jobs, and how to work on my limited income and savings, and develop strong determination to build wealth instead.

Why it's important to be a tax-efficient investor - Vanguard

Here is the link.

Dispute of home ownership

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I have to push myself to learn and how to improving my living condition in Canada. I started to dispute with my sisters and my brother about home onwership of a condo in the city of Yichun, jiangxi province.

How to dispute?

In order for me to dispute the ownership, I have to push myself to gather those financial data, and also I need to discipline myself to be responsible to my own home, even if I am a single person. I have to push myself to learn how to stay away and keep distance with so many siblings in China as well.

It is also the time for me to learn how China government to take care of elder retiree and their family as well. I learn a few facts and totally I was surprised those benefit. I was totally angry the behaviors from my elder sisters and brother.

It is my personal finance research. I like to push myself to figure out how many things in the issue?

I decide to dispute and try to push myself to learn and improve my living condition in Canada.

Financial facts

I put together and review those finance data.

Here is my blog I paid all expenses, including all interior design first year purchase. The time range is from 1998 to 2001.

Here is western union transfer I paid to support my mom from 2010 to 2018. I was in Canada and without a purchased home owned by myself. I set highest priority to pay my mom, support her. She owned a home and with retirement income.

Create a Lean, Mean Tax-Efficient Machine

Here is the link.

Harold Evensky

Here is the wiki page.

Evensky: Strategies for Securing Your Retirement

Here is the link.

Long term care and related issues

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my personal faith from Bible teaching. I like to honor my mom, I paid my sister to support my mom every year $1000 dollars from 2010 to 2017, and then I spent thousands dollars on vacation from 2012 to 2017. My finance is the disaster, I start to investigate the issue starting from Nov. 2018.

Things I learn

I spent time to take vacation and learned a few things related to long term care. How we supported my mom and got her senior years living with people help.

Case study: Where I spend money from 2010 to 2019?

Feb. 18, 2019


It is hard for me to adapt to be a Canadian. I did my personal finance research, and I like to case study and try to figure out how I can push myself to learn how to survive in Canada. I have worked full time in Canada 8 years 9 months, I like to push myself to learn more about personal finance and conduct my case studies.

Case study

I did my vacation study, I spent five vacations to China from 2012 to 2018. I told my brother and sister on December 2018, since my mom passed away in Nov. 2017, I will no longer take vacation to China. I like to be independent and find ways to have my own housing in Canada.

Case study of my airline ticket expense, here is the link.
Case study of 2012 vacation in China, here is blog first 24 months in Canada.
Case study of 2014 vacation in China, California, Florida, Philadelphia. 
    Here is the blog of vacation to California. 
    Here is the blog of vacation to Philadephia. 
Case study from 2010 to 2019 clothing expense, here is the link. 
Case study of wanted not needed on citi credit card. Here is the link. 
My sponsor application project management. Here is the link. 
How much I paid coach May 2018? Here is the link. 
My car maintenance. Here is the blog.
My saving rate from 2010 to 2018. Here is the blog.

Actionable Items

I need to learn how to avoid scam, and also I need to limit myself to reduce risk, avoid renting the car, drive less, and also need to learn where the opportunity for me to invest with a moderate income as a software programmer.

Morningstar youtube channel

Feb. 18, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I started from Nov. 2018, and after hundreds of hours research, I finally start to find my favorite learning channel - Morningstar, and I specifically like personal finance director Christine Benz and her good teaching style in her article and her presentation in in the interview.

Computer science graduate admission investigation

Feb. 18, 2019


I am the sponsor and try to help my nephew to immigrant to Canada. We are moving forward, we just finished DNA test, and then the principal applicant got procedure fairness letter and sent the document requested by the office. He also took computer science graduate admission test this 2019. I spent over one hour to look into the computer science ranking in China, and he applied Hunan university, ranking 40 on computer science major.

Work with Canada immigration Hong Kong office

Feb. 18, 2019


I am the sponsor, and I work with principle applicant on his application. He got a procedure fairness letter on Feb. 1, 2019. He has 30 days to send in the document requested. Last December he send in through the mail but he did not include letter from Hong Kong office, and he did not include his application number.

Super patience

I also have to push myself learn how to communicate with hong kong office related to principal applicant. I sent an email to query the case but the office sent back to me an email saying that I am not authorized to communicate with principal applicant's issue. I wrote the email to thank Hong Kong office for procedure fairness letter.

Create a Portfolio You Don't Have to Babysit

Here is the link.

It is one hour video. I like to learn from the presentation. It is best learning and I feel like I have to push myself to learn more. One thing I can do is to write down those four steps.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

What to Do as Stocks Slide

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This 4×6 index card has all the financial advice you’ll ever need

Here is the article.

Christine Benz's 6-Step Portfolio Checkup

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3:39/ 48:45

6 steps in the portofolio-checkup process

step 1: Gauge viability of current plan
step 2: Evaluate portfolio positioning
step 3: Check liquid reserves
step 4: Review individual holdings
step 5: Troubleshoot current risk factors
step 6: See if you can reduce investment-related taxes for 2014.

Morningstar’s Personal Finance Guru, Christine Benz With an Annual Financial Wellness Checkup

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Christine Benz

Here is the article to read written by Morningstar personal finance director Christine Benz.

Kevin O'Leary Gets Real About Why You Must Be Ruthless in Business | Inc.

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Kathy Fettke's Top 5 Real Estate Investing Strategies for 2018

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Kevin O'Leary Keynote at Notre Dame

Kevin O'Leary Keynote at Notre Dame

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What makes a great entrepreneur?
1. Prepared to make life/balance sacrifices.
2. Have a little knowledge about everything, but a lot about what they are selling.
3. Put shareholders first.
4. Love what they sell.
5. Use technology to make work more efficient.
6. Understand the business is a global competition.

The Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women, and Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Kevin O'Leary Keynote at Fall ETP Forum NYC 2015

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'Shark Tank' star Kevin O'Leary shares his top financial resolutions for 2018

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Feb. 17, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I like to look into those videos on using hashtag: #MentorMeKevin. I like to push myself to learn some basics.

Case study: All cash gift I gave away

Feb. 17, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I like to look into my cash gift I gave away so many years, I like to dig into those gifts I can remember one by one. I like to case study and push myself to learn the lessons.

Kevin O'Leary's 5 Tips For 20 Year Olds

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Simple Rules For Investing With Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary | Forbes

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Kevin O'Leary Explains Compound Interest With A Piggy Bank

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I like to use my own example, I sold VIGRX mutual fund in 2002 after I lost high pay full time startup software company, $3000 dollars in 2001 and took the loss to sell $1900. Later on in 2002, I bought a super expensive SONY laptop $1800.00.

I like to use the words from Kevin O Leary, I bought something I do not need, and I kill it. In 2019, those VIGRX worths over $10,000 US dollars.

If I used those $1800 dollars to hold VIGRX fund, I sold VIGRX in 2002 as loss in February 2002 as a home make, $1900, now the value of VIGRX worths over $10,000 dollars.

Kevin O'Leary: Shark's INVESTING Rules - #MentorMeKevin

Here is the link.

Talking to Vicki Robin About the New Edition of ‘Your Money or Your Life’

Here is the article.

THE 9 RULES OF MONEY 💰 How To Make More Money & Keep More Money!

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It took me more than 30 minutes to write down all notes. It is hard work. I like to look into some of rules, and then I need to learn how to invest again on stock market, real estate, and other areas.

1. Gross is not the same as Net

- Many investors like to show off their returns
- ask them "net or gross"
- what you make verses what you keep
- most people regret to mention profit in taxes

ex: stocks
more than one year
long term tax rate
Held for 1 year or more -> long-term capital gain rate

- consider your post tax return on investment
- always think about the investment term

2. Understand value verses cost
- price on value or two different things
- price is not determined by value
- price is determined by market supply and demand

3. Pay attention to expenses
- most investors do not understand the true costs of their investments
- expense ratio is not the only cost
  1. the fee associated with an investment
  2. transaction costs
  3. Taxation
  4. Cash drag
- understand the expenses associated with an investment, go above one beyond the expense ratio.
- avoid actively managed funds, buy Vanguard Index fund.

4. Follow the strategies of money
- many old strategies of accumulating wealth still work today
- Follow the map of a successful person with a map

5. Always keep some cash
- Every financially stable individual has a rainy day fund.
- money parks for an investment opportunity
- money parks for an unforeseen expenses
    Bad scenario
Needing money and having none!
ex: Too heavily invested in the market

6. Buy what is on sale
- whether it is a stock or laundry detergent
  laundry detergent -> spending less money
  stocks -> increasing potential profit margin

- if you understand the value of a company and the current price for ownership is less than the value you can make a profit when the price normalizes.
  Facts: Most people are afraid to buy stock on sale.

7. Don't be afraid to lose it
- there is no such thing as a free lesson
- every time you lose money, you learn something
- If you are afraid to lose money, you are missing out an valuable lessons
- people do irrational things to avoid loss
- solving money in the bank is a guarantee way to lose money saving
- Your fear of losing money is losing your money

8. Never waste it
- Do not waste your money on unnecessary luxuries
- Direct your money towards the goal of financial freedom

Example: 1. First class travel 2. Prepared food 3. Impulsive buys


start time: 11:56 am
end time: 12:53 pm

Book: Temp Louis Hyman

2018年出版的图书《临时工》(Temp)的作者路易斯·海曼(Louis Hyman)表示,科技行业很快接受了合同工,因为科技的迅速发展需要不断调整劳动力的组成结构。所有这些变化都有助于培养硅谷关注灵活性和速度的意识,首先是在硬体方面,然后是在软体和业务运营方面。海曼引用1993年苹果内部杂志的话说,从直属员工到合同员工和外包公司的转变既是「可预见的演变」,也是「未来前景」。

Here is Goolge talk's link. 


Here is the article to read.

Apex Systems



其他Apex员工接受这份工作,只是为了在他们的履历中提及苹果公司。即便是这种优势也虚无缥缈。Apex经理最初规定员工可以在领英(LinkedIn)个人简历中使用的具体措辞,称他们通过Apex Systems受雇于苹果公司。不过两名前僱员说,2018年夏天,Apex说他们必须删掉「苹果」这个词,只能说他们「通过Apex Systems受雇于一家大型科技公司。」


离开苹果的人往往都说生活有所改善。Facebook的管理层在园区里挂起了标语,上面写着「合同工也是人」,而临时工也会参与公司园区的工艺美术活动。尼克·威尔逊(Nick Wilson)说谷歌的工资高于竞争对手,而且所有人都可以使用公司的健身房,威尔逊曾通过Apex为苹果工作,随后为Facebook工作过一段时间,现在是谷歌的一名地图测绘合同工。


The Little Money Bible (The Ten Laws Of Abundance) Stuart Wilde Pt. 1

Here is the audio book link.


I like to look into some facts in the article.

Here is the article.




















Facts to review with numbers related to money




ten years comparison

worker in restaurant 

ten years ago                                now
2000 yuan/ month               2500 yuan/ month
3000 yuan/ teacher              7000 yuan retired element school teacher



I need to learn those basic financial data, and then I can understand how Canada condo price go up. Those retired teachers will immigrate to Canada from their children, and they buy their own retired condo in Vancouver area as retired couple. 


Little Money Bible: The Ten Laws of Abundance

Here is the link.

Audio book "Money saving expert will never tell you this" (short version) /

Here is the link.

Full version 1. What this audiobook is about 2. Three overspending mistakes 3. Does stuff give happiness? 4. Do we get what we buy? 5. Do we buy or give away money? 6. We are afraid of being last 7. Christmas tree effect 8. Experiment 9. I want a new car! 10. What do we really want? 11. Buying is a brave decision. 12. Jumping over a fence 13. Freedom to buy dreams

I love these two points: we use our intellect to make money and our emotions to spend it. Secondly, I love thinking about the fact that we wouldn't buy stocks that lose 15-20% value yet we do that every day on car purchases!

Book study: the smartest investment book you'll ever read

Book study: Why smart people make big money mistakes

Here is the medium article about the book.

Here are some notes I copied from the above blog

Mental accounting

Study by Epler: rebate (people don’t spend) vs bonus (easy to spend)

Bigger bonus = harder to spend

Credit cards — makes us spend $ we otherwise won’t, and often spend more.
Getting around:

Ditch credit card
Every dollar is the same
Wait before spending the bonus (weeks or months)
All income is earned income

Prospect theory

When decision is to make a preference, people look at the positive qualities
Conversely, when decision is to choose worse option, people look at the negative qualities
In finance:

We assign value to gains or losses in absolute terms and not as a % of net worth. Losing $500 for someone with $1,000 vs someone worth $100,000. Remember, every dollar is the same.
We feel more strongly about losses than gains = loss aversion.
Disposition effect — Sell winners early, hold losers too long.

Sunk-cost fallacy

Drive in snow to attend a game for which we bought the ticket even if it means risking life
Don’t want to appear wasteful

How to Do Work: 8 Strategies to Stop Wasting Time and Get Things Done

Here is the link.

Ramit Sethi - Personal Finance Basics

Here is the link.

15:00/ 21:17

Recommend 3 books for the audience

The smartest investment book you'll ever read
The millionaire dollars next door

Case study: 1994 August to 1996 August Seiyu information startup work

Feb. 17, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I like to figure out how I make decision and thinking process when I make career move back when I was in 20s.

Case study

Ramit Sethi: How to Charge What You're Worth

Here is the link.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Case study: March Florida vacation

Feb. 16, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I was too busy to work on personal finance research, I do not even have time to work on algorithm and data structure practice starting from Nov. 2018. Also I was too busy to work on the projects at work. I like to figure out if I can plan a vacation to Florida in March.

Case study

I like to plan to take a vacation to Florida. I like to watch Miami open tennis, and enjoy a few days break.

I need to plan a few things. I need to find cheap airline tickets, I need to plan to clean the rental home, special kitchen area. I need to work on a few other things as well.

I need to empty some space, take my clothing back to Florida. This time I know that I spent over $6,000 dollars on clothing and other things. It is not wise to throw them in garbage can. I like to take them back to Vancouver first. Specially my SONY laptop I paid over $1800 US dollar in 2002 Sept, and I brought the laptop with me the first day intern at Motorola plantation.

If I used those $1800 dollars to hold VIGRX fund, I sold VIGRX in 2002 as loss in February 2002 as a home make, $1900, now the value of VIGRX worths over $10,000 dollars.

Be a wise woman

I like to be a wise woman. One idea is to save money. It may not be a good idea to travel long distance to Florida.

DIY Haircut How-To! *LIVE HAIR CUTTING* | Teri Miyahira

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Here is the link.


Here is the link.

weekly contest 124

Feb. 16, 2019


It is my favorite weekly contest. I took a break last Saturday since I had a party to attend. I played the contest this week and I fully enjoyed the contest as always.

My performance

I spent first one hour to write the first two algorithms. But the third algorithm I spent 30 minutes, and then I failed one test case in last minutes. After the contest, I tried to fix the bug in the third algorithm, but this time the bug is more serious. Time limit exceeded, I had no clue how to fix it right now.

Q1 - 993 Cousins in binary tree, here is my discussion link.
Q2 - 994 Rotten oranges, here is my discussion link.

After the contest,

I continued to work on the algorithm, but I could not solve the problem of time limit exceeded.

Q3 - 995 Minimum number of K consecutive bit flips, here is my discussion link.

Follow up 

It is 10:40 PM. I do not have time to work on the fourth algorithm. But I plan to write this algorithm as soon as I can. I like to push myself to work hard, I like to be the player who will solve all four algorithms in the contest in short future.

How to Deliver a REAL Job Interview Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone Does a Live Training Session with His Sales Team

Here is the link.

The BEST Tips for Professional Sales People - Grant Cardone

Here is the link.

Grant Cardone Teaches Billion Dollar Company How To Use Social Media To Sell

Here is the link.


Here is the link.

How to Get Started on Becoming a Millionaire - Playbook to Millions

Here is the link.

Friday, February 15, 2019

The 10X Rule, by Grant Cardone | Animated Summary | Between the Lines Book Summaries and Reviews

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9282 HAZEL STREET, Chilliwack, British Columbia V2P5N6

$149,900 CAD
  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Baths
  • 581 Sqft
Property Type
MLS® Number
Year Built
Date Added
16 January 2019

Look  up BC

39 units in the building

Sale history

2016-02-23         $51,000    302   581 square foot
2016-02-23         $49,500    309   581 square foot
2017-01-02         $77,000    202   581 square foot
2018-06-17         $150,000  307 
2018-04-20         $158,500  213
2018-07-30         $160,000  305