Friday, November 30, 2018

451-The Millionaire Next Door Wealth Index: How Do You Stack Up?

Here is the link of 19 minutes video.

Millionaire next door part 2

Nov. 30, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I like to spend time to understand the book called Millionaire next door. Here is one of videos I watched.

The wisdom to take vacation

Nov. 30, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I did put together all last paycheck from 2010 to 2018. I like to test and figure out my wisdom to take vacation day off through the years.

Vacation planning

I did not learn well how to plan vacations. Here are the detail for each year vacation:

2010   No vacation, start the full time job June 15, 2010
2011   No vacation
2012   Vacation in Chinese spring festival (One month ?)
2013   No vacation
2014   Vacation in Chinese spring festival (One month ?)
2015   Vacation in October, two weeks
2016   Vacation in October, two weeks
2017   Vacation in October, two weeks
2018   multiple short vacation, see my blog.

Ten minutes work on my paycheck stubs

Nov. 30, 2018


I like to keep all my paychecks from 2010 to 2018. I put all last paycheck every year together. I need to spend 10 minutes to sort all other paystub by each year.

Play safe

I made huge mistakes to throw away checks from 1996 to 2010. So I could not analyze my behavior, I got so many issues, impulsive shopping, and all kinds of waste, I just could not believe that nothing left from $100,000 net income from 1999 to 2001.

This time I keep all paystub because I know one day I may be able to analyze data like when to take vacation, how many and how short it can be etc.

Learn how to communicate

Nov. 30, 2018


It is so surprising that I learned so much from mock interview today. The interviewee just showed me how he talked and communicated, and worked hard on the algorithms.


I just could not believe that I found a role model for my interview. I like to learn from this interviewee.

I will keep it anonymous but I like to identify a list of things I should work on. I will take some notes from replay.

How to communicate in the interview?

I like to write down a few tips from this 55 minutes mock interview.

Both of us agreed to show case our interview on The interivew is available on right now. I like to use this interview to help myself to handle stress in the interview. I should learn how to think out loud all the time, and also work hard on the communication. Make sure that I constantly listen and also give some feedback through the interview all the time.

I like the interviewee since he handled the stress very well, he did not solve the algorithm before; he could not memorize anything from previous practice. At the beginning, he asked clarification, play with a few examples, and also tried to implement one of cases using recursive function. Of course, he tried to hide his nervousness, but he did very well. He took hint and actively involved the discussion about the bugs in the code. He just took action to fix them quickly.

My Show case:

10/29/18 at 10:04 PM Lexical Lguana interviewed by Platinum Burrito on

Vacation in 2012 to China

Nov. 30, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I like to review my vacation in 2012 to China from my personal finance viewpoints.

My second year 2011 in Vancouver

Nov. 30, 2018


It is true that I did not any vacation day second year in the row on my current job. I just could not believe that when I read the data on my last paycheck in the year 2011.

My first year 2000 in Vancouver

Nov. 30, 2018


It is so funny if I write down my thinking process. I did get together all my last paycheck of year from 2010 to 2018. I like to analyze something from those paycheck.

My thought process

It was tough year for me to go back to full time job. I did not have chance to work full time for a long time. I even did not have a full job over three years in my career. I wonder how that will be and how a person grows in technical strength. I was so curious to learn.

I did not take any sick day, any vacation in 2010.

I just could not believe that how strong I was. I like to make things work again, I was jealous of my two sisters who enjoyed long career staying on one or two jobs. I never made it work for myself.

I did not find any sick pay or vacation pay on my 2010 paycheck. I just could not believe my thinking process and my determination.

2018 vacation 3 weeks count down

Nov. 30, 2018


It is important for me to learn budget my three weeks vacation, and I still have three days to spend on my vacation in 2018. I like to write a blog about my vacation days in 2018. I got a lot of complaints since I took one day here, one day there, but I learned from my past experience. I benefited from my vacation this year most, I had an international travel, good experience of modern travel, and also enjoyed spring, summer and also fall.

My vacation experience

It is never too late to get smart on planning and also predicting my needs. I like to show case my vacation this 2018.

Learn to survive so many vacations

I had hay fever since the spring blossom. I had hard time to get over it over 2 months. This is the first year I had hay fever. We had good time to get together with three classmates of SJTU 70141. Hay fever started from my first vacation in March, and lasted to my second vacation to China.

I got complaint to take vacation back to China too early. The project just started at work. So I decided to listen the complaint. But my attitude is to be humble as Christian, I planned to take a vacation only using two days, one weekend. Since the ticket is around $550 dollars. Later, I just added one more day. But because the time difference, I came back to Vancouver and gained half day.

Just after I came back from China in April, the website was down, one of my SQL server database was deleted because virus software treated it as a virus. I was so glad to sit in the office and caught this event. Never ignore my coworker's complaint. They are working hard for me as well, complaints are good!

Third vacation I was caught in a complicated project, I had to say so many sorry for the delay of coding. I learned the principle to communicate, do not be afraid of failing. I tried to apply customer obsession principle. Have a backbone principle.

Fourth vacation is to be a good sister to treat my elder sister visit of Vancouver. I tried to negotiate to cut down her expectation to one day off.

Fifth vacation is to take one day for Microsoft event.

I still have two more days to plan for vacation. I like those most challenging ones. Keep it secret!

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Nov. 29, 2018


It is 6 minutes video. I like to take some notes. I purchased the book in 1997 when I was an intern worked for Daleen Inc. But I never read the book and understand the ideas. Here is the link.

Take my notes

Millionaire do not buy luxuries.

Track expenses

First millionaire - most are self made millionaires.

Two kinds of beer, free and Budweiser.

Most millionaires do not buy luxury goods. They more like financial independence than social status.

Millionaires keep track of spending, they can answer the questions like "Do you know how much money is in your bank account right  now?"
"How much money does your family spend on food, clothing and shelter each year?"

Do not give cash gift to children. Make them more likely bad financial situation.

Non-millionaire tends to give cash gift.
Make them self-sufficient

10 Passive Income Ideas: How to Make Money Online & earn Passive Income from multiple streams

Here is the link.


Nov. 29, 2018


It is 9 minutes video, the link is here.

Take my notes

1. Pay your means
2. Live below your means
Vacation, car, home, ...
3. Make money work for you
stock, real estate, diligent work to find good investment
Compound effect
4. ...

The Richest Man in Babylon - Best Ideas Summary

Nov. 29, 2018


It is five minutes video. Here is the link. I like to write down the transcript.


Get best clothes and food. But he never makes a fortune.

Understanding how money works.
How to put his money to work for himself.

Tell the difference from luxuries from necessities.

Controlling expenses
Money soldiers

Good investment vs poor investment

Men of Action

Always invest in your know best

Controlling expenses and investing in what you know well.
Never assume that you know it all.
Keep your mind open. Live below your means.
It takes them decades to learn that seeking advice.

Control your expenses.

Get together last paycheck stub every year from 2010 to 2018

Nov. 28, 2018


It is the first time I like to spend time to work on personal finance, and one thing I like to do is to get all last 8 year last paycheck, scan them, and then I like to do some analysis based on the data.

Brute force search

I did search again since I could not find the last paycheck in 2017, actually I did not find any paycheck stub of 2017. I search 7 bags of paper work, and then I wondered how come I did not do this at the end of each year. This time I am lucky, I reopened one of bags, I found a pile of 2017 paycheck stubs.

I learn the lesson to work on my person finance. It takes a lot of time for me to organize the paper work this month. I could not believe that I found my biggest problem.

Actionable Items

I need to be patient and allow myself to learn the basics. Keep all the documents of my personal finance data, and then try to get ideas how to analyze them.

It takes over 20 years for me to learn that I need to keep organized document income and expense. It is the day one again feeling.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Got a Linkedin invitation

Nov. 28, 2018


It is an invitation from I got a message as well, the software engineer from Turkey sent me an email, saying that "I visited your profile on, and I like to get connected on LinkedIn". I was so glad to get connected, since the engineer took a lot of C#, object-oriented courses and got a lot of certificate on Linkedin.

Certificate to look into

I was too busy and then I stopped and also a few months ago. I noticed that I did not have time to study since I have to train myself on

29 certifications

C# 6.0 First look
C# First look
C# Best Practices for Developers
C# Design patterns
C# Interface and generics
Learn ASP.NET Core MVC
Multithreded Programming in C#
SQL Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
C# Object-Oriented Programming Tips and Tricks
C#: Delegates, Events and lambdas

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Time to pay property tax?

Nov. 27, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I also have to pay property tax over $1700 dollars. In order to get 3% discount, I have to pay before December 1, 2018.

My understanding

It is also the important time for me to document all my income and expenses from 1996 to 2018, do as much as I can, write and share lessons and mistakes I learn. It takes a village to raise a child. To build a money community around myself, I like to reach out to the community, show my struggle first, and write down my questions, and also encourage myself to adapt my finance skills from work to my personal finance. I spent hundreds of hours to design and code the program to help business to analyze, review and make informed decision, I should be able to do those things to myself as well.

Stack medium level algorithms

Nov. 27, 2018


It is time for me to move on stack medium level algorithms. There are 19 unlocked medium level algorithms for me to work on. I could not wait to start.

8 medium level tree algorithms

Nov. 27, 2018


I like to work on medium level tree algorithms in the short future. Now I find that it is the best time work on those medium level tree algorithms. I am getting used to solve problems very often, I believe that it is very good practice to train myself think more carefully, and learn how to build confidence in the problem solving.

One story to share 

I like to write one story to share for the next 8 medium level tree algorithms.

Wealth: How to Win the Game - Part 8

Here is the link.

The serving on great level. Not just focus on money.

Cash Is King: Part 1 - Saving vs. Investing

Here is the link.

The value of capital - 7:30/ 11:39


Here is the link. I like to study the article.

Infinite Banking - How to Be the Banker

It is 14 minutes video called Infinite banking - how to be the banker. Here is the link.

Document all receipts of clothing purchase

Nov. 27, 2018


It is my decision to spend over ten hours to go over all receipts to document all clothes I purchased. Shopping used to be my most favorite thing before I finally figure out that I have to stop purchasing any clothing starting from January 2017.

A story to tell

I went to Florida in 2014, one thing is to handle my personal belongings. I had a lot of bags of clothes, hand bags, shoes.

I did not document all the receipts of purchases. I could not handle so many bags of clothes if I bring them back to Canada.

Money, Identity, and Walking in Abundance

Here is the link called Money, identity, and walk in abundance.

A bag of carrots 10 lbs in Costco

Nov. 27, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I have issues to spend too much on groceries last 8 years. I need to learn how to cut the grocery bill to Canadian national average. I like to save those money for stocks and other investment.

10 lbs carrots in Costco

I start to purchase 10 lbs carrots starting this November. I like to write a blog and think about how to make my life better to save time on grocery shopping and also cut expenses.

Cash Is King: Part 7 - Opportunity Seeks Liquidity

Here is five minutes video called opportunity seeks liquidity.

Unknowns in the future

Nov. 27, 2018


It is the good topic for short study about unknowns in the future. How to measure that? Should I save enough to handle unknowns? I have friends who shared with me their stories. I am the one who will struggle. I like to struggle with some grace.

Top 10 lesson I learn from 99 Ford Explorer purchase

Nov. 27, 2018


It is the first time I like to start to spend time to review my biggest purchase in my life, a brand new Ford Explorer with only less than 100 miles in March, 1999.

My case study

Here is the purchase finance paper work. I also checked in my github personal finance folder called PersonalFinanceJulia.

10 lessons to learn

I like to figure out what kind of decision process I made back in 1999 March. 

Here are some facts: 

1. Three miles from my home to office, 1 mile from home to FAU campus.
2. The new car only had 25 miles when I made the purchase.
3. ...

Cash Is King: Part 6 - Savings Creates Confidence

What is the cash?

Nov. 27, 2018


I like to write a blog related to the appeal for leave I had back in 2009 in the Canadian Federal court. I filed appeal for leave case against Canada immigration department after 60 days of my denial application, Feb, 2009. I did not get notice to provide bank letter with $10,000 dollars for immigration purpose, in 45 days of notice, and more than 30 days extension, my application was denied. So I had to go through appeal for leave legal procedure to get my case open in 2009.

One argument

I did not know who to sue, the Canadian registration officer called me and told me that my case could not be accepted, because I do not know who to sue. She was so nice and shared me the tip, sue the immigration department.

The procedure is to write legal documents followed by a few steps, until the immigration judge reviewed the document in June 2009 and granted me the court date.

The department of justice lawyer argued that the home equity line available is not cash, 401 K is not cash. It is a good topic to write and share my lessons I had through the appeal for leave case.

Actionable Items

It is so important for me to understand that the minimum savings and my personal asset. It is ok for me to avoid interest to move fund from a saving account to home equity line account. The bank did sent me a letter to say that home equity line is freezing with the exiting balance since the home value goes down back in 2014 (?). And the bank likes to change the term from 15 years to 10 years, bank has authority to change it without any reason.  But the bank will write a notice to tell 24 months in advance.

It is important for me to learn how to work with the bank and Obama's policies to help recover recession, since the interest rate is so low from 2010 to 2015, all the same, prime rate - 1%, 2.25%. No friend or siblings will lend me any money like that.

December should be my person health month

Nov. 27, 2018


It is time for me to start December as my personal health month. I know that it is kind of challenge for me to do it. I like to get into touch a few topics like weight control, relationship, and all other things.

Cash is King: Part 5 - Liquidity, Use and Control

Nov. 27, 2018


It is time for me to learn from Cash is king series. I like the teaching and I like to find some good topic to look into based on the teaching.

Here is the link.

Three things to look into

Cash Is King: Part 4 - Three Keys to Paying Off Your Home the Safest and Quickest Way

Here is the link.

Wealth, like a tree, grows from a tiny seed

Nov. 27, 2018


It is a quote from the book called the richest man in Babylon, Georges Clason. I like to write a blog to share my understanding.


Nov. 27, 2018


It is my favorite learning drill. Once I learn the idea from video, I will dig into Chinese articles. My study topic tonight is called The richest man in Babylon.

My learning

Here is the link.


Cash Is King: Part 2 - Pay Yourself First

Nov. 27, 2018


It is a 11 minutes teaching video called Cash is king based on the book The richest man in Babylon.

Nice teaching video, I like to hear again and again. Here is the link.

The 6 Most Important Rules of MONEY

Here is 5:42 minutes video.

In order to be financially free, we have to understand the rules of money... The 7 Rules of Money: 1. Money is just the result 2. Money and Happiness are independent of each other 3. Money get's bored 4. Moving money attracts more money 5. Can't keep when you can help you 6. Money doesn't follow ethics 7. Money follows attention

William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour

Nov. 27, 2018


It is one hour video. The link is here.

Take my notes

Never lose money
How? Understand the public company, counter example: Enron

Monday, November 26, 2018

Living Below Your Means: The Complete Beginners Guide

Here is the link.

10 Tips to Live Within Your Means — Painlessly

Nov. 26, 2018


I spent weekends two days staying at home and worked on my personal finance, what I did is to document all my personal finance document; it is a lot of work and I also learned so many things this weekend. This is the first time I did this kind of personal finance work from 1996 to 2018. One more thing is to read the article called 10 tips to live within your means - painlessly, and then follow each tip.

One tip a time

Understanding Periodontal Pockets

Nov. 26, 2018


It is time for me to look into the periodontal pockets. I need to decide to extract a tooth or keep it for another one and two years. The article link is here.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

How to Build a Billion Dollar Company

Here is the link called How to build a billion dollar company.

Year 2000 mortgage interest payment

Nov. 25, 2018


It is so interesting to study my personal finance over 18 years ago. Whatever mistakes I made, I should review all of them first. It is my first time to take picture of my 2000 mortgage interest statement. I did find the statement and then I took the picture. I like to write a blog about the interest $1,751.25 dollar.

The ideas to think about

I like to gather some facts for me to review what I should have considered when I received the form through the mail.

Here are facts to look into:
1. Company I worked for could not provide paychecks a few times;
2. Company I worked for rented the office in the upper stairs of a building with a few programmers;
3. The mortgage interest is equal 25% of the condo I can purchase in the city of Yichun, jiangxi province;
4. The mortgage interest of year 2000 is 7.125% of my loan. 
5. I paid 56 inches projection TV with $1,000 dollars;
6. I bought $2,000 dollar black leather sofa, 12 months interest free;
7. I spent over $500 dollars to pay for a dishwasher to be installed;

Actionable Items

I reviewed financial data in the year 2000. I did not prepare myself to get everything audit by myself in 20 years. All credit card statements were gone, and I did not seek any advice on my personal finance.

11 Reasons Why the Best Entrepreneurs are Childlike

Nov. 25, 2018


It is 20 minutes video called 11 Reasons why the best entrepreneurs are childlike. I like the teaching from the video, and then I like to write a blog and take down some notes.

US prime rate

Nov. 25, 2018


It is the first time I try to put all US prime rate history year by year in order for me to study my personal finance.

Here is the link.

How To Manage Your Money For Financial Freedom

Here is the link.

My thought process of personal finance

Nov. 25, 2018


It is my research topic for me to learn how to learn personal finance, be a smart investor, and push myself to get educated. I like to write some analysis why I choose not to purchase a home in Vancouver area last 8 years.

Brainstorm ideas

I may not be correct. The ideas are just for education and research purpose. I have to evaluate myself from business viewpoint. Do I learn how to do things properly? Efficiently? Am I most efficient person in the office and constantly get good feedback on my performance?

2018 April 

This year my college classmate visited me in the city of Vancouver. She complained two things, one is that I do not clean up my table with a laptop and so many other things in my home office. Secondly she complained to me that I purchases three pairs of Nike sneakers in Seattle outlet instead of one pair for myself.

2018 November

It is the first year I do the summary report for myself. I have to search all those forms in my bags. I could not find a few T4 forms yesterday at the first.

With all T4, T5 forms from 2010 to 2018, all mortgage interest statement INT1098 Form, I like to compare the summary of T4 and summary of INT1098 Form, I like to generate how much asset I have each year in Canada, I can generate the report how much I can save to pay off the home equity loan as early as possible. I brought $17,000 US dollar to Canada in April 2010. I still used some of my rental income in US to pay graduate study tuition, vacation in USA.

2017 January - April

I used to work so hard to work on business analysis at work in 2017 over two months. I try to come out product features to generate sales report, inventory control.

I was able to come out good ideas this time in 2017. Why? Because I started to train myself using algorithm and data structure from 2015 January, and the learning helped me to think as a programmer. I learned from one algorithm documented in my blog.

1996 - 2018 

I still do not have time to deal with personal finance and learn the importance to get organized on my personal finance. I have four bags of paper work with me, I learned to use Excel to do analysis in my work from 2010 to 2018. This year I start to apply skills to solve my own problems.

My role model

My classmate shared with me, how she did so many things at work and her own personal finance. How does she so successful in investment.

That first 10 years in her career, her parents in-law do all the house work for her, she attended MBA program study in weekends, she learns a lot to manage human resource for a Fortune 500 companies, she did a lot of budgeting and calculation of salary costs, hiring and firing employees.

My job experience

I have very interesting challenging life and career as well.

When a project is late and out of control

Nov. 25, 2018


It is one of Amazon leadership principle. When a project is late, it does not help to add more people or resource. I like to review my personal finance, and then I came cross the note about my tuition payment from 2010 Fall, 2011 Spring term, 2011 Fall term. I like to write a blog to analyze the project and apply the principle as well.

When a project is late

It is a hard decision for me to call quit, but I finally did. I looked into a few facts about my life and career.

My case study of California, Las Vegas trip in 2000

Nov. 25, 2018


It is one of my research project I like to do, in terms of analyzing the cost of trip. I like to figure out why I could save save any net income over $110,000 from 1999 to 2001. The research is only for education and personal finance research purpose. I also like to promote simple and disciplined life style.

My case study: 15 days road trip from Florida to Vancouver

My case study: California vacation trip

Nov. 25, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I like to write down the trip and also review all expenses in 2014. Now it is Dec. 10, 2018, 12:13 AM, I like to write more content on this blog.

Case study

It is the first California trip I had to visit my sister in California. I booked the car for over five days, I paid airline tickets, 5 day rental, and other expenses. Overall I spent over $1,000 us dollars.

I took two road trips, one is to visit university of California, Berkeley, one is to visit Yosemite.

The above image is added in Jan. 30, 2019. One month after the original blog. I just got my citi credit card statements in 2014, and I did rental analysis and found out that I need to work on analysis of 2014 citi credit card statement.

Actionable Items

Stay in budget. Have a plan. Instead of taking a road trip to Yosemite, I think that it is better not to rent the car, spend time with my sister to take public transit, and understand how cities are connected. Fully enjoy the public transit, bart, and other things.

I spent more than one week vacation in California. I evaluated the whole vacation and what I learned compared to the trip from Florida to Vancouver in 2010 April 10 to April 23.

I reviewed the vacation in 2019 and then I decided not to take vacation with a rental car. I evaluate the risk of driving accident, and safety issue. I also choose not to be a car driver for a relative. I say no to a relative for road trip. No more road trip more than half an hour.

11 Grown-Up Life Changes You Can Make Right Now | The Financial Diet

How to be a friend to rich relatives?

Nov. 25, 2018


It is hard for me to write down so many lessons in my life. One thing I think is helpful for me to be more educated. No travel needed, I can learn all things about cities, culture and other things.

My over 20 road trips to Bellingham and Seattle from 2010 to 2014

Nov. 25, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I review my Canadian citizenship application and review the time to calculate the day I spent in Canada. I took one day off at least for each trip to USA bellingham shopping or further.

My over 22 trips 

Each trip costed me over $50 dollar gas round trip. And also my only purchase keeping the car is to drive to work and tennis court, I spent thousand dollars to maintain the car.

A tour trip to Surrey

Nov. 25, 2018


It is time for me to plan a road trip to the city of Surrey. I like to spend some time maybe touring SFU campus this Sunday.

Go out and enjoy the trip

I understand that it is so important to invest a condo early in 2010 when I came to Canada. When I took $18,000 US dollars to Canada, two months job search, with a full time job as a software programmer.

One of my analysis is that I do not spend time to control all my income and expenses. I do not budget and also understand my mistakes from 1999 to 2001. I do not have time critical sense about market, and understand that I am not far away to super smart person by myself.

Another thing is for me to go out to Bellingham and enjoy driving and shopping, without learning the city of Surrey and possible over $100,000 gain business.

5 Lazy Ways To Be Really Productive | The Financial Diet

Nov. 25, 2018

Here is the link.

Trello -

How to close a home equity loan and pay it off?

Nov. 25, 2018


It is my person finance month. I did close my home equity loan account and the amount is $25,000 US dollars. I like to write down a few lessons I learn, over 4 thousands dollars interest mistake I made.

My story

My syndrome is called no action and being a victim. I do not think smart and find some idea how to solve the issue. When the Canada dollar value from 1.00 to 76 cents, I have no clue what to do. One day I feel so excited that my US condo and rent will go up, next day I worry about the payment on my home equity loan, I have to use Canadian dollars to purchase those US dollars.

Facts and dilemma

The over $25,000 us dollars home equity I paid over $700 interest, see my Mortgage interest statement; Same amount money earns interest less than $150 Canadian dollars. And the canadian dollar loses value from 1.0 to 0.76 from 2010 to 2017. Those interest payment in US adds up to $5000 us dollars.

My conclusion is that a person with good learning of personal finance will figure out a solution in a month; but I do not have time to study and figure out by myself.

Jan. 19, 2019 12:51PM

Actionable Items

I need to work on the research, and also put down the list of numbers for me to look into. I should come out actionable items to make profit, and avoid loss.

11 Grown-Up Life Changes You Can Make Right Now | The Financial Diet

Here is the link.

Make an active listener

70% listening, 30 talking

Meal planning
Have a bank checkup - credit score, late fee

Build a money community

Nov. 25, 2018


I have a lot of successful friends and relatives. But in terms of building a money community, I have to figure out how to do that. I do think that I should learn from work, church and other communities I like to attend. But I like to challenge my research talent, I like to write a blog and will follow up later.

Why I do not wear anything valuable?

Nov. 25, 2018


I used to wear a lot of gold around my hand and neck, and one day my sister reminded me that it is not safe to wear them to travel. The necklace at that time cost me over two year's salary, $1500 RMB, I used to make $70/ month, and then I left the job to make 10 times more job from 1994 to 1996. The blog is titled called "Why I do not wear anything valuable?"

Good advice 

I had chance to learn from my roommate from 2006 to 2019. My roommate worked for the firm as an auditor. She taught me a lot of things about finance and stock. One thing is that she does not wear any valuable things and she shared me her thought process as well.

10 Money Steps To Take Before 30 | The Financial Diet

Nov. 25, 2018


It is eight minutes video. Here is the link.

Take a few notes 

Bad spending habit - impulsive spending, anxiety and stress.
50% - rent, monthly bill
30% - financial goal
20% - travel, movie

Master on time bill payment

My 36 months dormant account charge in BB&T

Nov. 25, 2018


It is so hard to learn how to manage so many things in detail. When I enjoy tennis sports, church activities, but I paid near three years dormant account in Florida since I do not have time to manage so many accounts in USA.

$300 dollars lesson

It is 7 dollars a month. I used to make 4.25 dollar as a cashier. 36 months dormant charge means that I have to work 36 hours community service as a cashier without pay.

How do I learn to control my temper?

Nov. 25, 2018


It is hard for a person to control the temper. Sometimes I walk in the office at the work, I am saying sorry, sorry, hundreds of sorry. Where do I learn that? Why I apply those sorry words so often in my full time job if I take longer time to complete a project? I like to write down a story learned from as a home owner.

A story about leaking ceiling

I like to write down this story as a home owner and how I learn to live underneath a condo with all living room leaked.

5 Lies You Tell Yourself When Making A Budget | The Financial Diet

Here is the link.

It is to train your mind and then learn better about the management.

How to be a smart Florida home owner?

Nov. 25, 2018


I like to write a blog how to be a smart Florida home owner. Because I work hard and do not know personal finance very well, I like to keep those memory I have in my small condo back in Florida. But it is only asset I have and keep going the value and bring some income for me. How do I do to manage the home from Canada last nine years?

Being a nice person

I learn the important lesson sometime back in early 2012. I need to look up. I was so bad and got into a bad conversation with the renter, who was a visiting professor from China, a mom, and a well-established financially success business woman. I understood that I was totally wrong, as a christian and also a home owner. I make sure that I will never do that again.

I served a facebook engineer in Seattle, and a Ford company research scientist, a mathematics professor in China etc. I also served a few data scientists, employees working for wall-street related business. I figure out that my clients are so successful and it may bring me so much appreciation than I work on other things.

15 Things We've Bought That Actually Save Us Money

Here is the link.

11 Money-Saving Domestic Habits You Should Master | The Financial Diet

Here is the video link.

How to manage a $4600 dollars AC project as a home owner?

Nov. 25, 2018


It is the smart idea for me to write down my personal experience how to handle the project to replace a new central AC over $4600 remotely in Canada for a condo in Florida.

How to manage a over $4500 floor project in home update?

Nov. 25, 2018


It is time for me to write down the project I did in 2004 as a home owner. I like to write down how I learn and what I should do better next time. I will also check in those documents into my github in my personal finance folder.

How to find a problem solver as a home owner?

Nov. 25, 2018


It is tough for me to manage a condo back in 2014. Because I have to handle the leak of my bathroom for the rent and downstairs complained the leak on the ceiling. I like to write down how I solved the problem and lessons I learned.

Adapt to my person finance

Nov. 25, 2018


My most favorite product feature for inventory control program I developed is the one I added less than two years ago. After six years working for manufacture business, I figure out the product feature may help people to make decision. It is called last 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months usage in quantity and cost. This is the first time I learn how to add product feature based on my experience and analysis. People like it. I like to apply those skills to my personal finance.

How to help aging parents?

Nov. 25, 2018


It is a topic I like to write, since my late mom passed away over 85 years old in November, 2017. I found out that I finally had a city I grew up, and I spent so much money to trips and gift, but nothing I can have called a home, a condo in the city of Yichun. I like to write down a few most important lessons I learn and try to learn in the future.

How to work with your siblings?

Nov. 25, 2018


It is time for me to look up the internet and then find out how to improve and solve my problem. It is called to work with your siblings.

My siblings 

It is time for me to admit mistakes first, and I like to study how to work better with my siblings. I have super smart siblings in China. But I failed to make any investment to my home town in the city of Yichun, Jiangxi province. I checked my spending in 2012 China vacation, I spent over $4500 Canadian dollars for the trip alone.

How to travel simple and save money? I like to learn how to do it better next time if I have chance to travel.

8 money mistakes you're probably making and how to fix them

Nov. 25, 2018


It is time for me to learn how to do it better through videos. Here is the link.

My money mistakes in Canada

Nov. 25, 2018


It is not easy for me to adapt to Canada. I chose so many ways to help, one is to drive to USA for shopping, and then chose not right auto shop, and then waste thousands of dollars.

Time to document

I like to document all my mistakes and then I like to learn and push myself to discipline myself.

5 Money-Saving habits every shopper should master

Nov. 25, 2018


It is five minutes video. It is the time for me to learn a few thing and then look into those terms more later.

Learning 5 things 

Here is the link.

2. Time your purchase right.
3. Envision you
top down, professional wardrobe
specific plan -
4. Figure out your smart shopping MO
social activity, pressure, need help
5. Know your size
regularly measure your size.

Find all my T4 forms from 2010 to 2018

Nov. 25, 2018


It took over hours to find missing T4 form from 2014 and 2015. I like to get my T4 forms and then scan them, make an excel sheet and generate reports.

First day to get all T4 in order

It is the day I like to spend time to get all T4 scanned and check in my github, and then I can start to analyze my income and all other things related to my personal finance.

First laid off in United States in 2001

Nov. 25, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I came cross the email I wrote to show how many mistakes I made just after I got laidoff in 2001. I also like to document all mistakes and learning starting from a blog.
How to deal with struggle in finance, mental health, and also get support from all resources.

One story a time

2 year extra one bedroom empty mistake

Nov. 25, 2018


It is time for me to document all possible loss of my net income $100,000 dollars after tax, 401K from 1999 to 2001. I am working on my documentary of all the income and expenses from 1996 to 2018. I need to break into my vicious cycle of wasting money.

Learn to invest or waste money

I have to find ways that I waste money and then I can start to learn how to invest money later. First thing I am doing is to review all the expenses and income, document all of them if I still have receipts or statement. Second is to analyze them one by one.

It is my decision to start to learn how to work with real life, inflation, real estate. I need to admit those mistakes I make, and then push myself to discipline and live a healthy finance life.


This was the first time I scanned my home purchase in 1999 and checked in github on Nov. 25, 2018. I have to learn how to manage my own documents. No matter how smart I am, if I do not get myself organized, document all expenses and income, I can analyze and avoid make same mistakes again and again.

I am a single all my life. It is so difficult for me to stay competitive. If I lose the job, I do not have any passive income, the whole family does not income. And I have mortgage, car payment, gym membership, and even I purchase a leather on 12 installments with full price $2000 in 2000.

Actionable Items

It is very serious mistake. I underestimated the toughness of economy, how important it is my bad habit to affect the way I think and problem solving. The condo I purchased for my mom is worth of half a million yuan in 2018. If I save those money, then I purchase extra one condo. The wasted empty bedroom will turn into half a million Chinese dollars after 18 years.

3 year wasted Bally gym membership

Nov. 25, 2018


It is time for me to learn how to budget, how to avoid unnecessary expenses. One of ways to push myself learn is to document all major waste money called net income $100,000. This is the first one called $30 dollar/ month bally gym three years, I wasted over $1000 us dollars, I only visited the gym less than 10 times. I still have $99,000 to find out.

Leader board study

Nov. 2, 2018


I choose not to read wechat every day, what I do is to study leaderboard and then find some top ranking player of weekly contest 112 who also write coding blogs.

A few blogs to read

Here is one blog I like to read if I have time.

Play with a tooth

Nov. 25, 2018


It is my new hobby to play a tooth I got extracted this month. It is the third tooth I got extracted, last one was six years ago in Canada, the first one was some time from 1999 to 2000. I like to document every tooth in my github, and the idea is to push myself how to clean and keep myself with less trouble with teeth.

My case study 

I have another tooth which has no bone left one side, the measurement of pocket is 10 based on my last dentist visit. I used the extracted tooth as a comparison, so I can measure the depth of pocket, I clean every day and wonder if I should keep it alive for another year. I am worrying about the neighbor tooth's health.

I have a few things to learn based on the tooth.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Count every dollar

Nov. 24, 2018


It is hard to beat the market as an investor. I think that a smart investor should be a very detail-oriented person. I was so surprised that I have to push myself to get organized, and count all expenses and income for each year from 1996 to 2010. I like to write a blog called count every dollar.

Never too late

I did a case study and the result shocked me. I could not hold any net income made from 1999 to 2001 over $110,000 dollars, I had a brand new car on loan, and owned a condo with 2 bedrooms, leaving one bedroom empty paying 6.5% interest with over $25,000 dollars mortgage.

I should try to be a saver first before I learn how to be an investor. In order to be a saver, I have to spend time to document all my expenses and income using Excel sheet.

I have to start to run my personal finance as a business, document all income and expenses first, and then start to learn how to analyze them.

Be kind and considerate

I think that as a Christian today, I learn to be humble and kind and considerate. But at that time from 1999 to 2001, I just started my career, those two years empty extra bedroom missing rent income, $350/ months, two years will be able to purchase extra condo in my home town in the city of Yichun, Jiangxi province, in the year 2000. If I do that, then I will have a retired home in my grow-up city.

I learn to be kind to be myself and others. Every time  I recall my life style, I feel so guilty and learn to be humble again.

Learn the value of one dollar

I have to learn the value of one dollar, and one thing I can do is to document all expenses, income every day and every month. As an adult, I have to showcase my hard working in learning booking, and learn the way to hold those hard-earning money.

I knew today that my programming skills was not so good at all back in 1999 to 2001. I was luck to have jobs when economy was booming even though it was crashed.

Those network income over $110,000 should be my foundation of my first $100,000 dollar in my savings.

Weekly contest 112

Nov. 24, 2018


It is a weekly contest again called weekly contest 112. I played the contest and this time I tried different strategies in the contest and after the contest. I spend first 5 to 10 minutes to read all four algorithms from last one to the first one, and after the contest, I try to finish all the algorithms if there are unsolved algorithms.

My performance

Here is the my performance. I solved two algorithms. I only had 10 minutes for the third and fourth algorithms, however, I already spent first 5 to 10 minutes to go over the problem statements first.

I had problems to understand the algorithm Q3, the bag of tokens. Actually a bag of token may not be ordered. I thought that the tokens are ordered like an array. After the contest, I spent extra 30 minutes to finish the algorithm "the bag of tokens".

I learned the algorithm 4 from discuss, I will write one solution later.

I  need to share my discuss and go over some sharings first.

10221 133A street, Surrey

Nov. 24, 2018


It is a good idea to write down the address, so I can recall the learning experience from a Chinese friend. I learn from her about hard work and also business mindset. She is so brave and she shared her investment experience on this one bedroom condo near SFU.

A story to tell

It is so interesting to learn from Chinese Canadians. They are so hard working and they survive so quickly as strong business mindset.

Timeless Ways To Protect Yourself From Inflation

Nov. 24, 2018


It is my job to read and learn something day by day about personal finance. I search topics and then I found the article to read in next half hour. Timeless ways to protect yourself from inflation, here is the link.


I like to take some notes, and then figure out some topic to help me study the topic.

Learn to adapt

Nov. 24, 2018


It is most important skills I find that I learn through my life. It is never too late to learn it and train myself in every day life.

Case study of the home purchase

I like to write a case study of my home purchase experience in the city of Yichun, jiangxi province. I did not make the purchase, I just paid all the bills back in 2000.

I had chance to review all the payments in the detail in 2017,

Celebration of 19 years ownership of a condo

Nov. 24, 2018


Life is so tough to go through year by year, decade by decade, but something is always true that I have to be responsible as a home owner, it is the third decade. I need to serve people for housing, and also get into the market and find renter, and find people to do maintenance work. So it is time for me to celebrate 19 years ownership.

Lessons learned from a owner

Customer-obsession leadership 
It was time for me to replace a new central air conditioning in 2017 hot summer in Florida. I replaced a new central AC, which costed me $4600 Canadian dollars. It was $3500 US dollars.

The last renter told me that over three years ago the AC will last another three years, I paid $350 service call.

The profit is very low compared to the cost of monthly maintenance and also property tax, and the risk is very high; To run the place, the cost is high than I think. I also have to maintain the place.

I remembered back in 2001, I took all carpet by myself in one of bedrooms. I learned that the hourly rate I saved is $3.00/ hour for over 30 hours, a weekend. I learned a few story about being poor and struggle, and the story touched my heart again and again when I recalled the story. One day I will write down.

Hurricane - Wilma
There are a few hurricanes I had memory. The most worst one is Hurricane Wilma.

I like Florida urban life style near Florida Atlantic university.

Market value

I wish that I have learned more from the experience as a owner. This is the first time I wrote a blog to help me learn things about market value and what is time to get in the market in British Columbia.

Here is the blog.

894. All Possible Full Binary Trees

Nov. 24, 2018


It is one of medium level tree algorithms I enjoyed so much to work on. At the beginning, actually yesterday I was so frustrated and then I had difficulty to find a simple solution. Today I solved it with a few submissions. I like to share my experience.

My practice

It is very challenging problem I came cross this week. I did learn a few things and started to review the way I approached the algorithm. I like to write a post to share my practice on first.

Here is my discussion link.

Octotales Fred Hutch

Nov. 24, 2018


It is such great feeling to have a friend in the city of Seattle. I visited Fred Hutch this June 2018. I like to share the video I watched. Here is the link. The friends just share each other how to advance career.

Cancer research using data science

It is such exciting to learn a few things from the video.

The key to financial freedom

Nov. 24, 2018


It is a short video to teach about the key to financial freedom. Here is the link.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Money management 101: How to manage your manage for financial freedom

Nov. 23, 2018


It is 14 minutes video and I like to watch again and again. The way I learn personal finance is so interesting, I made net income over $110,000 in three years but I only saved less than $20,000 dollars from 1999 to 2001. I made the mistake when I was 20 years younger, but I still did not learn the lesson after 18 years. It is time for me to start to learn, I choose to follow the teaching from Project Life Mastery, here is the link of 14 minutes video.

Manage my finance

I just could not believe that this is the first year I try to do income, expense item by item, and analyze my behavior as a consumer, investor, and a university graduate with mathematics degree.

I like to get some education first, and I like to get ideas how to do it quickly.

Learn how to learn manage money. The skill is very important and the first thing to learn.

My most favorite teaching

First five minute 2:00 - 4:00/ 14:49
1. Money management
Lottery winner as an example;
Do not change the habits or mindset. You will get back in debt. Establish mindset, and then learn how to handle it.

Surgery to lose weight as an example.
Challenge is that the life style will not change.

Case study my Boca Raton condo last 10 year property value

Nov. 23, 2018


It is time for me to learn how market goes up and down. I like to study my condo in Florida last 10 years property value, and I also like to look into those data and teach myself how to read the value and come out some conclusion for life decision.

Case study

First I like to show the condo last 10 years market value, assessment value, and property tax.

My baby step thinking 

I was so busy the first nine years in Canada, but I did not pay attention to learn that I need to watch the market, get into real estate market in the province of British Columbia.

I know that I was busy every year. But last 10 years I paid property tax in November. I always tried and did pay property tax in full and get 3% discount. But I never thought about that the market also showed me what to get into the market of house in Canada.

Based on the above data, I should get into house market in British Columbia in 2011 and 2012. The market is lowest in last 10 years.

Right now, if I purchase a condo in British Columbia area, and I am busy and no time to look into the Canada market, but based on my property value, I know that I must have to pay double price compared to 2011 or 2012.

2010 - the price goes down 14% from $63,000 to $54,000
2011 - the price goes down 11% from $54,000 to $48,000
2012 - the price stays same  0%  stay  $48,000
2013 - the price goes up      25% from $48,000 to $60,000
2014 - the price goes up      20% from $60,000 to $72,000
2015 - the price goes up      24% from $72,000 to $89,000
2016 - the price goes up        1% from $89,000 to $90,000 
2017 - the price goes up     3.3% from $89,000 to $90,000                       

Based on my analysis, I should start to look into those market value, and I should time the market and get into Vancouver house market in 2012 and 2013.

I was so busy with hiking, church small group activities, enjoy the food and vacation. I have to forgive myself. I never did this kind of analysis as a home owner starting from 1999.

I spent over 20 minutes to put together nice image and like to teach myself to read and learn.

Also it is very important to invest the cheapest condo as possible to reduce the risk. Investment has risk. Chilliwack condo is the perfect place to invest, but unfortunately I did not know how many cities we have here in British Columbia until last three months. So in order to be a good investor, the person should also be very educated and get familiar with the community, neighborhood cities.

I made a 22 trips to Bellingham cities to do shopping over years from 2010 to 2016. Through the analysis of my activities, I should spend time to visit Chilliwack cities, Langley and Abbotsford instead.


1. Palm beach property appraiser, the link is here.

10 advices to myself from 1999 to 2001

Nov. 23, 2018


It is my favorite things to do to give my advice to other people when I see the need. Also I review my financial records, I really like to write down 10 advice to myself, young one, who just started her career from 1999 to 2001.

My advice to young one

I could not save any of net income over $110,000 dollars from 1999 to 2001, and I like to look into those financial records. I like to present some nice pictures to document my life from 1999 to 2001, to memorize those three short years. I also like to come out some good advice how to prepare myself better for next 20 years.

My office

Nov. 23, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I like to learn how to be a successful person to learn how to be a problem solver. I like to share you my most favorite office picture and myself as well.

My office

Here is the place for me to learn how to solve a problem to get myself drive to tire plus to replace my flat tire. I was determined to cut down my expenses to maintain the car in last fall.

I spent over hours to figure out how to do it by myself. I like to write a blog to show my Instagram pictures. Here is the link. My office looks like this.

Amazing people I met

Nov. 23, 2018


It is the first year I work as a mock interviewer on I have interviewed over 100 interviewees. I like to write a blog to thanks all those amazing people, I learn to be patient, be communicative, be confident, and also work hard.

Amazing people

Last two months, I started to notice that I met top ranking people in California and Seattle area. I also learn to work with them on my favorite learning a day. I also learn that it is so challenging world out there.

I like to write one story to cover all my learning. Let me think about and come back to write down here.

Wait for medium level 100 mark

Nov. 23, 2018


It is time for me to work on medium level algorithms. I am busy to learn and get ideas how to live with those medium level algorithms. I just try to push those numbers, I try to solve as many algorithms as possible first. Rest will follow.

Wait for medium level 100 mark

Here is my profile in Nov. 23, 2018. Now it is 12:23 AM.

My lucky number is three

Nov. 23, 2018


It is my training task to let myself continue to perform thinking. I did work on three medium level tree algorithm in less than two hours, but I stopped at the fourth one, my brain just stopped working, I came out the idea, but I was afraid to write since I could not come out the elegant one.

My practice

Here are three medium level tree algorithm.

654. Maximum binary tree
701 Insert into a binary search tree
841 binary tree pruning

Here is the one I thought about over 10 minutes.
894. All possible full binary trees.

Actionable Items

I like to work on more training, I enjoy the challenge to work on medium level tree algorithms. I like to solve five or six in a row if I find ways to do it more often.

Do not panic

Nov. 22, 2018


I had a story to write called don't panic. I just reviewed those documents of my stocks, I sold in lowest in 15 years, in 2008. I like to review those documents and then write a blog about it. Do not be panic, the smart person is to adjust the portfolio, keep those big companies stock and purchase more for those big companies.

My holdings before crash in 2008 

I like to show the history of my stock transaction in 2008. At that time, I do not really understand crash, marketing crash.

I want to learn how to stay calm, and think about for myself for long term. I have to push myself to be a long term investor, get into the market when the market is crashed. Find out 20 companies to hold stocks for life time. I like to start again from a few thousands first.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Case study of 2012 vacation to China

Nov. 22, 2018


I like to figure out why I am not smart enough to catch so many opportunities in Vancouver last 8 years. I missed the condo to purchase in 2014, and I figured out that I am better to start to investigate what is going on.

I don't know what has happened

It is so important for me to figure out how to be a problem solver. I started to work on my personal finance, and try to document all my expenses, and then I had to write down all my mistakes back in Florida and also in Canada.

To be a problem solver, I have to review all mistakes I made. If I continue to waste the money on travel, clothing, I may never have chance to be confident to be a problem solver. I like to have a challenge job and be a strong problem solver.

2017 the experience to replace a flat tire with a backup tire

Nov. 22, 2018


It is time for me to write down my experience, and cheer myself up for a problem solver, and also a smart safe driver. I did spend over hours to figure out how to take off a flat tire, and then put a backup tire by myself first time.

The story

I still remembered that I had a flat tire back in 1997 when I was an intern in Florida working for Daleen Inc. My coworker did for me and he did very quickly.

20 years later, in 2017, I spent over hours to figure out how to do it by myself. I like to write a blog to show my Instagram pictures. Here is the link. My office looks like this.

Discipline is most important lesson in my life

Nov. 22, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I did study my W2 form from 1999 to 2001, the net income after tax, 401K, social security and medical tax is over $110,000 US dollars. If I learn how to discipline myself, live under mean, then I should be able to save over $70,000 dollars.

How to discipline myself? 

I remembered that I did not have saving account with value enough for $29,000 us dollars in 2012, I had to ask my friend to write a check with $15,000 dollars called promissory note in 2002. I like to write a blog how many ways for me to waste all those important income in my early life.

I can write down a list of things I did to waste the money in those three years.

1. Big waste is to purchase a brand new Ford Explorer in 1999 over $22,000 dollars. The life style comes with the driving and expenses to cover insurance, maintenance etc.
2. ...

I do not want to write down so many ways I wasted those income. As a Christian, I think that it is most important for me to accept myself, and let it go. I start to learn and think like an engineer, problem solver now.

Here is the link to show me to take off a flat tire by myself over a year ago. Here is my instgram link, the office I worked is here to look up. I wrote a blog about my experience in 2017.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Do I live under my means in Canada?

Nov. 21, 2018


It is time for me to review my life style and I like to figure out the truth. Do I live under my means in Canada from 2010 to 2018?

Challenge question

It is so challenge to question myself. I did case study from 1999 to 2001 my poor discipline. I like to challenge myself again.

What I did is to do case study of 2012 China vacation to Shanghai, Yichun, Shenzhen. I did come out the analysis all expenses I did.

863. All Nodes Distance K in Binary Tree

Nov. 21, 2018


It is a medium level tree algorithm. I read the algorithm a few times before. Finally I had chance to write C# code for the algorithm.

My practice

Here is my discuss link.

Save money up to $100,000 dollars

Nov. 20, 2018


It is so challenging to save money until I can have more than $50,000 dollars in the saving account. I like to conduct some research how to live in minimum and save more.

Ideas to save

Track down everything. Download all bank statements. Analyze every expenses.

Monday, November 19, 2018

96. Unique binary search trees

Nov. 19, 2018


It is a medium level tree algorithm. I really like the challenge and then I learn to be patient, and also I need to push myself hard next time to solve the problem by myself. I was very close to come out the recurrence formula by myself.

My practice

Here is the discuss link I shared on

Personal finance analysis from 1999 to 2001

Nov. 19, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I like to perform some analysis of my personal finance from 1999 to 2001. I need to get those financial data and then plan to perform the analysis.

My analysis

It is never too late to review all the financial documents and also try to learn from my own experience. I bought and sold stocks and mutual funds from 1999 to 2001, 2006 to 2007. I did not save all the bank statement and credit card statements. It is hard for me to analyze my annual income and expenses now. I have W2 statements and tax return forms. But I like to keep those credit card statement so I can dig into detail.

Wishful thinking

Life is tough. I learned the lesson to waste all the money I made in those three years, net income over $100,000 dollars. Nothing left for me to take to Canada in 2010. Only thing left is the gift I purchased for my mom, a condo in the city of Yichun downtown, Jiangxi province, China in the year 2000, less than US $6000 dollars back in 2000.

Live under your means. If I lived under $10000/ year from 1999 to 2001, then I could have saved over $70,000 us dollar. And those money I could have invested to a few projects and make my life much successful.

If I could discipline myself enough, I could have use those $70,000 dollars to purchase condo in the city of Yichun, Jiangxi province near 10 units. If that is the case, I will have lot of chance to learn and grow as a business woman.

I wish that I used those net income to purchase a few condos in my home town Yichun city of Jiangxi from 1999 to 2001.

199. Binary Tree Right Side View

Nov. 19, 2018


It is a medium level tree algorithm. I wrote the solution using queue and the algorithm can be solved to track last node in each level.

My practice

Here is the link of my sharing on Leetcode discuss.

401 K retirement fund return after 19 years

Nov. 19, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I tried to find things to work on. One thing is to review how much I put into my 401 K account from W2 form, and then calculate the return after almost 19 years.

W2 form 

I need to take all my W2 form and then start to check in my github. Meanwhile I like to calculate my net income, and then I like to calculate big expenses etc.

Dec. 1, 2018

I found one IRA distribution from in 2015 with $3,000 dollars.

I had a journey from 401 K, and then I put some into stock market as IRA CD, and the moved to IRA CD. I made interest less than near $5,000 over 18 years.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

How to get ready for the next economic collapse?

Nov. 18, 2018


It is 23 minutes video called "How to get ready for the next economic collapse? ". I like to take notes and learn something. I like his teaching style.

Economic collapse

- leverage
- middle class
- build your savings
  cut down expenses
- don't rely on 1 source income
- cash on hand
 50%, 60% off big company's stock, 2008 SP index lost 50%.

Instacart - 20 minutes case study

Nov. 18, 2018


It is time for me to learn some personal finance and also business in November 2018. I like to learn 20 minutes, here is the link.

Spotify - 15 minutes study

Nov. 18, 2018


It is my assignment to study 20 companies since  I like to purchase 20 companies stocks if stock market crashes next time.

Case study

It is 15 minutes video called .... The video link is here.

It is people skills

Nov. 18, 2018


It is November and I made the decision to study personal fiance every year November. I did some research called why I missed the chance to purchase a condo in 2015. I like to write a blog on this research result.

My case study

It should be very natural for me to purchase a condo in 2015. I already spent more than five years in Canada. I got to know so many people through Willingdon church, and I had some down payment as well. I worked full time with stable income from 2010 to 2015.

I did spend time to get organized all activities I did in 2015. I need to come out the explanation why it is 2015, I started to have ideas to purchase a condo, what I did in terms of home search, why I could not make any purchase at the end.

Let me gather some facts:

1. My home equity loan in USA was updated to 5 years short, I have to pay it off at the end of 2017. I did not paid it off right away since I like to hold cash for my emergency fund or down payment.

2. I don't have ability to predict the condo price will double in next three years.

3. I like the home I rented, I like the outdoor backyard and the window. The rent was still reasonable.

4. I have some people issue. I only think about the down payment, the home price, and long distance to travel to work. But I do not put people first.

For example, my elder sister complained to me, a church young couple spent time with me and other to hike, play sports, get-together; As a christian, I do not be very supportive to their sales job as a real estate agent. I do not understand how they make a living, based on commissions.

5. I had so many shopping trips to USA from 2010 to 2015. I got myself isolated from others. I did not research house market at all in the city of Surrey or Chilliwack enough.

6. I purchase a Honda Accord in Dec. 2014. The car is a used one, I controlled the budget less than $6,000 dollars.

7. Over one week case study, three activities are found and reviewed. First two are easy to recall, one is Abbotsford home and second one is a condo in Cloverdale. But I totally forgot that I got over 10 emails from real estate agent in 2015 from June to August, he attended same small group with me over years. I think if I treat people right, I should not miss anything important to build wealth through home purchase.

8. The email about properties under $150,000 only lasted two months, the real estate agent stopped in August 2015.

I think that in order to be successful in my person finance, I have to be careful how I treat people in my church life and friends in my life. 

I should not be scared, in 2015, I should ask the real estate agent to give me a tour at least once, spend two or three hours to visit a few home around the city of Surrey.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

10 lessons to learn using home equity line

Nov. 17, 2018


I like to write a blog to help people to learn how to use home equity line better. It takes a village to raise a child. In order to learn better personal finance better, I like to write down my experience and push myself to get organized. I also like to push myself learn better on this video called The 20 rules of money.

10 lessons

I like to come out the 10 lessons to learn and I also like to put most important lessons first. I like to analyze based on the 20 rules of money, and then I write 10 lessons based on one of rules each time.

20 rules of money

Rule #1: Game
Rule #2: Don't be a hater
Rule #3: Double
Rule #4: Seduction
Rule #5: Timing - speed,
Rule #6: Boredom
Rule #7: Secret

As an immigrant in Canada, I planned to land in Canada in April, 2010 starting from January 2010. I did not have support financially, all the money I can get is from my home equity line.

1. Find the possible double games. There are a few double games for me to play. One is to purchase a home in the city of Surrey, city of Chilliwack just after I land in 2010.

One is to price around $130,000 for a three bedroom 10 years old condo in 2010, and then an investment 10 years condo in Chilliwack around $40,000 us dollar. Get home loan up to $200,000.

Two possible double games are involved, one is a condo in the city of Surrey, one is a condo in the city of Chilliwack.

Based on the price in 2018, the return compared to the original investment of down payment will be more than five times.

2. ...

Home equity loan 2006

Nov. 17, 2018


It is the time for me to review my person finance document. I like to share my experience with home equity loan.

The story

I opened a home equity line with $60,000 with interest rate 6.0% in December 2006 when I was in Florida with Amtrust bank, transferred $18,000 unpaid loan to home equity loan.

I closed the account in 2017 with New York community bank with balance $25,000 dollars.

I learned so many lessons through the life, the home equity loan was so important for me to survive. Since the interest rate went down to 2.0% (prime rate -1), US interest prime rate stayed 0.25% over years since recession from 2008.

Personal finance 2010

Nov. 17, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I spent time to review my documents and then came out the idea to study. How to make good sound finance decision?

My Chase bank check 

I found that the chase bank check $15,000 documented on 04/22/2010. I was so excited to find the check, I like to find out how much money I brought to Canada when I landed in Canada. I landed in April 22, 2010, and I still remembered the day I came to the chase bank branch and get a bank check with $15,000 US dollars.

Is Facebook the next Amazon? - A case study for Entrepreneurs

Nov. 17, 2018


It is a 15 minutes video I like to watch.

Weekly contest 111

Nov. 17, 2018


It is my favorite contest. I can solve the first three algorithms in the contest, but I learned some lessons and only submitted successfully two algorithms, score 8.

My solutions

941. Valid Mountain Array
942. DI string match
944. Delete columns to make sorted

Inside the Mind of Patrick Bet-David

Nov. 17, 2018


It is 56 minutes interview of the host of valuetainment. Here is the link.

Notes taken

20% to make a living.

Market crashes, keep the cash. 38:00 / 56:00

Case study: 2015 my home search

Nov. 17, 2018


The blog is only for my own personal study and education purchase. Just remind myself to spend time to read and learn about community I live. If there is any concern about privacy and other thing, then please let me know.

I am the resident of Canada and try to find a condo to purchase in Canada.

Case study

It is time for me to learn something from my own experience. I checked my gmail box and then I found around 10 emails about listing of properties under $150,000 dollars. I was one of possible buyers since I could not afford the home price more than $150,000 dollars at that time. I asked the real estate agent once and he sent me emails every week from June to August 2015.

I like to learn more about communities, size, the prize asking and sold price, how long it takes to sell.

June 3, 2015

No. 1:
New Listing $147,800 210 605 COMO LAKE AV
1 Bedrooms, Status: Active. Residential Attached


No. 2:
New Listing, Images Added! $139,000 314 1591 BOOTH AV
1 Bedrooms, Status: Active. Residential Attached


No. 3:
New Listing $123,900 303 13530 HILTON RD
2 Bedrooms, Status: Active. Residential Attached


No. 4:
New Listing, Images Added! $139,000 207 10698 151A ST
2 Bedrooms, Status: Active. Residential Attached


No 5:

Price Reduced! $139,900 305 715 ROYAL AV
2 Bedrooms, Status: Active. Residential Attached

Sold price: 

July 8, 2015
No. 6

Price Reduced! $148,000 302 13383 108 AV
1 Bedrooms, Status: Active. Residential Attached


630 square feet.

The community link is here. 150 units. 

asking price Nov. 17, 2018

Actionable Items

One of money rules is to double the money. One of ways is to buy low and sell high, buy and flip real estate condo. There are thousands of investors to choose condos in British Columbia area right now.

I need a home to live in Canada, I have not purchased anything last  19 years. My last home purchase is in 1999.

I make a living from paycheck to paycheck. Even though I tried to save money every year through last 9 years. 

Now the price of condo below $150,000 dollars in British Columbia go up at least $100,000 dollars, some of them go up more than $150,000 dollars, but my saving of last 9 years is less than 30% of price gain of those condos. 

Here are the communities for me to look up:

1. 67 units - 8110 120A ST SURREY
2. Strawberry hill estates