Saturday, December 15, 2018

Road trip from Boca Raton to Tampa

Dec. 15, 2018


I came cross my credit card statement when I searched for the airline ticket. I like to write down the road trip I had from Boca Raton to Tampa, and share my experience to visit a startup company for a short interview in 2008.

Road trip

Road trip 14 days in 2010 - Boca Raton to Vancouver

Dec. 15, 2018


It is time for me to write a blog to show all my hotel receipt on 14 days road trip in 2010. I did not have wisdom to plan the trip, my friend organized the whole trip. I just learned that the travel can be so efficient in 14 days, I should learn to save money and also visit so many national parks in the United States.

My 14 days road trip

I will write down more.

Case study: Post order iterative solution

Dec. 15, 2018


It is very challenging for me to master a hard level algorithm. One way I can do is to ask the algorithm in my mock interview on, and then learn from the interviewees. I did the third time to ask post order iterative solution, somehow I could not figure out the approach the interview took. I like to write a case study on the mock interview

Case study - iterative approach

I will write down more here later.

Case study: Longest univalue path

Dec. 15, 2018


It was a busy week at work and after work project, and I did not have time to write a blog for my most favorite mock interview as an interviewer on Dec. 11, 2018.  I came cross the new graduate as the interviewee, and he performed such great work in the mock interview. I like to write a blog to document what I should learn from him.

Case study: the longest univalue path algorithm

I like to start with a story to share how good the experience it was. I will come back to write more in detail.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Looking good but going nowhere!

Dec. 14, 2018


It is 15 minutes video called 10 things the rich teach their kids about money. Here is the link. I wrote down the notes in my blog, but somehow I forgot to save it at the end of it. I need to replay, but this time I like to write a blog about #2 with a case study, Looking Good but going nowhere!

Case study of two people with $60,000 dollars

The case study starts from video 2:40 - 5:11/ 15:13.

Assets  and liability
Spending patterns

Bad example:

$6,000/ Month

Pay his bills
Going out
Buying things
Getting a new car

Nice stuff - stuck in the rat race, and it will take years to get out.

Good example:

He saves $3,000 and puts it into cash flow investments
Put away $40,000

The 16 Mindsets That can Make You RICH!

Dec. 14, 2018


It is very good topic to study called 16 mindsets that can make your rich! Here is the link. The talk is based on the book called the secrets of millionaire minds, mastering the inner game of wealth by T. Harv Eker.

16 mindsets

1. Verbal -
Money is the root of all evil!
Rich people are so greedy!
They become part of our subconscious

2. Modeling
$20,000 dollars vs on the stock market

3. Experience

#1 Creating a Life vs. Life happens to ME
Wealth? I play the lotto every week. I might win it.

How to spot a poor mentality

- Blame - I am not rich because I have kids!
- Justify - This doesn't work! Money is not important
- Complaint

#2 The Rich play to win, the poor play not to lose

#3 The poor wish to be rich. The rich are commited
Do you want to be rich? Mixed emotions - Moral, legal,

#4 The rich think big. The poor think small
Law of income
= value to the market

About to teach a class - 15 300  - Fit class - deliver to millions people

#5 The rich focus on opportunities. The poor on obstacles

half empty/ half full? Poor decisions Rich decisions

#6 The rich admire other rich and successful.
The poor resent the rich and successful.

How can you be something you despise?
Only affects him
Question: Have you resent some one rich? Why?

#7 The rich associate with positive and successful people, the poor associate with negative and unsuccessful people

Energy is contagious

#8    The rich are bigger than their problems
They try to avoid the problems

#9    Rich people are willing to promote themselves

#10  The rich are excellent receivers

Are poor receivers
Are completely comfortable receiving

#11 The rich people get paid based on results

Paid by hour - 24 hours a day -> you create limit on your income.

#12 Rich people Think both, poor people think either or 

abundance <---> Scarcity
There is only so much to go around. There's no enough,

#13 Net worth vs Income 

- income
- working income, passive income

Making money is one thing keeping money is another

#14 Rich people manage their money well
8:15/12:00 - 9:41/12:00

No matter how much money you have
if you know how to manage it
You will be ready when the opportunity to manage incomes.

#15 The rich put their money to work

This is done with passive income - passive income
- money working for you 
- business
Work for you 
rental property

#16 Rich people constantly learn and grow 

Everything I say is right. 

What To Do When The Stock Market Crashes

Here is the link.

Dot-Com crash
Housing crisis

Good lecture from 3:00 - 10:00/ 17:17

Peak          Low        Drop      High         Time
$118.05     $63.54     46.2%   $121.67     91 months

Net worth

The 4 Paths to Retirement And Financial Independence | How to Escape the Rat Race

Here is the link.

Case study: Find all airline tickets I purchased

Dec. 14, 2018


It is challenge for me to find all airline/ train tickets and how much I paid for last 20 year. I like to do this case study and figure out how hard it is to work on the task. One of goals is to train myself to keep all receipts and also write a log to document all expenses and explain to myself why I make the decision from the very beginning. I like to train myself to build a good habit to be true to myself, and also train myself to think, analyze, avoid impulsive thinking and purchase, even impulsive decision making.

Case study

I do not have good financial habit because I do not do book keeping and analysis every year starting from 1988.

Here are some ideas I can find to do such research. I can look up my gmail, hotmail and emails.

2006 June 6 Detriot GM interview - Fort Lauderdale - Detroit
2008 Feb. FLL - SHA - go back to China
2008 August 24 FLL to Seattle Microsoft interview
2009 May 9 FLL-CLT
2014 Aug 15 - 24 YVR-SFO
2014 Jan 26 - Feb 11 China vacation
2014 Oct 23 - Oct 28 YVR-FLL-Philadephia
2017 Oct 4 - Oct 20 YVR-Beijing-Shanghai
2018 April 12 - April 18 YVR-SHA

I still missed the tickets in 2012, 2015, 2016; I had a few trips from FLL to SHA in 1984, 2001, 2004. Two trips to New York, one trip to San Francisco, Las Vegas, one trip to San Diego, one trip to Washington DC, one trip to Smoky mountain.

How to Win the Game of Money | Strategies for Financial Freedom

Here is the link.

Are You Making These 6 COMMON Money Mistakes?

Here is the link.

10 Things The RICH Teach Their Kids About MONEY

Here is the link.

#1 Rich parents teach the importance of money
Vacation, where to live
Less financial stress life

#2 The difference between assets and liabilities

Assets                                Liabilities

rent it to someone              live in it

2:40 - 5:10 / 15:13 case study of two people $6,000/ month

Pay his bills   nice stuff                1 year invest $40,000
going out
buying things
getting a new car

Looking good but going nowhere!
There are rich people who have a nice house and the fancy cars

Asset +500/month

#3 How to manage their money

planning and managing
their household expenses
familiarize their kids on
the reality of having living expenses

#4 Different ways to earn money
Get normal job - difference to make money
Assets - other way money is made

Rich Dad's Cashflow quadrant

#5 Developing productive habits

Building habits

#6 No one owns you anything

Entitlement  vs Earning your success

they have to find their own way

#7 Social and influence skills

#8 Delayed gratification (Patience)

Eventually all hard work will be worth it
short term pleasures

Micro speed and Macro patience
Most people are slow every day but want to succeed next day

#9 There is always more money

There is not enough!  There is always more!

#10 The best way to make money is to help others

#11 They understand they can't know everything

10468 148 ST SURREY

It is the home to look into. The price was up.

2016-9-19    $130,000
2017-03-04  $15,7000
2017-03-24  $120,000
2017-12-07  $200,000
2018-12-14  $224,000

Thursday, December 13, 2018

10 hour rule

Dec. 13, 2018


It is called 10 hour rule to apply to impulsive shopping and other related activities. I like to look into more about the rule and see what I can work on.

10 hour rule

Personal finance baby steps

Dec. 13, 2018


It is very challenging topic to write and I have to be honest to myself. I like to start my research on personal finance every day.

Personal finance research

I like to push myself to learn first, and then I like to find ways to help myself find solutions to solve so many problems in my financial life.

Baby steps

I like to do more case study from my personal experience first. I like to find the area I have to work on.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Game theory study

Dec. 10, 2018


It is a good idea to study the game theory. I learn that money is the game through 20 money rules recently, I need to learn how to play the double game, and also need to learn why I got myself in the situation in year 2010. I like to study more based on the fact of my asset in 2010.

Asset study 

I like to study my asset in 2010.

Over 2000 page view a day

Dec. 10, 2018


It is time for me to review the statistics of my blog. My view is over 300,000, but according to the blog is too less traffic. I learn that it is most important for me to train myself to think clearly, write short and readable content, and also help myself to be a good problem solver.

Over 2000 view a day

I came cross this statistics and like to share the view over 2000 on Dec., 2, 2018.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Four Core Lead Sources Everyone is Using | #TomFerryShow Episode 43

Here is the link.

7 Steps to Generate More Business in Real Estate

Here is the link.

Tips and Advice Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

Here is the link.

Tips and advice:

Business plan
Separate business account from personal account
Learn from those experienced over 15 years real estate agent
Business is not a hobby, 3 or 4 houses sales is a hobby
Mindset, accountability etc.

Daily schedule -
Annual sales - 5 sales, second year 15 sales, third year 36 sales

Top 10 mistakes in my net income $100,000 US dollars from 1999 to 2001

Dec. 9, 2018


It is hard for me to push myself to learn personal finance, marketing and sales. I need to learn something from my own mistakes first. I like to write something to help myself to get ideas what to study and how to fix those bad habits and bring up good mindsets.

Top 10 mistakes 

I like to do some case studies first, and then I like to write top 10 mistakes I made. I did some study why those net income over $110,000 dollars were gone in 2010.

1. Brand new Ford Explorer 1999 which costed me more than $22,000 US dollars. I could not handle the biggest purchase, if I learn to purchase a $5,000 dollars reliable car, gas efficient car, then I should try to control all expenses. Low the overall cost expenses from 1999 to 2010, car purchase, gas and maintenance.

2. One travel to Shanghai, over $5,000 US dollars

Entertainment should be reasonable. Stay emotional healthy. Always stay connected to friends or church community. Never feel isolated and need those companions. Relatives just are relatives. Do not spend money on adult even they are relatives.

3. Spent over $5,000 us dollars for my mom's trips to USA.

Consider the cost compared to local area employee's salary. Be a normal person with compassion. Respect hard working people and be one of them. Be a good role model.

Treat your mom as a normal person. A person with expense is the same age with other people in her age, place where she lived, and learn all costs from medical and social activities etc. Do not get too close to relatives, affecting my own business decision.

4. Build a good habit to do annual expense report, audit monthly, annually. Do more research.

I found out the laptop I purchased in 2002 with cost more than $1800. Even the laptop was top quality, but I ended up to purchase second one and third laptop for myself with cheap prices in less than 10 years. The laptop still works and I need to learn from my work place. A computer can run more than 10 years, that is the reason business succeed.

Review my purchase decision and catch up learning if I follow behind.

5. I need to learn how to make purchase decision. What to purchase, price range. If I can not resell the product in 50% of price, I should not make the purchase.


10 Reasons Why Most Agents FAIL in Real Estate

Dec. 9, 2018


It is time for me to study another career called real estate agent. I used to work at Motorola, and I knew friends who worked part time as real estate agents. So I like to do some case study and learn something.

10 Reasons why most agents fail in real estate

Here is the link.

How to Earn $1 Million in Real Estate in 4 Steps with Absolutely NO BUDGET

Here is the link.


Here is the link.

U.S. Economy Enters Decline: Layoffs, Store Closures, Chase Mortgage, Ford Motors, Verizon

Here is the link.

Lack of sleep

Dec. 9, 2018


It is a short study related to lack of sleep recently. I did not pay attention to my sleep habit recently. I should sleep eight hours and do enough sports to keep myself health.

Lack of sleep 

I found an excuse for me to explain how I can push myself hard in a 2-hour or 1.5 hour contest last Saturday. One is from 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM, one is from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM.

ONLY ONE DEBT LEFT!!!!! Debt Free Journey Update and the Key to Paying off Debt

Here is the link.

Staying Motivated in a Long Debt Free Journey ~ Dave Ramsey's Baby Step 2

Here is the link. 17 minutes video. I found the idea to visualize the debt is such a good idea.

What We Cut From the Budget in Order to Start our Debt Snowball ~ One Income Family

Here is the link.

My laptop purchase and my Ph.D. study

Dec. 9, 2018


I reviewed the purchase of SONY laptop I purchased in 2002 Sept. I went back to FAU for computer science PH.D. program in August 2002 and was lucky to get the support financially by the computer science department the very first term.

Case study

I did make the purchase. Here is the blog. I reviewed the purchase in Nov. 2018 and found so surprised about price tag. It was definitely an impulsive purchase. I did not do any research and made such bad purchase in my life. I did not learn how to use the money on more important things.

Alternative ideas to celebrate

I should consider to purchase an investment condo in the city of Yichun in 2002. Or I should purchase a cheap desktop computer. I should do the research and lower the risk of wasting money.

First Time Home Buyers Guide - Tips and Advice

Here is the link called first time home buyers guide. The video is 24 minutes long.

Buying a house: my experience and tips

Here is the link.

Home Affordability- How Much House Can You Afford?

Here is the link of video. 19 minutes.

Case study: purchase a home or go for a vacation

Dec. 9, 2018


It is my finance learning research. I like to study a topic called how to make smart finance decision through when to choose vacation, when to purchase a home, and how to avoid overspending with relatives.

Case study

I came cross my loan application in 2011 July. I brought into $17,000 US dollars to live in Canada in April 2010, and then in two months I got a full time job in June 2010. After 15 month saving, I went to the Scotia bank and got a loan application. My asset was $26,682.00 by checking the loan application. 

In February 2012, I took the first vacation in third year at the current job, I ended up to spend over $5,000 dollars on the vacation.

I like to case study those two activities together.

Case study: My home search in 2001

Dec. 9, 2018


It was very challenging for me to take the job full time to work for Trendium located in the city of Sunrise starting from 2010 Sept. I did a condo search near the city of Sunrise a few times but I did not have chance to make purchase. I like to do some case study and review what I learned.

Case study

It was in 2001 and I started a full time job to work for a startup. I did notice that I had to drive more than 25 miles one way to get to the office. I noticed that it was not easy task to do that. I did spend some time to do research and visited a few condos.

If You’re Broke Or Struggling Financially

Dec. 9, 2018


It is 40 minute video called "If you're broke or struggling financially...". Here is the link. I like to study again and then I like to take some notes from the video.

How to change your finances?

Mistakes I made on furniture purchases

Dec. 9, 2018


It is time for me to write a blog called mistakes I made on furniture purchases. I spent over $4000 dollars close to the amount of down payment of the condo I purchase from 1999 to 2001. I like to write a blog and do some research on this topic.

How to make good argument?

I purchase a condo in 1999, a condo as is. There were so many things to work on I would prepare for, a central AC with less than five years life span, a floor to be tiled, all other conditions related to window, plumbing. Those are necessities. I should go for used furniture and purchase it on sale when people moving.

I should do enough research and the figure out the solution.

Set a cap on monthly grocery expenses

Dec. 9, 2018


I like to do some research and how to survive a month by setting a monthly grocery expenses maximum amount. I like to get to the average amount since I spend too much.

Do not spend money on travel unless I have a home

Dec. 9, 2018


I like to write a blog to document my struggle financially in Canada. I like to write a blog title called do not spend money on travel unless I have a home in Canada.

Case study

I traveled to China to visit my mom and relatives in China in 2012 spring festival. I spent over $5,000 dollars on the trip. I did not realize that I was aging and in my forties and I did not have a plan to buy a home for myself, a down payment for a condo taking more than $15,000 dollars for down payment.

I also need to meet the challenge for the big mortgage amount and long distance to travel to work. I have a lot of work to do and need to learn how to find solutions. But I could not control again to go for this overspending trip.

It is so hard for me to learn how to treat relatives just being relatives, do not give away cash on a trip.

Problem solving skills

Dec. 9, 2018


I had mock interviews over 400 people on algorithm and data structure from 2017 to 2018, and I had chance to observe how each one solves problems. I learn huge amount of problem solving skills. Now I like to apply those problem solving skills to my personal finance. I like to write blogs related to my personal finance, I like to push myself hard to learn and explore new opportunities in my future life.

Learn at least three ways to solve problems first

Learn to solve the problem brute force 

Learn to solve the problem optimal

Cut expense and time

Have drills to solve problem

Biggest lesson learned with $100,000 US dollar price tag

Dec. 9, 2018


It is hard for me to grow as an independent and gain some life and living wisdom. I paid the price with all net income from 1999 to 2001, I spent every dollar of those $100,000 US dollars to learn the most important lessons in my life. What is the biggest lesson I learned with that $100,000 US dollars tag?

Live under mean?

I left Florida in 2010 after 14 years. I felt so struggle financially. I experienced the real estate under water in Florida. I did not live under mean in Florida. I did not plan long term for my 14 years living in Florida. I left USA and went to Canada without financial confidence and worry about my future career and life.

Be street smart and get close to your siblings

Be your sister's neighbor in your home town?

Get to know best smart person in Florida?

Get to work best scientist in the world?

Learn the value of research, do it early?

Learn the value of wall street from my roommates?

Get to know the societies from my roommates?

How to support your mom as an adult?

Biggest challenges in my life from 1996 to 2010

Dec. 9, 2018


It was my productive years from 1996 to 2010. I had so much experience in education, full time job, part time job, up and downs. I also learned so many lesson and got connected to the community and society. I like to write a blog called biggest challenges in my life from 1996 to 2010.

Hard to build wealth

It is so tough for me to build wealth in south florida from 1996 to 2010. When I left Florida, I did not have any saving left, I only have some 401K, IRA CD left, and then I had a home equity line open for $58,000 dollars but home price went down. I quickly got in debt on home equity with $38,000 dollars in debt, and took $17,000 dollars to start a new life in Canada as an immigrant.

In other words, I got over 14 years experience to make a living, and a debt associated with a home, and a permanent residentship in Canada in January 2010.

I had low interest loan from home equity to allow myself to recover and find a full time job in Canada in 2010.

Case study: 1999 to 2001 expenses analysis

Dec. 9, 2018


I have to push myself hard and work on my personal finance. I spent one hour to go over the expenses by my memory, and then I like to do some analysis of my personal finance. It is hard to see all those expenses to take away my net income, and I like to write something to document my personal mistakes in finances.

Case study

I did put together some excel sheet and pdf in my personal folder. I like to share my experience for education purpose, and also push myself to learn and research how to manage myself emotional, financial, mentally, and explore the wealth secret.

Here is the folder of my personal finance folder to do some research.

Eat to live, not live to eat

I used to attend FAU4Fun group, we got together and went out for buffet in Florida a few times. When I had a full time job, I did not learn that the grocery bill can add up biggest amount in my life. I can use those dollars to invest to purchase extra home and put into the bank at that time to generate 5% interest.

The grocery bill I estimated is over $15,000 dollars. I should cut down less than $300 a month. Save 6,000 dollars.

Travel, driving and my mom and relatives

I did not learn enough toughness of life through my personal experience and my family. When I review the salary and income huge difference, I did not learn to use my income to leverage them to invest a lot of real estate properties. I chose to spend on international travel for my mom, myself, and all kinds of expenses.

Sometimes I learn that your relatives are not your best friends. I chose to become a Christian starting from 2001. I learned to carefully choose who you should stay close to your life.

My expenses related to my mom is huge. $11,650.00 dollars. Why I chose to let my mom travel to Florida? I am on working visa. Do my mom like to travel? Why I chose to have a trip to Shanghai only for a few days and paid for all six people's expenses in 2001?

I have five siblings. How to deal with wealth and share my wealth with my siblings? I think that cash gift to adults is not appropriate at all. I did not understand that the income and jobs I had were created in economical bubble, startup companies with investment, it is the big check syndrome of three years in my whole life.

My car payment  

The car expense was too much and I only need to drive to work and grocery. I did not explore public transportation at all.

My car payment is $16,500 dollars.

Delay gratification

I did pay for a condo for my mom. I did not own anything from that property. But it was such great teaching example in my life for an investment. If I can control my money very well, then I can control my emotion, my life much better.

I should consider if I can get US greencard from the work or not. How long can I survive on the job? How long does the company survive?

I paid for a condo in the city of Yichun. My sister came out the idea and made the purchase. She wrote a letter to explain the importance to have a home, and my brother also wrote a letter to me as well to explain how hard he worked in Shenzhen area for a few years. The living condition and the salary he could make for a living.

I have compassion for my mom and my sister, and my brother and his family. I did not argue and pay off everything.

But I should consider if I can sustain my life style or not. I should consider to go back to my home town as well one day, without a job and I need to make a living in the city of Shanghai.

Expenses in detail

Travel to USA - my mom's travel   $3000.00 us dollars
China travel - $7000 us dollars
My travel - over $3000 us dollars

Saturday, December 8, 2018

weekly contest 114

Dec. 8, 2018


It is my most favorite weekly contest. I play again but I did not perform very well, I like to write a blog to document my experience.

My performance

I took the weekly contest just after two hours code screen. So I was kind of tired.

First algorithm - I solved without any problem.

Second algorithm - I misunderstood the problem requirement, I thought about two set of numbers in the array, with same number of elements, but sum of one set is the double value of the another one. It is so tough to solve the problem, x1 + x2 +... + xn = sum, how many options?

Third algorithm - I wrote the solution but I failed the test case; so I learned that delete elements will affect the lexicographic order, I need to start from index = 0 position of char in the array again. I changed the idea but I came cross another bug, much more difficult to solve.

Actionable Item

I need to learn that the algorithm should be easy to solve and write. Make sure that I read word by word, write down the keywords and then argue with myself if the problem is too tough to solve. I should try to read the problem statement and understand again.

Case study: mock interview on algorithm post order iterative solution

Dec. 8, 2018


It is another mock interview. Recently I was so surprising to work so well with a Facebook intern, an Amazon intern, and a few engineers preparing for Google onsite and other very well. Since I learned after I got feedback with complaint from a San Diego master degree student on Oct.1 5, 2018. I like to case study the mock interview I had with a young graduate with 2 years working experience, and he learned the programming by himself.

Case study

I like to give the interviewee options at the very beginning so I can test his confidence level, and what I should adapt to the interviewee, and help him/ her to learn together with me on the algorithm.

So I asked him about his junior experience, and he told me that he had only two years working experience.

I asked him to choose to work on hard level algorithm or starting from easy one to a hard level one. He chose the hard level one.

I asked him to choose one hard level one, I used the algorithm over 10 times to interview others. I have a lot of experience on the one. Or choose one hard level one, I did not use the algorithm to interview others, this the first time, and I had the one in one phone screen from big four software companies in 2017 February. He chose later one.

So I gave him Leetcode algorithm I just worked on last week, post order iterative solution.

145. Binary Tree Postorder Traversal

Give out major hint

It is time for me to give out the hint after first 20 minutes discussion. I asked the interviewee to work on finding the first one in the post order traversal. I did also give out hint to work on a few test cases, and ask what is difference to find the first one.

Test case 1:

Input: [1,null,2,3]
  / \
 2   3

hint: how to find the first node in post order traversal
    2 is the first one

Test case 2: 
  / \
 2   3
hint: should be 4 -> first node
    how do find the firs one, what is difference?
    4 should be the first one

Test case 3:
  / \
 2   3
Test case 4: 
  / \
 2   3

Ask the interviewee to code

I asked the interviewee to code, just code to find the first element in post order traversal. Once you find the first one, the rest is easy since you can repeat the same process.


I talked based on my practice how I handled to find the second element in the post order traversal, I chose to use hashset to make visited nodes, so I can find 3 in the simple test case
  / \
 2   3

Because the first element is 2, and then go back to stack, peek the top element with value 1, and then check its left node 2 which is already visited. But the interviewee told me that he was thinking to do something different. He also explained to me later using an example how it works. Basic idea is to break edge after it is visited.

For example, node 1 is visited, and node 1's left child node is visited, then 1's left child set to null.

Analysis based on facts

I also learn how to work with young generation, and my main weakness right now is willing to help, how to guide them break through to find the solution first.

Actually the interviewee has strong problem solving skills compared to me. I usually do not think based on the analysis, I choose to base on my experience. But actually there are so many solutions, the interviewee thinks carefully.

How to find the first element in post order iteratively?

From root node, go left, if there is no left child, then go right; continue until a node is met without left and right child.

Here is the code written in the mock interview by the interviewee:

Replay is good time to learn things

Dec. 8, 2018 1:52 PM
I replayed the video and learned a few things to work on.

The interviewee solved over 400 Leetcode algorithms so far, and he only spent 8 months to work on.

He worked way up from the easy ones first.

I replayed the video and reviewed the chat we had after the mock interview. I need to figure out how to handle conversation better.

38:00 - 41:36/1:14
The interviewee went over the example of tree using example of tree with node 1, 2, 3
 /   \
2    3

stack = [1, 3
res = [2, 3, 1]

What do you think?

41:50 - 46:06
I asked him to work on the tree with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The interviewee went over the example of tree using example of tree with node 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  /  \
 2   3

stack = [1
res = [5, 4, 2, 3, 1]

The interviewee worked on the solution to find the first node without any children. Each time the node is visited, the tree structure is change to remove the relationship parent/ child relationship, set it's left child to null or right child to null.

stack = [1, 2

2    3

put node 4 into stack, stack = [1, 2, 4

2    3


put node 5 into stack, stack = [1, 2, 4, 5

2    3



Now peek the top element in the stack, no children, put 5 into result

result = [5, 4, 2,

peek node 1's right child 3, put 3 into stack, set the 1's right child to null


Now it is time to put 3 into result list.

Actionable Items

I also spent time to write a discuss post. Here is the link.

Actionable Items

I also spent time to write a discuss post. Here is the link.

I learn how to behave much better in the algorithm interview. I need to improve my communication skills, and express myself better.

I also got connected on linkedin, so I can follow up later on how the interviewee makes progress in the job search.

My feedback as an interviewer

Feedback from the interviewee

32870 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford, BC

Dec. 8, 2018


It is hard for me to understand the rental market in Canada. If I have over $100,000 dollar cash, then I will do something else to invest. The price was so high already.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom unit for sale, asking price $329,000.

DNA test

Dec. 8, 2018


It is time for me to support the immigration case as the sponsor. I just paid $650 dollar for a sibling test, and it is most expensive test I paid for two siblings, one is in China, one is in Canada. I put everything in the pray for the immigration case.

740 Hamilton Street, New Westminster

Dec. 8, 2018


The unit on sale is over 700 square foot. Compared to Surrey low rise building, the high-rise building is built in 1974. I like to look into BC assessment. 2 years ago the price is around $220,000 dollars.

6468 195A ST SURREY

Dec. 8, 2018


It is Saturday morning. I opened the email called Fraser homes, and then I studied the unit on sale. The owner bought it in Nov. 2017, $200,000 dollars for one unit 456 square foot, asking price $314,000.

This is the market

I like to learn the market. One unit a time, I want to get familiar with the community in Surrey. The home was built in 2016.

Case study: My twin bed mattress purchased in 2010

Dec. 8, 2018


It was most difficult time for me to adapt the new life in the city of Vancouver in 2000. I did not have a lot of savings in my bank account, and also I had a debt in my USA condo. I found a small home with the help from Florida, I was on road trip to Yosemite national park with my friend, 14 days road trip from Florida to Vancouver. I got a call from Florida and my friend told me that there is a home for me in the city of Vancouver. I like to write a blog about my twin bed mattress purchase in 2010.

Case study

I like to have a mattress so that I could sleep better. I found one on and it took me $20.00 dollars. I drove to the city of Richmond and got the mattress, and then I put in the trunk of my Ford Explorer. I got it and used it since then.

At that time, I stayed at home and looked for a full time from April to June 2010. I was paying a lot out to my car insurance, rent fee, food, and I did not know where was my future job. I made a purchase the old used mattress by a Chinese family.

Actionable Items

I still remembered that the day my landlord helped me to move the mattress off the truck.

Case study: My mom visa application second time in 1999 II

Case study: My mom visa application first time in 1999

Dec. 8, 2018


It was the decision I made after I purchased a condo and a brand new car. I decided to invite my mom to visit USA. I like to write a blog about the trip.

Case study

I did invite my mom to apply the visa. My brother took my mom to Beijing and applied the visa. The visa was denied. My mom told me that the road was so slippery since it was winter, black ice on the road.

Actionable Items

I should learn how to think carefully, and when I like to make some decision, I should consider carefully about the weather condition, and also living expenses about others. At that time the salary of a person in the city of Yichun was less than $200 Yuan, I spent one year's salary for my mom and my brother to apply visa, a trip to Beijing.

I learned from the experience. I never should consider the trip and should learn to take advantage of my high salary into investment. Never waste money again on road trip, international trip. My mom did not want to have a trip in her early 70s.

Case study: My necklace purchase in 2000 and expenses

Case study: My condo association booking experience one year in 2000s

Case study: My interview dress purchase in 2008

Dec. 8, 2018


I got onsite interview from Microsoft in 2008. I make purchase for interview clothes before I went to interview in the city of Seattle.

Case study

I read the email that interview dressing code was casual, but I did purchase clothes in Ross and try to put them on. I bought more than two pieces of interview suits after 2000. But I still went out to purchase another suits.

Live a simple life

I should spend those dollars on Microsoft stocks instead. $100 dollar saved can purchase 2.5 shares in 2008, now the value is over $250 dollars. Next time if I can get an interview from a nice company, I should purchase stocks instead.

Case study: My interview dress purchase in 2000

Dec. 8, 2018


It was most expensive shopping of suits I made in the year 2000. I went to Boca Raton town center and purchased a suit with full price over $200 us dollars. I wore then for onsite interview of Trendium in the city of Sunrise.


I did not consider alternative solution, cheap solution. I did not think carefully about expenses. How often do I have chance to wear suits.

Case study: My rollerskating shoes purchase in 2000

Dec. 8, 2018


It was another waste over $200 dollars. I purchased shoes brand new with protection of knees and wrists, but  I only used them less than five times.

Case study: my long distance call expenses from 1998 to 2001

Dec. 8, 2018


It is so easy to come out the mistakes I made, since I did not have chance to keep those net income over $100,000 dollars from 1999 to 2001. One of biggest waste was to use international calling cards and I paid over 60 cents/ minutes for a long time.

My case study

I did not document all expenses of long distance calls. One time I remembered that I spent over $250/ month on long distance call to my sisters and my mom in one month.

I did not keep those long distance bill statements.

Case study: My satellite TV installation in 2000

Case study: My queen size bed purchase in 2000

Dec. 8, 2018


It is another waste of money. I chose to purchase a brand new queen size mattress in 2000. I like to write a blog about it.

My purchase

It was my thinking process, get brand new queen size mattress. I did not do research how to get used one, I like to pay full price. I got the steel frame and mattress, and I also paid for delivery from Rooms to Go. The whole cost was more than $500.00 dollars. I drove my brand new Ford Explorer and visited showroom near Federal highway.

Actionable Item

I should always consider to purchase used ones. I should always try to reduce the cost. My Chinese friend told me that some one likes to rent a room near FAU, but I chose not to rent the second bedroom out.

All my financial decision and life style was not carefully reviewed.

Case study: My twin bed purchase in 2000

Dec. 8, 2018


I had full time job as a software engineer, and I started to use most of them on purchase. I paid full price on a twin mattress over $200 dollars.

Case study

At that time I still had carpet in my condo. I made one bedroom as my study room, and my mom shared one bedroom with me, she had her second trip to Florida over 4 months. She slept on twin mattress, one night she fell of from mattress but she did not tell me.

Case study: My dishwasher purchase in 1999

Dec. 8, 2018


I purchased a condo with old cabinet, and the first six months I noticed that the cabinet was broken. So I came out the idea to install a new dishwasher instead. I like to do a case study.

Case study

I did not learn how to invest all my net income on future investment or savings for future. I started to fix all the issues I had. I spent near $300 dollar for a dish washer in 1999 and then paid installation fee near $200.00 dollars.

Case study: My Orlando trip with my mom in 2000

Dec. 8, 2018


My mom visited me the first time 5 months in Florida. I took a vacation to Orlando with my mom and we spent over $800 for 2 day trip to Orlando theme parks in 2000. I like to write a blog and this was another overspending trip.

Case study

I had a full time job in Trendium and then I took a vacation to Orlando with my mom. We spent money on two theme parks with full price, one night hotel, and we spent lobster buffer for each of us over $35.00 dollars. I went to shopping mall for clothes.

Lessons learned

I became a Christian after year 2000. I learned not to waste money to drive car long distance without offering other to share drive. I practiced that from 2000 to 2010. I should invite other to go to Orlando trip with us, reduce cost and have more fun.

Case study: My clothing sofa purchase in 2000

Dec. 9, 2018


It was another huge mistake I made. I also like to document it using a blog.

Case study

I purchased two brand new leather sofa from Rooms to go over $2,000 dollars in 1999. And I also purchased three glass tables to match the sofas. But in my bedroom, I had a sofa I moved over when I rented the place with my roommate in Unit #22.

One day my mom and I sit on the sofa, one of legs fell off. It was just a minor thing, I can drive my brand new Ford Explorer, and learn how to purchase a few nails, or ask a friend to help, put the leg back and showed off my problem solving skills.

Instead I went out with my mom and purchase two sofa from Rooms to go outlet, used ones or cheap one. But it still costs me over $600 dollars plus delivery fees.

When two delivery people moved the sofa into the living room, and they found out that the sofa could not fit into living room. Instead they just pushed so hard with scratches, put two leather sofa into my living room instead.

Actionable Items

I had a sister who was a teacher retired in the city of Shenzhen, she always planned to do things. She shared with us her plan where to put things in her new condo in Shenzhen before she hired contractor to do the work.

Compared to her, I like to review how I handle a project. Do I make a budget? Another $600 dollars? Later in 2015, my renters tried to sell those clothing sofa, but we could not sell it. I paid my renter $30.00 dollars to get rid of them. He gave away the big one to his coworker.

I really learned from the lessons how to make purchase, what is the way I solved problems. Do I try to learn something new, or reach out the community to help others when my mom was in Florida?

Always look up the salary a graduate makes in the city of Yichun, annual salary when I make a purchase. $600 US dollars sofa at that time can pay 10% of a condo in my home town. At that time I was in my 30s. I could not believe that I was so naive and indulge myself on spending.

Do not overspend. One day those classmates of mine have a home, make a comfortable living with retired job and home and family, I have nothing to rely one.

Case study: My 56 inches projection TV purchase in 1999

Dec. 8, 2018


It was most expensive TV I purchased over $1000 US dollars. I like to write a blog to document the issues I had and how I learned from my mistake.

Projection TV

First I should not purchase big projection TV 56 inches. It was too big to fit in my small living room. I developed the headache when I watched the TV too long. I experienced all kinds of problems, I did not have friends to call or I can call, I watched a few movies on HBO channel whole day, I really felt so boring. I did not know what was the feeling.

One time I had to put a tiled floor on my home, I need to put the TV in my Chinese neighbor's home.

How to get rid of TV?

The TV was broken in less than one year warranty. I did get it repaired. And then it was broken in 2008. I had difficulty to throw into garbage can, since it was too heavy and huge. My roommate was a visiting professor and she told me to open the wooden box, and broke into small pieces, she helped me to carry down and threw into garbage can. It weighed more than 200 lbs, the TV set was with four wheels.

Some facts

I did not learn the basics of finance. I should learn to control expenses. I did not have US permanent resident ship and I was on practical training and H1-B, and the job I had called Atlantic entertainment was not stable, we had financial difficulty to get pay on time.

I had a phone screen from Microsoft but I could not pass phone screen, and my coworker found a full time job in Motorola and left Online gaming.

At that time I had office depot onsite interview but I could not make it on time.

I was too optimistic and also loved to spend money on everything. That was so bad.

Case study: My piano lessons in 2000

Dec. 8, 2018


I did not know why I came out the idea to learn how to play piano. I used to work in the city of Sunrise for a startup Trendium Inc. I called my Chinese friend in Motorola and asked her daughter's piano teacher. I decided to learn some piano from the teacher.  I like to write a blog about the lessons.

Case study

It was challenge for me to learn to play piano. I bought a touch sense keyboard and bench and support. It costed me over $300 dollars. And then I decided to take some lesson, the lesson was $22 dollar for 45 minutes.

How many lessons did I take? I could not remember. I paid cash and documented the purchase.

Actionable Items

I had to spend time carefully again. Money cannot buy everything. I had limited time and resource, if I could find ways to improve, I better do it by myself.

I remembered that my Chinese friend chose to purchase a used piano with much better condition, and then she chose to find tutor from Lynn university piano major students. She had a MBA degree and worked on business management at that time.

I should learn some basics about finance and economy, and I should spend some time to do a lot of small project and try to reduce cost. One time my Chinese friend in the church invited me to go with her to piano room in FAU music department, there are so many pianos free for people to practice, each has one room.

Always be cautious when I make purchase. Consider if I can try to use free tools to learn and then try small amount first. And also I should try to resell item, consider reselling values as well.

I am not the smartest person. If I can get a job, then I may be lucky. I should take it slow to spend money, and think about long term.

Case study: My Ford Explorer maintenance in 2010

Dec. 9, 2018


It was another overspending maintenance before I started road trip to Canada. I spent over $1,000 dollars on maintenance. I like to do a case study on this maintenance.

Case study

I did not need to do those extra things, just engine oil change. But I even took the advice to replace the shock. My friend told me that I spent too much on the maintenance as well.

Actionable Items

I need to spend time every year to learn basic maintenance of car. I need to learn how often the car should replace those fluid, common problems.

I need to save money and improve my driving safety knowledge.

Case study: My trip to Mexico to get visa in 2000

Case study: My relatives trip to Shanghai from Yichun in 2000

Dec. 8, 2018


It was most expensive trip to Shanghai in my life, I paid six people train tickets round trip, 3 day hotel in Shanghai and costed me over $5,000 US dollars for less than two weeks vacation in China.

Case study

My mom just went back to China, and she was in her early 70s. She had her first stroke. She could not bend knees when I walked down stairs. We had to help her learn how to walk since her stroke affected her in several ways.


I paid cash to purchase a brand new TV for my mom over $2500 Chinese yuan. I did not know how I came out the idea to have a trip for all of us. I did try to please my mom and help my mom recover from stroke. I did not believe that the trip could help my mom recover, since she needed two people to handle each side.

$350/ one room for two rooms, train ticket for each person with a bed costed more than $200/ one way each way. At that time, a college graduate's monthly salary is around $120 Chinese yuan.

I did not carefully consider how much money I spent on those nonsense trip. Considering that a college graduate only makes a salary around $120 dollars, I spent over $5,000 dollars, a person 4 years salary for a short trip for a group of six people

Never underestimate the bad behavior from the very beginning. I just could not believe that I made such poor choices and wasted $5,000 dollars for a trip, which could be used to purchase a two bedroom condo in the city of Yichun in 2001.

Actionable Item

There are so many articles to talk about visiting parks nearby your home. Take a walk and other things. I have to take seriously to read those articles again.

Case study: My mom second US trip to Florida in 2000

Case study: My mom first trip to United States in 2000

Case study: tennis lessons in 2000

Case study: a private coach to reduce accent in 2000

Case study: a $1800 Sony laptop purchase in 2002

Dec. 8, 2018


It is hard for me to reexamine myself since I may be a financial irresponsible person. I had net income over $100,000 from 1999 to 2001, but I had nothing left in 2010, I had to borrow money from home equity line. I did purchase a most expensive laptop in my life and it costed me over $1500 dollars, 12 months interest free in 2001. I like to do a case study on this laptop purchase and how I handled it. I like to analyze my behavior and figure out how to fix the problem.

Case study

It is so tough for me to reexamine my behavior as a consumer. I had a friend who reminded me that I had a laptop in his house in 2014. I did not try to sell it in 2010 when I left Florida and immigrate to Canada. I purchased second laptop in 2003 or 2004 around $500.00 dollars, but I did not choose to sell the expensive one SONY one just after the purchase in 2003. I could not find the receipt, but I did find my SONY laptop receipt.

I still remembered that the first day I went to Motorola in the city of Plantation as an intern in 2001, I took my laptop with me.

I only used the laptop to write one coding assignment for graduate algorithm courses. Most of time I did not write code using my laptop.

This is the impulsive shopping. I did not choose cheap one with discount, waited until on sale. I chose most expensive one on the market and put it on 12 monthly interest free. After the purchase, I did not do follow up to make sure that the laptop was still in good quality, I should continue to use instead of purchasing a new one, cheap one. The series of behaviors I found out are not acceptable for me to review and audit today.

After I came to Canada, my Florida friend asked me to send a photo we took in the Miami to her. I asked my friend in Florida to login the laptop and then found the photo.

Super expensive one

Here is my copy of receipt. I like to document my mistake and then remind myself to be a humble person, and never purchase full retail price of a merchandise.

Actionable Items

It is very important for me to learn and start to document all purchases. I should reduce the risk of waste. Always I should think about purchase of cheap one or used one. I also have to learn to follow up with review, how I use them or do I need to sell them.

Do some research how to celebrate the life event without big purchase like this SONY laptop.

An Introduction to Expense Tracking

Here is the article link.

The Best Ways to Save Money Even Impulsive Spenders Can Get Behind

Here is the link.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

60 Simple Rules of Personal Finance

Dec. 6, 2018


Here is the article's link called 60 simple rules of personal finance. I will share my story based on some of them. In order to push myself to master personal finance, I have to spend more time to read, think, and reexamine my history and then figure out how to fix problems.

My favorite advice

#19 – Build strong relationships with your neighbors

A neighbor is a person that you can borrow something from instead of having to go to the store. A neighbor is a person who can keep an eye on your property while you’re away. A neighbor is a person who can make an ordinary dinner into an effortless social occasion without any additional cost. A neighbor can be an endless source of useful advice about the local area. Get to know your neighbors and build a relationship with them. Offer to help your neighbors whenever you can – and ask them for help sometimes, too. You’ll build a relationship that will offer tons of value to both of you.

#24 – Invest most of your money in stocks – and hold on no matter what happens

Not sure how to invest your money? Unless your goal is a short-term one – less than 10 years until you empty it out – you should have most of your money in stocks because, over the long term, they tend to offer very good returns. The problem with stocks is that they tend to be very volatile, with lots of short-term jumps and falls in value. Hold on and be patient; better yet, just don’t look at the value of your investments if they’re far down the road.

#26 – Don’t bother with individual stocks

Individual stock investing is a fool’s game. In order to do it well, it requires a ton of research and a lot of attention, and even then it comes with a lot of risk. Unless you get significant enjoyment out of it and are investing with money that you won’t need in the future, I strongly encourage you to avoid investing in individual stocks.

#37 – Don’t worry about what other people think

Don’t choose a car to impress other people. Don’t choose clothes to impress other people. Don’t choose gadgets to impress other people. Why? Because it won’t really impress them. The only thing that will impress someone about you is you. It’s about how you carry yourself, what ideas you bring to the table, and how you listen and respond to others. Don’t spend a dime on the other stuff.

#38 – Don’t worry about how other people spend their money, either

If you see someone driving an expensive car, don’t use that as an excuse to feel jealous or to tell yourself that you, too, need an expensive car. You don’t. Just because other people choose to buy things or eat at certain restaurants or whatever else people in your life choose to do with their money does not mean you need to do it too. Make choices and spend money on things that build up the things you care about, not the things other people care about.

#39 – Put in the time to build good, strong, lasting relationships

Having a life full of strong personal and professional relationships will serve you well in every aspect of your life for the rest of your life. The people in your life provide emotional, social, professional, spiritual, mental, and, yes, financial support for almost anything you might want to do. Put in the time and effort to build strong relationships by helping others, listening to what they’re saying, offering support, and being involved with the community.

#40 – Review your finances, your career, and your life once a week

This may seem overly simple, but it has brought about countless transformations in my life. Once a week, I spend an hour reviewing the week that has gone by as well as thinking ahead to the week that is to come and my long term goals.
Am I doing things that are in line with those goals? What are the best things I did this week in terms of where I want to be going? What were the worst things, and why did I do them? How can I avoid doing them in the future? Am I still happy with my big goals? Spend real time thinking about those things every week and you’ll feel a positive transformation in your day to day life.

How to Save Money: 100 Great Tips to Get You Started

Here is the article's link.

54 Ways to Save Money

Dec. 6, 2018


It is so important for me to learn how to save money. Here is the article link called 54 ways to save money. I like to write down my most favorite 5 ways.

Julia's most favorite ways

I like to work on basics on saving money, since I have so many mistakes, lessons I can write in terms of personal finance. The idea is to study some article, and then I will related to my own experience and share my mistakes and lessons.

My most favorite learning are in the following:

Use the 24 hour rule. 
Treat yourself, but use it as an opportunity to save

18 medium level stack algorithm

Dec. 6, 2018


It is time for me to work on stack medium level algorithms. I have to work on 18 of them, I finished two of them today.

Thinking about stack

I did make mistakes this June in one of code screens, I failed to write the algorithm using stack and then using linear time complexity. The algorithm is called infix expression to binary tree. And later on I found one of medium level algorithm tagged by stack on

297. Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree

Dec. 6, 2018


It is the tree hard level algorithm. I reviewed my submission three  years ago, which could not pass online judge. I just used the same solution for the medium level tree algorithm less than one month ago, and it works.

My solution

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How to live under mean?

Dec. 5, 2018


I made so many mistakes in my life to waste the money, so I like to write a blog called how to live under mean.

How to live under mean?

It is hard to make a living in Canada. I documented that I had to pay one maintenance over $800 for car maintenance, just a simple oil change is needed. I did one oil change by myself in Florida before 2010, my friend coached me how to do it, I did climb underneath my Ford Explorer.

I made mistakes to choose dishonest auto shops, and ended up wasting a lot of money from 2010 to 2018.

How to Live on $13,000 a Year

Here is the link.

How to Invest: Becoming a Millionaire | Phil Town

Dec. 5, 2018


It is not an easy task to learn to be an investor. I like to make changes, I like to spend time to learn one video a time.

A video to watch

Here is the link of video called "How to invest: Becoming a millionaire".

7:00/ 13:46 overcome the fear. The challenge for you is to buy when other people are afraid. This is a giant secret Warren Buffet to tell people over 50 years.

7:20/ 13:46 The critical thing is to be able to understand the business, you see it as a business. Great management, big mode, you know the margin safety price.

7:47/13:46 Are you worrying about the market continued to go down? We can buy the business on sale, do it then. You do not do it a little bit. You have to load up a damn truck. You hold out a bucket. Do not hold a thumb.

8:33/13:46 You load up the truck.

1. Find a business that you like.
2. Find the value of the business.
3. Watch it until it's at the margin of Safety price.
4. When the price is where you want it, buy it.
5. Start acting like the owner of the business. (8:40/ 13:46)
Not own 50 stocks. Own 5 or 10 stocks only.
6. Start stockpiling it
Control emotion, buy more.

10:02/ 13:46
Every time I buy the stock, the stock prices goes down. I will load the truck every time the stock price goes down.

Big five numbers:
Earnings growth
Sales growth
Book value growth
Cash flow growth
Return on investment capital

7. You're going to inevitably sell. 
You are going to sell. Sell it on greedy.

8. Repeat

Actionable Items

I like to answer the questions.

1. Find a business you like
What business I like? Software? Enterprise software? Microsoft? Facebook? Amazon?

12 Habits of Phenomenally Frugal Families

Here is the link.

Why it is hard to learn frugal life style?

Dec. 5, 2018


It is my personal finance research. I found out that it was so important for me to learn to live a frugal life style.

Case study

I like to do case study of 22 trips to USA shopping from 2010 to 2014.

8 Big Budgeting Blunders – and How to Fix Them

Here is the link.

Tools and Tricks to Curb Impulse Spending

Here is the link.

5 Ways to Avoid Expensive 'Lifestyle Inflation'

Here is the link.

How to Live Within Your Means (Without Feeling Cheap) | Phil Town

Here is the link.

Life style inflation. 3% inflation.
Do not join the country club.

Increase your life style. Buy something to impress people who do not care.

One Life-Changing Class You Never Took: Alexa von Tobel at TEDxWallStreet

Here is the link.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

How to double the money?

Dec. 4, 2018


It is 25 minutes video. Here is the link.

My notes

1. Income problem
2. Expense
3. Taxes
4. Investments
5. Identity

- negotiate
- live below your mean
- Rent everything
- Fire consultants
- Pay higher, hire less
- Technology - min payroll

Risk tolerance, time horizon

1. Specialize

What if I purchase a home in every city I work?

Dec. 4, 2018


It is a good research topic called purchase a home every city I work or live. I lived in the city of Yichun, jiangxi province, Shanghai city, Boca Raton in Florida, Vancouver in Canada. What if I purchase a home in every city I live. How can I possible do that? How to do that if possible.

My research and case study 

I already owned a home in the city of Boca Raton, in 2017, after I purchased in 1999, I paid it off with $25,000 home equity line debt. I had to take loss to purchase US dollars over $22,000 Canadian dollars with rate 0.80.

I also paid for a home as a gift to my mom in the city of Yichun in year 2000, I paid every thing with extra to do internal simple decoration, my mom passed away in November 2017, based on my sister who made purchase, I may own 1/12 share. I am a Christian, and I do not want to get into any dispute since I learn from bible teaching. Also I like to learn how the money doubles value if I gives away, but I spent 10 times more and then ended up nothing left. I want to learn.

I did not purchase a home in the city of Yichun. I paid for one but it is a gift but I did not own it.

It is tough for me to review those financial records of expenses and I did not learn to adapt from 1999 to 2001. Personal finance is not tough to learn and get idea how to live under mean.

Now the topic is how I can purchase a home in the city of Vancouver and Shanghai. How can I do it?

If I learn the money game, and also I work very hard, do not purchase brand new car; keep my old car in Florida. I rent out the second bedroom, do not invite my mom to visit me in Florida; work very hard to save every dollar. I should be able to save $40,000 US dollars from 1999 to 2001. I should be able to purchase a home in Shanghai using $300,000 Chinese Yuan/ 1000 square foot using cash, US dollar $40,000 dollars. But in reality, I was never able to save more than $20,000 dollars and had ideas how to spend the savings from 1999 to 2001.

City of Shanghai

I have so many classmates of SJTU undergraduate and graduate owning home in Shanghai. I worked in the city of Shanghai from 1988 to 1989, and then I went back to work from 1992 to 1994, and changed a job to work from 1994 to 1996. When I left Shanghai, I had $8,000 Chinese dollars, after I purchased expensive airline ticket, I only had less than $1000 dollars left and I was lucky to have scholarship from Math department of FAU. I asked my friend and she asked her boss lady to provide a bank letter to help me to show $3,000 US dollar to cover living expenses back in 1996.

Based on the fact that my finance data in 1996, I did not have chance to purchase a home in the city of Shanghai when I left Shanghai. At that time, the home price is $3000/ square meters.

Technically I could not get a loan since I do not have enough down payment around $60,000 RMB. I changed the job and the two years salary in total is $28, 000 RMB from 1994 to 1996.

City of Boca Raton

I got a computer science master degree in 1988 in Florida. I worked full time from 1998 to 2001 and made over $100,000 net income. I made two purchase of home, one condo in the city of Boca Raton, one is in the city of Yichun, Jiangxi province, China.

I did very good job to purchase the condo in the city of Boca Raton in 1999 when the market price is lowest.

I did not learn how money works, and also I did not learn how hard it will be if I like to exceed my full time job in a startup from 2000 to 2001.

I called it a big check syndrome, lessons I learned from my own experience. I wrote a blog on this.

City of Vancouver

I landed in Canada in 2010. I will write down something here. I should be able to get a loan to purchase a condo in the city of Surrey from 2010 to 2015. I need to work hard and be proactive.