Monday, January 4, 2021

Finance illustrated: The Truth About Trading Gurus - My Research

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Traders who make money don't make trading courses; they are busy beating the market and building their wealth. Stay away from anyone who claims their "Trading Secrets" will make you a profit. There are no shortcuts, and it's not happening without putting in your own honest hard work and dedication.😎 In this video, you will find out the truth about Youtube Trading Gurus, Trading courses, and Scams. You will learn the schemes, the tactics, the hidden dirty secrets that these self-proclaimed "Trading Experts". don't want you to know.🕵️‍♂️ In fact, I researched 10 of the most popular Trading Gurus that I see when browsing the world of Finance Youtube. Why are they making videos? Why you should or shouldn't spend your money on their trading courses? What is their true motivation for making Youtube videos and teaching you their trading "secrets". I have always believed that great traders really don't have the time to be making videos and courses, especially when making money in the market is a lot easier than on Youtube. 00:00 - Introduction 02:06 - Rayner Teo 05:38 - Andrei Jikh 08:04 - Ricky Gutierrez 12:18 - Graham Stephan 14.13 - Aswath Damodaran 16:13 - Adam Khoo 18.23 - Raging Bull 21:50 - Financial Education 24:25 - Warrior Trading 26:38 - Sven Carlin You might be thinking: "Hey, You're making Youtube videos as well." 🤔 True, but I've never proclaimed that I am a great trader or that I have some never before seen trading secrets to share with you. I've also never sold any ridiculous trading courses to beginners. In fact, I've always maintained that almost everything should and can be learned for free, on google, or in books on investing, trading, etc.📚

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