Sunday, January 10, 2021

GE stock: My lesson as a beginner

 Jan. 10, 2021


It is pandemic and full of opportunities. I was so busy to trade GE stocks, and now it is 100% gains compared to one of my purchase 500 shares back in August 2020. I like to write down lessons I should learn from. 

GE stock

Here is the history of my purchase in my IRA account. 

Actionable Items

I should budget $5000 dollars from my $20,000 dollars capital in IRA, and then build positions starting from March 27, $7.76, May 15, 5.52, and then hold 1000 shares of GE until January 2021. 

I do not need to worry about those six months. I should invest more when market goes down. Do not worry about bankruptcy. It is best company for me to invest. 

I should spend time to take care of my fitness, and enjoy the outdoor activities, and work on other projects as well. 

Do not worry about money. As long as I have a job, I do not need to worry about market swings. Try to build positions at lowest price. 

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