Sunday, January 3, 2021

INTC stock: Intel Stock Getting Crushed! | Is INTC Stock A Buy? | Intel Earnings Analysis

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Intel (INTC) stock is absolutely getting crushed! Q2 earnings and now Q3 earnings. But why? Is Intel a buy right now? In this video I go over the reasons why I am bullish on the stock going into Q4 and into 2021. I am still holding my 1000 shares in my TD Ameritrade account and 100 shares in my Dividend portfolio. The biggest reason this stock sold off this quarter was mostly due to the DCG EG segment where enterprise and government revenue dropped off by more than 47%. This was a complete surprise. That said, it looks like they have some tailwinds going into Q4 and into 2021. In addition, it also looks like they will make a decision on the 7nm chip issue. I'm bullish the stock and will likely buy some more in the dividend portfolio. I continue to play covered call options in my TD Ameritrade spec account as well. I hope Q4 is better news and gets treated by Wall Street better. This stock is insanely cheap right now IMO.



July 23, Oct. 22, January 22, 2020 - quarterly release news - over 10% drop

7000 up, 4000 dollars down, 1000 shares of INTC stocks - purchased price is around

Actionable Items

Set Google calendar on January 22, 2020. I like to invest 500 shares of INTC and see how good I can learn how to invest on INTC stock.

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