Sunday, January 3, 2021

Investing Mistakes to Avoid in the Stock Market if You are a Beginner

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  1. Do not buy stocks if the company will file bankruptcy;
  2. Do not buy stock over the counter, pink slip sheet -> delist; Stick to stocks with reputable on NYSE;
  3. Do not talk to internet chat group -> who knows the person behind the screen. 
  4. Do not try to be a day trader -> buy and sell, day trader. Swing trade may be better
  5. Do not time the market - Do not have crystal balls - go up or down or sideways - Be a beginner - Systematic approach - average in - not very top - not very bottom - mix approach - average 
  6. Pay attention to general market - overall market - during good times, stock market goes up; every one looks genius. You are up with 20%. 
  7. Do not kick yourself, compare to your stock to general market. Do you outperform general market or not? 
  8. Stock pays too good to be true dividend, and it is a problem. Dividend yield - 20% - 

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