Sunday, January 3, 2021

Jake Alexander: Intel (INTC) Stock Down Huge! - Is It Time To Buy Or A Trap? | $INTC Analysis

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In this Intel stock analysis, we will be taking a look at why INTC stock dropped so much recently.

This is the second time this year that Intel has dropped massively after earnings. There is a lot of investor fear and uncertainty around this company. And the share price reflects that. In this video, we will look at why intel stock dropped, we will look at the most recent earnings, as well as hear from Intel CEO Bob Swan to see what he has to say about Intel moving forward. We will also look at the current valuation as well as the intel stock chart. What do you think about Intel stock? Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 What Intel Does: 0:53 Why Intel Dropped: 2:34 Earnings: 5:34 Dividend: 9:51 Intel CEO On NAND Sale: 10:18 Intel CEO On Outsourcing Manufacturing: 11:52 Valuation: 13:51 Chart: 15:04 Conclusion & Outro: 16:06

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