Friday, January 8, 2021

Leetcode: 180 algorithm | six months | strength and weakness talk

 January 8, 2021


I like to evaluate my performance from 2020 and predict my first six months in 2021. It is a short research and I like to look into my potential and what to break through. 

Strength and weakness

It is tough for me to solve 300 algorithms in next five months, so I like to figure out my weakness and learn the good strategy how to solve more algorithms. I need to find motivation to compete for excellence as a software programmer. 

I do think that it is time for me to learn more things in my life. I do think that those work on 600 algorithms help me to experience how to do super great research, and find main issues in my problem solving. 

Stay confident 

I have to learn how to stay confident, and also I need to watch out who to talk and what activities I choose to do in next five months. 

I have to keep learning, spend less time on social app. I need to learn how to communicate and keep my own business in highest priority. 

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