Thursday, January 7, 2021

Leetcode: Seven ideas to apply after 600 mark - 5 siblings in China

 January 10, 2020


I cut off the connection in 2020 to focus on myself, and learn how to solve my problems by myself. This year I like to offer 30 minutes to share with my siblings in China, like 30 minutes a week. 

30 minutes a week

It is hard for me to learn to say no to siblings. But it is important for me to do that, specially after 25 years serving my mom, I still did not have a home or asset even close to my siblings. 

I learn from my own analysis, I grew up with five siblings, and I need to learn how to apply good project management and emotion control. I need to discipline myself. 

Back in 2000, I spent over $200 US dollars one month on international long distance call. This showed me lack of discipline. I just remind myself to live my own life, and be disciplined. 

Algorithm practice

I do think that algorithm practice is not just to spend time to work on practice. It is my determination to learn more and prepare for challenge projects in my life. No matter it is related to software development or other area. 

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