Thursday, January 7, 2021

Leetcode: Seven ideas to apply after 600 mark - 55 year old

 January 20, 2021


It is hard for me to tell difference between 55 year old and 50 year old. But I could tell that it is hard for me to control weight. Now I am working on 200 lb weight control, the pandemic did bring a lot of stress on me, I did not pay attention to my weight. I need to look into how to work on practicing algorithm and data structure based on my age. 

55 year old

It is the first time I can learn so quickly by going through those hard level algorithms. I like to plan to work on 100 hard level algorithms in first month of 2021. 

A lot of algorithms should be same as those I already practiced. So it is more about how to analyze, approach the algorithm in efficient ways. 

I also like to plan to spend time to study system design and work on other projects as well. 

I also like to enjoy my time as a 55 year old. 

I do have 27 mock interviews as an interviewee, and I plan to work on those mock interview as well. 

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