Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mental skills to help players

April 9, 2016

  Competitive programming is like tennis sports. So, when Julia blogs her practice on problem solving on HackerRank, she also likes to journal her practice, for example, log time spent on.

 Here are the notes taken:

Mental Skills to Help Your Players

Journaling practices/ Matches (27:24/39:58)
  • Date, Time, Type of Play (Practice/ Match)
  • Opponent ( if applicable)
  • Length of Time
  • Feeling
  • Emotions
  • Focus/ Concentration
  • Nutrition/ Hydration
  • 3 things you did well, 1-3 things to improve

Goal Setting:

  • smart goals
  • LT and ST goals
  • Set for practice and competition
  • Write them down!!!
  • Reflect on motivation and you commitment to these goals
  • Evaluate, assess, adjust goals as needed

USTA Mental Skills and Drills Handbook

Action item: Read the book 20 pages. Take some short notes as well.

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