Thursday, January 7, 2021

Leetcode: Seven ideas to apply after 600 mark - Google grace hopper - GHC event in 2019

 Jan. 7, 2020


I still remembered I attended GHC Google lake union event back in Oct. 2019 in the city of Seattle. It was such great event. I wrote about it after the event. Here is the link. I like to write about my motivation from Grace hopper. 

Being a good educator 

Grace hopper is a great role model for me to learn from. I had chance to meet a lot of people in 2019 event. I almost forgot a lot of detail until I reviewed those pictures and videos. I also had chance to get onsite in December 2020. 

It is important for me to push forward and practice more algorithms. We also can find great talent to work on so many exciting projects when switching jobs, but it is better to stay at the same job, and try different things in my life. 

I have so many needs in order for me to afford a home in the city of Vancouver. Otherwise, I think that life is comfortable. Why should I enjoy the life and write another 100 hard level algorithms by going through Leetcode premium version. 

Because I share my practice on Leetcode discuss and my blog, it is such great experience to encourage others to work hard in 2021. Pandemic will go away, do not forget to hold a lot of equity assets, catch big wave of rebound, and also I do like to have some achievements on Leetcode. 

Those hard level algorithms will help me to train myself, think better and craft better. 

I like to pretend to be a Googler. Today is my day one on the job. Cheers!

7 ideas: 

  1. Pretend to be a Googler. 
  2. I need to be super talent programmer first
  3. I need to work hard always;
  4. Work on algorithm practice first thing in a day.
  5. Last thing in a day
  6. Something to kill time if I have
  7. 30 minutes algorithm, 30 minutes workout session
  8. Read more about Grace hopper. 
  9. Encourage myself to read more about industry, Google, Facebook.
  10. Love ideas to innovate. Maybe I can invent something for algorithm practice after 600. 

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