Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sven carlin: Long Term Investing in Stocks Explained

 Here is the link. 

Long Term Investing in Stocks Explained and how to take advantage of all the short term traders out there. I also discuss Methanex (MEOH) as a long-term investing example.

Long-term value investing principles

So, what are the principles of long-term investing

  1. Buying below intrinsic value
  2. Owning a business, not focusing on the stock
  3. Selling when the stock is above intrinsic value
  4. Buy companies that offer long-term quality - be it in the form of an asset, brand, location, scale or whatever.
  5. Have patience and let those dividends and investment compound
  6. Keep some cash on hand to take advantage of the opportunities the irrational - short term-oriented market offers
  7. Be patient

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