Thursday, December 27, 2018

Date your money - No. 1

Dec. 27, 2018


I have one week break since it is holiday season. I like to go out to learn how to do business in this cold winter weather. More than two months ago, I spent time to do case study of $17000 US dollars to purchase Canadian dollars in April 23, 2010. Here is the blog. What I learn is to date your money. Try to find a good solution to cut loss to minimum.

Go out to purchase Canadian dollars

I went out to kingmark to purchase Canadian dollars. It is my baby step to learn how the exchange rate goes up and down. How should I do the work and make myself better?

Dec 27, 2018

Rate: 1.350 / invert rate: 0.7407407
Scotia bank: 1.3257 

Actionable  Item

It is my baby step to train myself to learn personal finance. Get educated, learn my own mistakes first.

The difference between kingmark and Scotia bank is 0.0243, in other words, 2.43%. My transaction in 2010 with $17,000 US dollars, if I choose to exchange with kingmark, then I can save 413 dollars.

Learning personal finance takes patience and also I need to push myself to think slowly, think one thing a time.

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