Thursday, April 30, 2020

Yahoo finance conversations - OVV.TO stock research

April 30, 2020


It is second day with over 10% gains for OVV.TO stock. I like to continue to work on research, and this time I came cross the conversations and then found articles to read related to OVV.TO.

Stock research

It is the first time I came cross yahoo finance stock conversations. I had problems with VAB.TO when the price went down 10% back in March. Now I knew where to find latest information.

WOW! This could partially explain the move in price in addition to general market sentiment. Follow the smart money:

How to time the market and come out good ideas at work?


I spent time to review C# code and also .ASPX code, and I like to work on something simple. It is important for me to build good habit to review my own code, and follow good rules to write code.

Two day project

I spent two days to review the code I wrote, and then I make it simple, much more readable as well.

Three good role models to learn from - How to invest?

Risk management on investment

How to get connected with friends on wechat? What to watch out?

My learning of allergies through up and downs

Last three paychecks - my crisis preparation

Working full time at the office last four weeks

What is my favorite part of holding the full time job in April 2020?

What is most important - technology or basic needs?

April 30, 2020


It is important to have no worries about basic need, specially in this coronavirus period, 53 years old. I felt so depressed on March 18 to take two sick days, since no one felt safe to stay in the office while outside news kept coming with bad news. I thought about my rent, rental property in Florida, all the cash I have, even though outstanding talent people in my age or my ex-classmates and friend retired at age 52, I am still worrying about food on table.

Technology or basic need

I work on software engineering job but I knew that it is not easy for me to be outstanding. There are so many bias formed through 2001 to 2010, even though I continuously worked hard but I still could not be confident to solve my housing problem in the city of Vancouver.

On March 19, 2020, I felt that it is a good solution to choose renting instead of owning. I do not have to worry about paying mortgage. I felt so good to have a full time job and also I can take less risk to adjust my life style, because I start to get used to be frugal, only shopping for necessity, and only keep minimum relationship, avoid relatives and stay isolated in Canada.

CSS short review - maintenance of website


It is my fifth week to go back to work after two weeks break starting from March 19 to Arpil 1, and I like the life to work and got used to work full time very quickly. I need to learn somethings important about CSS, so that I can better manage the code base I have for my full time work. I need to take time to read good content about style, how to develop and maintain CSS code. It is better for me to master the basics since coronavirus is still here. A lot of people lose jobs every day, 30 million people in USA are unemployed and over 30 thousand jobs related to IT are gone as well.

CSS learning

I came cross the following reading materials, I enjoy reading and like to learn as well. 

Google HTML/CSS Style Guide

Improving CSS quality at Facebook and beyond


What to work on in my own choice - coding and design?

April 30, 2020


It is serious lesson for me to learn as an investor. I did not know to sell high and buy low, since VAB.TO went up last month with gains $2000 dollars, and then in less than 12 business days, it went down with loss $1500 dollars. I did not learn the importance to sell high and buy low. From the lesson, I learn that I have to go back to simplify things at work, so that I can have more time to learn how to invest after the work. Technology eats my time, I have to think about Coronavirus, emergency, how I should support business without too much burden on myself as a software programmer. I am the only developer and then we like to continue to run business since we all have to live and do not like to get into debt.

My showcase project at work

I like to write down a short showcase how I made some modification in my code base.

Here is the link of C# code.
Here is the link of CSS code.
Here is the link of C# code for a small class.

I need to find time to review CSS, and this time I reviewed CSS style from Uber. Here is the link.

C# code more readable:

Html code more readable with div names:

How to be a good project manager on this coronavirus crisis?

Five mistakes in Coronavirus market swing

Biggest secret to succeed in investment

Being frugal - understand the importance

My emotion independence - say good things about relatives

Too little risk when SPX was around 2200

Over 100% OVV.TO stock gains

Follow up

June 9, 2020

As a single person, I should ask myself what I should do. If I have a position in my portfolio which went up 100% in one month, I should invest all my cash in TFSA on this position at the very beginning. Or just after 20% up.

Do not just blog the gains, think about from different angles. It is hard for a single person to make sound decisions on this investment.

I should hire the professional ones in China, or contact friends I know working for bank; pay $60 dollars one hour to get some advice.

April 29 2020 over 10% gains of Oil stocks

My decision making - two thousand dollars purchase of oil stocks

My worries - Write down first

I like to write down my worries to prepare better mental health, and good psychology as an investor. I worried about so many things so that I could not invest over $26,000 dollars in bonds when I chose to rebalance SPX and VDU etf, and I only spent $2000 to build Canadian oil stocks and Air Canada stocks. I missed the opportunity to build wealth through the market bottom.

My worries

I do like to write down a list of things I worried, and next time I should write down those worries and learn to measure them. Do not allow those emotions affect my decision making in investment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

My stock analysis project - understanding terms

April 29, 2020


It is so interesting to see my Canadian oil stocks go up 15% today, and I like to look into what I should learn from the investment.

My simple task 

I need to review the analysis of four oil stocks from the video. I like to work on basic terms and then find out what to look into in order for me to evaluate what stock to invest.

% Fall

Cost of Revenue
Gross Profit
Total Current Assets
Current liabilities total
Current Ratio
Stock Holder Equity
T. Assets Vs. T. Liabilities
Gross Margin
Operating Margin

5 Year Avg P/E

4 Oil Stocks to Watch After The Oil Collapse

Here is the link.

I like to analyze how much it has room to go up for IMO.TO, and my holding went up 12%.

I just got more than 60% up from IMO.TO.

I like to share this comparison with my Chinese friends. IMO.TO is best one based on the analysis shown in the video by checking gross margin and operating margin.

April 29, 2020 10:02 PM
Take mass hit - strong balance sheet, they can stand when the oil price is low. Once the demand is coming back, the price will come back.

There is no interest to sell the price around $20.00 dollars.

Current Ratio

6:20/ 19:11
Current Ratio = Current asset/ current liability
Living on asset, 16,913 billion asset, 7.043 billion liability - COP (US)

XOM - have to sell asset and pay the liability

0.78 < 1 more risky - XOM
1.38 > 1 less risky - IMO

Operation margin

Average operation margin - 15, so IMO with 6% is very good.

5 Year Avg P/E
Current P/E
Discount From Average
Book Value

Book Value = Total assets - total liabilities
         Sell everything what can be paid

Free cash Flow -

% Fall

Cost of Revenue
Gross Profit
Total Current Assets
Current liabilities total
Current Ratio
Stock Holder Equity
T. Assets Vs. T. Liabilities
Gross Margin
Operating Margin

5 Year Avg P/E


I like to borrow content from comments.

Stocks looked at: 1. Exxon Mobil Corp NYSE: XOM 2. ConocoPhillips NYSE: COP 3. Imperial Oil Ltd TSE: IMO 4. Royal Dutch Shell Plc AMS: RDSA best value = Imperial safest = Conoco riskies = Exxon best dividend = Shell

Actionable Items

I need to figure out if IMO.TO has potential to go up 60% before Coronavirus sets down. If so, I should invest more on this stock.

Facebook CFO: 'We had a steep decline in ad revenue in March'

Here is the link.

Facebook CFO David Wehner joins "Closing Bell" to talk about the company's earnings and advertising revenue.

Stocks surge as Fed commits to aggressive policies to keep markets working

Here is the link.

SPX 2.88% - Gilead science -

2939.51  +76.12  2.6%



Gilead science 5.86%
March 10 highest return - 2.6%


Here is the link.

这个视频主要是介绍一本书:《非理性繁荣》,作者是诺贝尔经济学奖获得主Robert Shiller。他提出了导致股灾的四个因素:新时代文化,媒体文化,投资理财方式的变化,社会心理的影响。他还认为人类的直觉思维会带来很多偏见(锚定效应,从众效应,可得性偏好,因果性偏好),而这些偏见会导致投资的失败。

Victoria TFSA - April 29, 2020


Actionable Items

Ask myself why the following oil stocks or pipeline have more than 10% increase in one day.

IMO.TO   12.67%
PPL.TO    10.27%
SU.TO      13.61%
CNQ.TO   16.27%
OVV.TO   14.92%

If I can understand the market, then I should put $41,000 dollar cash into those oil stocks, and then take the ride over 10% on April 29, 2020.

Trouble is opportunity. I like to remind myself to take more time to learn investment in this Coronavirus special days, months in 2020.

Support our startup

April 29, 2020


It is tough time for every one and also for a startup company. I was busy last two years since every weekday 10:00 PM and weekend 10:00 PM for mock interview over 10 interviews, but right now the startup is in financial challenging time, I did not have mock interview last week. They are trying to focus on paid interviews.

Big thanks

I have those wonderful training as interviewer through last two years. I do believe that I developed so much strong muscle in terms of problem solving, algorithm research and coding crafting skills.

We have to think about how to make this small startup working again.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Uber discussing plans to lay off 20% of workers: Report

Here is the link.

80% revenue is lost. Total employee number is 27,000, so 20% layoff means 5400 people.

Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc - bankrupt


公司的大股东是在纽交所上市的洛伊斯公司(Loews Corporation),持股比例达到53%,公司旗下还有2500名员工,公司还留下了超过20亿美元的债务。

钻井平台关闭、企业削减预算导致许多石油工人失业。今年3月,美国石油和天然气行业削减了近5.1万个钻井和炼油岗位,降幅达9%。随着20日期货价格跌至负值,这一降幅可能进一步扩大。咨询公司BW ResearchPartnership的数据显示,如果把建设、钻井设备制造和船运等辅助工作包括在内,3月份石油和天然气行业的失业人数将再增加1.5万人。
大宗商品交易商托克集团(Trafigura Group)石油交易联席主管本·卢克克(Ben Luckock)表示:“上周一(美原油跌至负值)确实让人们意识到,石油生产需要放缓。”

Monday, April 27, 2020


Here is the link.

  1. Trading that fits
  2. The notion of R - risk
  3. Exiting techniques
  4. Opportunity 
  5. Position sizing 

Not a "one" size fits all 
4 characters    

R The risk you predefine before entering a trade

Buy $1600
Stop: $1500
1R Your risk = $100

$400 = 4R profit 

Trading is not a marriage - match personality

3 exiting techniques:
  percentage exits - step out at a 7-8% loss - take the loss and move on
  time exits -
  volatility exits - might be just market noise -

percentage risk model - 1R = 10% of capital

Case study of three people

Stubborn steve - always 1R - $2,000 dollars
Risky Rachel - percentage risk model - 10% of total - increase/ decrease, increase if winning, decrease if losing
Conservative charlie - 2% rule - 2% of capital risk


Here is the link.

  1. The three pillars of trading
  2. How to keep your emotions in check
  3. One indicator to rule them all 
  4. The triple screen tracking system 

Three pillars

Market analysis & trading systems
Money management

Be realistic
Keep a diary of your trades
  Learn from past mistake and will not make it again in the future
Set up rules
Stop trading
Don't count money
Practice sound money management

Weekly MACD-histogram - S & P 500


Here is the link.

  1. After six month trade, only 6% people can survive. 
  2. 2% rule - set maximum 2% loss per trade. 
  3. Understand candlesticks - buyer and seller fight - which group is winning - hourly chart/ 5 minutes chart
  4. The support or resistance strategy

5 minutes
1 minute

Indecision candlestick

Trade volume

Resistance :

Support strategy:
From previous day/ days

Graphing the efficient frontier for a two-stock portfolio in Excel

Here is the link.

The 2% Stop Loss rule (Trading risk management)

Here is the link.

Risk management is one of the most important aspects of trading. How does one manage risk so that a run of losing trades doesn't wipe you out? How does one deal with the emotional risk of not acting on a stop loss? How much money do you risk in any trade? The 2% rule is by far the best way of managing all of these potential problems and ensuring that your position size for every trade is exactly spot on so you don't have to worry about the money - just focus on the charts and the discipline.

2% rule

Only risk 2% of capital in any one trade

Protects you from a run of losing trades

50 trades goes to zero.

R - Run
Enter share at R10.00
Stop loss at R9.00
Risk per share = R1.00

2% = R1000 (R50k portfolio)
Therefore buy 1000 shares

No stop loss = GO BUST
Be comfortable with Rands at risk
Reduces stress when stop is hit
Determine stop loss level first
Use 2% rule
Thank work out quantity
Make sure Rands at risk doesn't scare

Risk Management Strategy For Trading

Here is the link.

Tell the story using my own words:

Given $10,000 capital to do day trading, set 2% as stop loss. Remember, 10 trades at most one day, if all of them fails, the total loss is 22%.

$200 for the loss of the trade.

Not a good trade

Profit per share  0.45
Stop loss per share 0.85

Keep ratio 2:1

Target price      $10.50
Entry price       $10.05
Stop loss price $9.20

Not a good trade - loss $0.85/ share to make $0.45/ share.  It should be like 2 : 1, not 1 : 2.

Good trade

Target price $130.00, you like to sell around $12.80, then it will be good, since ratio will be around 2: 1

The ONLY Risk Management Video YOU WILL EVER NEED.

Here is the link.

7:21/ 15:13

Sharesight holding - VDU.TO analysis

April 27, 2020


It is most important task for me to learn as a long term investor. How to control impulse to trade? I have to hold the shares of VDU.TO and then review what I have completed on this position.

Sharesight holdings

Here is the report of VDU.TO.

Why there are more oil bankruptcies ahead

Here is the link.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

4 Top Portfolio Management Apps

Here is the article.

Personal Capital Finance

Platform: iOS, Android, AmazonCost: Free

More than 2.4 million people track their finances with Personal Capital, which has more than 22,000 investment clients in all US states (as of December 2019).1  

Book reading: Bogle's head investing

April 26, 2020


It is so hard to make a living as a long term investor but with market swing like last few months. I like to go back to read the investment book: Bogle's head investing.

Rebalance strategy

I like to learn more carefully about rebalance. I like to take some notes and then continue to look into the arguments.

How to Start Investing in the Stock Market | Phil Town

Here is the link.

There are many investment strategies to choose from so it can get a little difficult to pick a single starting point. Today I’m going to break it down and tell you where to start if you want to invest your money in the stock market.

One of comments:

The four M's are represented by 4 different gestures using one or both hands as follows:
1. Meaning: hand on the heart;
2. Moat: clenched fist, symbolizing power;
3. Management: holding an imaginary sphere between one's hands;
4. Margin of safety: holding the palms of one's hands horizontal on top of each other, symbolizing a level gap.

Why Investors Are Losing Money In 2020 | Joseph Carlson Ep. 89

Here is the link.

0:00 Overview of video 1:04 Hitting 100k Subscribers 4:14 Stock Buybacks 8:30 3 Reasons Investors Lose Money 22:40 AT&T CEO stepping down 24:52 Disney dividend score is downgraded 26:34 Kevin O'leary small businesses 29:57 Kyle Bass on oil companies getting wiped out 33:38 Emails and Comments

  1. Separation of roles

The TOP 5 Oil Stocks to Buy for 2020 (High Growth)

Here is the link.

10 K walk and run - I want Vancouver back to normal

April 26, 2020


It is my plan to take a day off to run 10 K and I chose to go to downtown. I had to take some photos and also take some break from my stock research, and make sure that I can get some good exercise and see the outside world. I did not go anywhere last week except working full time from Monday to Friday in the office, and I need to take some break and relax my mind. Covid-19 may not be so scary, the cure is bigger than the problem itself.

Vancouver - beautiful city 

I decided to take my Google bag with me, so I can run if I need. I need to slow down and do not run in Burnaby lake or central park, since too much allergies. I need to make sure that I will not get red eye because of allergy season.

Summary of my walk and run

Skytrain - translink is losing money, and asked for government to help. The translink is in danger as business. Only a few people took the skytrain to downtown.

 I need to be able to run, so I took my cloth bag - a gift from Google in Oct 2019 GHC event in Seattle new downtown office.

My favorite hotel - it was closed. No one is in the hotel.

Get close to entrance, but I did not see any one inside.

 I like to remind myself GHC event gift, and I like to keep minimum in bags, even I did not carry any water bottle.

Vancouver skyline, I have them all.

Canada flag, and what beautiful colors. My country flag as a Canadian citizen.

I turned around before I like to start to run 10 K. Only a few people are in the downtown.
 Waterfront scenic view, clean and empty.

I need to get used to my gray hair and my face as a 53 year old.

I tried a few angles, no one was close to me. Empty city.

Beautiful skyline of Vancouver.

I like boating. I definitely enjoyed the view of those boats. One name a time.

Westin hotel is closed. No business.

Restaurant is open but only for delivery.

I like to remember a few names of boats.

I did not know how people are aging in terms of face structure. I wish that I will enjoy my health and favorite sports - running along seawall.

Google GHC event, and my frugal lifestyle and minimalism. I like to count those gray hairs if I have  a few minutes.

My favorite chair in the stanley park. I like to enjoy the forest and colorful spring season.

I like to show the trail and it was almost empty.

I enjoyed the long distance run and took some breaks to allow my body warmup in first 2000 meters.

Selfie is hard sometimes. I tried to let Google in my picture.

I like to push myself hard to run more distance.

Stretch and warm up more before I continued to finish 10 K run.

I have to think about how to hack a haircut for myself in next few months.

I should own a condo in downtown of Vancouver. I should work hard from 2010 to 2020. Write a business plan how to make my dream come true.

Actionable Items

Control weight. I need to lose 10 lb weight. One solution is to walk more and do some outdoor activities.