Sunday, March 31, 2019

How to spot job layoffs coming, even in a good economy

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Slow to adapt frugality

March 31, 2019


It is hard for me to learn to be frugal. I still remembered last Friday we went out for Jenny's last day lunch. I tried to order $3.5 two small pieces desert. "I want to be a frugal person", this is the first time I said that in the party with coworkers.

Open house visit

I also spend a few hours today to visit open house in Surrey near Guildford mall. And this is the first time I thought about frugality. Why do I need to spend my last 10 years savings for a down payment. How can I make a living with over $200,000 debt without any saving left?

I thought about the home costs over $270,000 US dollars for just one bedroom. I prefer to rent and also live closely with others. I should not feel ashamed about living condition. I work hard and that is the best I can get. I still remembered that  I cried when I thought about my finance situation. I should not cry, I make a living and work full time.

I just choose to be happy and then continue to learn other things. I do believe that I have more challenging things to do compared to put myself in a debt. The price is too high and the commute is not practical. Renting business is tough and risky.

I saved $50,000 Canadian dollars in Canada banks working full time last 9 years, I did not learn how to invest on Vanguard total market index fund and then have any capital gain over $30,000 dollars.

The one bedroom owner in 149 st. purchased $160,000 dollars one bedroom in 2016, and started last Sept. to April 2019 to sell from $290,000 dollars, and now lowered to $277,000 dollars.

I do not need to worry about too much owing a home. It is too risky for me, since my asset in Canada is too little to be a home owner. Now the price is so inflated.

Compared to the seller, I learned hard lesson to save those $50,000 Canada dollars. I had to purchase a used car, and replaced the flat tire by myself, and also cut all my expenses from 2017, only food and no other shopping. I have lived in a small room last 10 years.

Actionable Items

It is my thinking process I have to work on. I have to be able to make decision based on frugality principle.

Follow up
Oct. 21, 2020
I just could not believe that I wrote the blog and it brought down my tears. I just could not believe that I have critical thinking and did not go for those inflated condo in the city of Surrey. Now the price went down, and it should go down more. 

Life is tough for an immigrant in Canada. But I do learn things from a stable job, and I think taking more risk in stock market, and focus on long term investment. 

2018 was the worst year of media layoffs since 2009

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投行裁完汽车公司裁 这是美国十年来失业者最难熬1年

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分析认为,2018年美国经济强劲,但零售和汽车行业持续遭遇行业寒冬,一些大公司因经营不善和转型需要,裁员在所难免。以Verizon Wireless为例,公司以现转向5G业务为由,宣布裁员44000人。




2018年放风,直到2019年2月底,花旗CEO Mike Corbat 才向向媒体证实:花旗已经准备好裁员20000人。








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012 | Living Frugal with the Frugalwoods | How to save 75% of your take home pay

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029 | The Aspiring Minimalist Vs The Reluctant Frugalist

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Rohn: 5 Money Principles You Need to Know

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16 Rich Habits

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307-9952 149 Street

Est. $1,014/mo

Property Description:

NEW PRICE - TOP FLOOR with Horizon View. 1 Bedroom + Den in Tall Timbers. Great unit in private complex surrounded by trees & gardens. West facing deck with newer vinyl decking and aluminum rail overlooking greenbelt. Laminate floors in main areas, Park like setting. Good size den could be used as bedroom/flex room. 1 parking stall in secure underground parking with ample outdoor visitor parking. Short walk to all amenities, Guildford Town Centre, TNT Supermarket, Guildford Rec Center, Short drive to Highway 1. Come see for yourself. Open House Sunday March 31st 1:00 - 4:00pm!

Property Overview
Property AgeBuilt in 1980 (39 yrs old)
Gross Taxes for 2017$834
Strata Maintenance Fees$265
AreaNorth Surrey
Property TypeApt/Condo
TitleFreehold Strata
Style1 Storey
Listing IDR2348995
Primary AgentTanveer Sandhu
Primary BrokerKeller Williams Elite Realty
Days on REW16 Days on REW
2016-05 $150,000

305-14925 100 Avenue

March 31, 2019


It is Sunday open house time. I like to take a road trip to visit open house in the city of Surrey from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

A one bedroom condo

305-14925 100 Avenue
Property Description:
Welcome to Forest Manor, located in the heart of Guildford. This spacious, top floor, one bedroom unit is well maintained with newer flooring, and a nice sized in suite storage. Enjoy your morning coffee on your private, covered balcony overlooking the nice courtyard on the quiet side of the building. One underground parking spot, and shared laundry. No rental restrictions makes this the perfect investment opportunity. The building is within walking distance to Guildford Town Centre, transit, schools, restaurants and recreation. A perfect opportunity for a first time home buyer wanting to get into the market! Call today for your private appointment. *Open House 2-4 Pm Sunday March 31*
Property Overview
Property AgeBuilt in 1981 (38 yrs old)
Gross Taxes for 2017$744
Strata Maintenance Fees$222
AreaNorth Surrey
Property TypeApt/Condo
TitleFreehold Strata
StyleUpper Unit
Listing IDR2351905
Primary AgentSpomenka Nikic
Primary BrokerOakwyn Realty Ltd.
Secondary AgentBoris Nikic
Secondary BrokerOakwyn Realty Ltd.
Days on REW5 Days on REW

Home Depot Stock Analysis - Stock Price and Performance

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Best Vanguard ETF Funds for 2019

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Vanguard total world stock ETF. (VT)

Low expenses of .10%  this is 91% lower than similar funds
Invests in foreign and US Stocks (over 8,000 stocks)
2.34% Dividend Yield

1 yr 

The Growing Peril of Index Funds: Too Much Tech (

Here is the link. Here is the article.

25% index funds are allocated for technology funds. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon Inc.

Let me quickly go over the stock price and intrinsic value for those four stocks. Based on Warren Buffet's theory, those stock are too high or too low.

Best Vanguard Funds For Your Portfolio

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Here is the article.







Weekly contest 130

March 31, 2019


It is the weekly contest 130. I solved two algorithms, and also I wrote the last algorithm and only had a bug with a wrong variable name.

My performance

Here is my ranking. 

I solved the fourth algorithm, but there is a spell error in the code. Here is the discussion link.

I also had idea to solve the second algorithm, but I did not have time to write a short version of the answer.

My debugging skills

March 31, 2019


It is the fourth algorithm in weekly contest 130, I solved the problem but I had a spell error. I only had less than five minutes left and I did not solve the bug. Based on the fact that I could not find the issue in the contest, I like to do a short research how to advance my debugging skills overall.

Spell error

Here is the discussion link I wrote about 1020 Number of Enclaves.

Is There a Bubble Forming in Stock Market Index Funds?

Here is the link.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

50s I start to cry a few times

March 30, 2019


It is more challenge to live a healthy and happy life after I am over 50 years old. The first two years I tried not to let people know that I am over 50 years old.

Finance future

I start to push myself to work on personal finance research. I need to push myself hard, and I like to figure out ways to build wealth and grow rich.

It is tough. I need to prepare early, but it is never too late.

Tennis sports

I need to get myself back to more tennis sports. I start to learn the benefit of sports, specially it is so healthy to play double tennis game, I can get connected to others quickly and build support for sports activities.

How to pass online code screen any time?

March 30, 2019


It is the first time I learn that I have to push myself hard to be a problem solver. Why? I failed the code screen this March 2019. I did not put any effort on preparation on code screen, last time I did successfully is July 2017.

Code screen

I did not apply any job since I like to work on the personal finance research. But I took the code screen and failed the test this March 2019.

10 reasons I failed

I have to review carefully and figure out how to improve my problem solving skills.

1. I do not practice hard level algorithms starting from July 2018.
2. I only played weekly contest after Nov. 2018. I did not practice algorithms in weekday and weekend from Nov. 2018 to March 2019.
3. I like to push myself hard to learn personal finance.
4. I choose to work on tree algorithm in mock interview on I should try various algorithms instead.
5. ...

10 reasons I do not spend time on personal finance research before 2018

March 30, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I try to figure out 10 reasons I do not spend time on personal finance research before Nov. 2018

10 reasons

I like to come out some analysis what are the top 10 reasons I do not spend time on personal finance research.

1. I do not know that I have spending problems.  I think that I have income problems.
2. I do not try hard enough to solve my housing problem in Vancouver area at all.
3. I feel pressure to hold a full time programmer job all the time.

Ashleigh Barty - being a tennis fan

March 30, 2019


It is time for me to spend 30 minutes to study the tennis player, Miami open 2019 champion.

Player study

Here is the video I watch.

Case study: 23 years in North America

March 30, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I learn that I do not have enough time to work on my personal finance research, I did not start early first year 1996. There are so many things to learn and I am not ready to manage my cash and let them all park in the money market fund. Where did my time go? What are top 10 waste in my last 23 years in North America?

Case study

Top No. 1

Most of biggest waste is to talk and chat with my mom from 1999 to 2010. I stopped learning by myself, and most of time I spent time to chat with my mom using long distance calls.

I spent over thousands US dollars for international long distance calls with my mom and my relatives. I did not say enough no to my mom on those expenses.

Top No. 2

Cloth shopping.

I spent 22 shopping trips from 2011 to 2015 to Bellingham, WA state. I wasted those money over $5,000 US dollars on clothes. Also I spent over 4 hours on round trip, total hours at least hundreds of hours.

I missed Miami Open 2019

March 30, 2019


It is the last day of final this weekend. I missed the open. I originally tried to put together a vacation for me to visit my rental property in the city of Boca Raton, and then I decided to give up a trip to apply frugality principle.

Cost of planning

I need to book the flight, and car rental. I can spend time in my spare bedroom and do some work for cleaning and repair. I can catch Miami open and enjoy the vacation

A few problems

I need to figure out where to stop in-between, there is no direct flight. And also I need to book a vacation as well.

I need to think about bringing back my clothing and other stuff. I need to apply frugality principle and start to practice this principle as well.

I use to check lowest price, and also I need to figure out rental of car, how to use Uber etc.

Why frugality is so important?

March 30, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I like to write a blog related to a topic called why frugality is so important.

Frugality is so important

I did case study on my Citi bank credit card statements from 1999 to 2001. I did not learn the importance of frugality, I tried to spend money to please myself and my mom and my relatives, I spent over $40,000 dollars on Citi bank credit card from 1999 to 2001.

I did not analyze my strategies based on my H1-B visa and its limitation, and I did not understand startup company and also my technical strength.

I also like to figure out that I spent over 20 years to pay off the loan on my home in Boca Raton with a loan around $25,000 us dollars in 1999.

It is true that when I started to work full time as a software programming using OPT or work visa, I did not know how hard it is for the startup company to survive. I did not know that the value those salary I got.  I have to use those income to build up my net asset.

Why buy and hold doesn't work anymore

Here is the link.

Stocks — Part 1: There’s a major market crash coming!!!! and Dr. Lo can’t save you.

Here is the article I choose to read this Saturday. Now it is 1:47 PM, I like to spend next 20 minutes to read the article.

Why 50s is more hard than 40s?

March 30, 2019


It is the first blog I like to write about 50s. I heard something not good, something excellent. What I like is to share my struggle, and my learning and my baby step wisdom how to make a better living in Vancouver area.

My situation

I am not in good personal finance situation. I stay as a single working programmer, and I start to live with hay fever second year, and then also sometimes I have to push myself to learn to make decision on data, force myself to discipline myself, live under my means, and also do personal finance analysis.

Meanwhile, I also start to learn to push myself to be a better programmer as well. I stay in the office full time, learn and work with young generation, and also I take some time to bring some good influence, and help business do better and healthy situation.

Frugality is my new norm

Why do I like to learn more personal finance?

March 30, 2019


It is not easy to go for personal finance research. Sometimes I know that I need to read more articles, but my brain does not fully run if I learn from videos, books passively.

My situation

I have to face the reality. I have lived a life last 50 years as a single person. I do not have enough challenge job and task to work on. I find out that it is more difficult for me to work with myself in 50s.

I enjoyed the tennis sports in 40s. I enjoyed so many things in Vancouver area. But I did not challenge myself enough to make my work easy. The first 5 years, I did not have time to look into personal finance, investment and all other things.

Now I am in the 9th year on the same job. I know how much time a project will cost me in terms of hours at work, how many things  I should spend time to learn, and how much impact can those work brings out.

JL Collins: "The Simple Path to Wealth" | Talks at Google

Here is the link.

He talked about Vanguard VATEX fund. How many and how often should he recommends to purchase?

He also answered the question what if all of us purchase index fund.

His answer is 25% of market is index fund.

4:04/  57:44
Blog or book?
There is a brief review.

Step by step guide to buying Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Funds

Here is the link.

Robert Brokamp

Here is the link.

I like to read some articles this morning .

Which Index Fund to Invest in for the Long Term

Here is the link.


Total market index vs US index fund

Small stock 12%, large stock 10%

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTSAX)

Here is the link.

Hongkong immigration office and letter

March 29, 2019


It is the good news from Hong Kong Canada immigration office. The email is related to the medical examination which will expire this May 18, 2019. Can the applicant landed before May 18, 2019?

Friday, March 29, 2019

Learn from a younger coworker

March 29, 2019


I like to write a story what I learn from my ex-coworker. Today is her last day. I like to write down a few things I learn from her.

Vanguard's VTSAX Index Fund: Our Number One Investment for Financial Independence Explained

Here is the link.

How to master union find algorithms?

March 29, 2019


It is my short research. I like to master the union find algorithm, what I did is to solve as many union find algorithm on, and also ask the algorithm in the mock interview on

100 hours work

Today the interviewee worked on the algorithm, and also shared with me his experience. He told me that there are three implementations, check the website algs4.

Top 50 players on weekly contest 112

April 3, 2019
I spent time to study code from weekly contest 112 Leetcode 947 stones removed. I learn a few implementation of union find algorithm. There are size of disjoint set, rank of set, and union API implementation. Here is my practice of Leetcode 947.

685 Redundant connection

March 29, 2019


It is a hard level algorithm. I wrote a solution based on code study written in Java, and then I pushed myself to learn the analysis by debugging the code with one of test cases.

Code study

I need to adopt some good hard working habit to work on Leetcode hard level algorithms. I already experienced all things related to code screen, onsite, and all other things. I also learn that I need to work on my personal finance research. It is important for me to adopt frugality and minimalism life style.

I have housing problem to solve, and also I need to push myself hard to stay on track to improve problem solving skills.

Union find algorithm

Here is the link of the algorithm.

I plan to spend time to work on this lecture note, and then write some C# code based on Java code as well.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

personal finance 101, personal finance basics, and fundamentals

Here is one hour youtube video.

Oracle 裁员

Here is the link.

随着Oracle执行副总裁Don Johnson将一封标题为"组织重组"的电子邮件发送到员工手中,美国的国民养老机构、全球第二大软件公司Oracle的“血洗式”裁员正式开启。








负责此次裁员的执行副总裁Don Johnson是前AWS员工,对云计算有着非常深入的了解。这次由他来主持组织重组可见Oralce已下定决心经转型云计算,同时也意味着曾经为Oralce立下汗马功劳的数据库业务风光不再,OCI业务将成为Oralce发展的重心,哪怕现在数据库业务依然是Oracle的摇钱树。

Java 是一门日趋成熟的语言,此次裁员的Oracle以及一线大厂基本都以Java语言为主,TIOBE 2018 年 12 月数据显示,Java 仍旧在所有语言中排名第一,短期内不会被取代。


Here is the link.


春天,也是一部分人最难受的季节:眼睛流泪、鼻子发痒,止不住的喷嚏, 欢迎来到一年一度的春天过敏季。


健康专家表示 ,由于冬季持久,BC省今年的过敏季节可能比以往更糟糕。


空气过敏原监测公司每天在加拿大各地收集花粉样本,该公司在维多利亚和温哥华的监测站目前正在录下非常高含量的雪松花粉 (cedar pollen)。



伦敦毒品药剂师梁女士(Lily Liang)表示:“许多过敏患者在都会犯一个错误,都是等待出现过敏症状后才服用药物。”




 Insights West进行的一项新调查发现,十分之六的BC省人误认为季节性过敏症状为感冒,十分之四的人没有及早服用过敏药物。


专家指,经历季节性过敏的患者通常患有眼睛发痒和流鼻涕。 感冒的症状可能包括疼痛、喉咙痛,也许发烧和发冷,这些都不是典型的季节性过敏症。