Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A small research on HackerRank - seek excellence

August 30, 2016

  Go over HackerRank world code sprint lead board, from ranking 230 to 430, go over one by one, and see how Julia can make it in short future. To be one of them, what is missing, what should learn from those people.

  From different backgrounds, computer professors, Google employees, Microsoft employees, and a lot of others, university students. But, most of them attended more than 4 contests, and showed strong interest in things:

  1. Some of them take Coursera courses - More than 10 of courses
  2. Some of them document their HackerRank contests on Linkedin profile.
  3. Some of them are excellent coding, one of them finishes Leetcode over 200 questions.
     Julia just forked solution in the next minute, will study the code.
  4. Some of them are from Intel, Intuit, Cisco, etc.
      Read code, study styles, that is Julia's favorite thing to do.

  Julia has to take into consideration, work on difficult level algorithm on HackerRank. She prefers to stay in easy, medium level up to August 31, 2016.

Blogs to read:

1. practice, drills, strategies - a computer science course to help

competitive programming course

Free download - version 1

Julia is looking for a book talking about suffix array etc. advanced data structure. She found on today.



2C: questions and answers about practicing:

2. Top 50 - blogs about programming competition:

Talk about algorithms - in contest - SRM641 - ?


3. Read the algorithm  - enjoy time to read

Tutorial on Trie and example problems

4. Look into those contests the contestant chose to take part in - anything interesting?

26 gold medals - read code first

5. Read one algorithm first:  Excellent blog about algorithm - great sharing!

6.  Choose one of algorithms to work on this week:

7. MCSD programming in C#

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