Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bonetrousle - HackerRank world code sprint #6 - Practice 1

August 28, 2016

Problem statement:

Julia was naive on planning, management of time, tried to solve this algorithm, without any hesitation. She tried to score any point above 0, found the idea to write code using stack, but with additional 2+ hours to review code, stayed overnight, from 12:00am - 2:45am, a brute force solution. She did not make any (over 10 test cases: 5+ wrong answer, 4+ time out). So, she wrote down the experience to celebrate her weekend, over middle night struggling with an algorithm.

Share some statistics of world code sprint #6 workout:
Current Rank: 1112 - score 100/ 380 (score first 4 algorithms full score)

First practice:

Use stack, brute force, each box has two choice, join or skip. She tried to implement the brute force solution first, and then, she recalled the previous work on algorithm Leetcode: phone number:

Only pass the test cases provided in the problem description.

score 0 out of 50 points.

Brute facts:
A brute force solution does not score any points - even pass the basic test case - test case 1.

Actionable Item:

Write a blog about this algorithm, document the importance of time complexity analysis; how to plan to spend time to work on a solution.

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