Thursday, August 25, 2016

Code study: Leetcode blogs

August 25, 2016

 Compile a list of Leetcode blogs to read, 10 minutes a time, look for excellence through blogs:

1.   (Microsoft, C++)
2.          (facebook, blogs, C++)

C++ solutions in github:
1. (C++, ex-amazoner)
2.  (Neteaze, C++, China)
3.  (UBC, C++)
4. (China, Microsoft, C++)
5.  (C++, HackerRank Silver medal)
6. Inside github, search HackerRank, find this: (MSFT, top performer, with time spent for each algorithm)

Java solutions in github:
2.  (Java, computer PH.D.)
3.  (Nine chapter etc., Java)
4.   (Java solution, Googler)

C# solution:
Motivation talk: 
1. Sometime, google, bing search do not provide best source code, so, it is time to look up github forked solutions. 

Friendly remind: 
Julia, you should use github's search - use keyword: Leetcode to find solutions - 

2. Look for optimal solution, do not miss the best solution in practice of Leetcode algorithm. Do not rush, try to go through all kinds of practices, search for great ideas out there. Get the best idea to practice. One algorithm a time. 

3. Follow more people through github, easy to fork leetcode solutions. Sometimes, it is hard to tell best code, just get some code running first, write first C# practice, and then, ideas will come, what to search, issues etc.

4. Evaluate practices (junior/middle/senior level practice), and then compare to 5-10 practices. (0-3 junior practice, 4-7 middle level, 1-2 optimal solution, senior level practice)

4. Look up stackoverflow to get more ideas, specially from high reputation/ high voted opinions, terms to know when practicing Leetcode algorithms. Try to expand the things to work on through the practice, one algorithm can bring good study about coding style. See the blog:

5. When practicing Leetcode questions, try to work on more through the practice. There is an idea that if you work on thoroughly on one problem a time, you may be able to solve unseen problems as well.

Actionable Items:

1. Study programming principles:
Programming principles

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