Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A small research - web technology new school to catch up

Sept. 20, 2016

  Julia is preparing the list of things to learn through pluralsight.com about new school web technologies. Her favorite project is to write a single web page application using Angular JS, bootstrap, MVC, entity framwork; and she likes to see people use her single page application one day, since small population uses her apps daily very often, for them, like Gmail app, a most popular single page application.

  So, she did some study about the teaching statement from the computer professor (From teaching statement: http://pgbovine.net/apps/faculty-2015/pguo-teaching-statement_2015.pdf ):

I emphasize to students that the specifics of which programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and deployment services are in vogue at the moment change at a rapid pace, and that these new technologies are easy to pick up on-the-job once they have developed strong foundations. In my dynamic programming languages course, I take students on a deep dive of the Python interpreter source code to show them how a modern dynamic language is implemented from the ground up in C. Again, my goal is not to train students to become specialized Python developers, but rather to illustrate general principles that hold for any dynamic language such as JavaScript, Ruby, Scheme, and future languages that have not even been invented yet. I have noticed that students take a course more seriously when the instructor is firmly committed to rigor and high standards.

From teaching statement:

Here is the list of web tool she likes to catch up:

The latest web tools and technologies, including:
  • JavaScript
  • EcmaScript 6/7 (via Babel)
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JSON
  • React
  • Flux/Redux
  • D3
  • Webpack
  • REST
  • Node.js
Blog to read:


From my background, I draw three core pedagogical beliefs: to foster undergraduate research through apprenticeship; encourage experiential learning through studio-based, project-centric courses; and emphasize writing as a core academic skill.


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