Sunday, September 18, 2016

HackerRank Stryker Code Sprint Grind summary

Sept. 18, 2016

Spent over 14 hours to work on the algorithm problem solving, hours to spend time to read problem statements. Score 233/ 560, rank 174/ 1936 participant

1. First algorithm:

2. Second algorithm:

3. Third algorithm: Two submissions.

4. Fourth algorithm:

5. Fifth algorithm:

6. Sixth algorithm: 

7. Seventh algorithm:

Plan to work on this algorithm later, study more problems related. Read algorithm books. 

Editorial Notes:

This is a fantastic journey to spend over 12 hours to battle on the algorithms. Julia built a very good physical strength and also good concentration on reading/ analysis/ coding. She enjoyed the live competition while she could analyze how many are successful on the algorithm, so she chose easy battle first. And also, Julia just learned to entertain herself while playing nice music along. 

Julia tried to solve seventh algorithm in order to break in top 100 ranking, but she was too late; 1:00am, she should have started early; She missed the first 3 hours because of time difference between EST and PST.

But, in other hand, Julia studied top performers - best one only uses 3 hours in total for all the algorithms. 

Julia will work on more training on herself. Just enjoy the contest.

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