Sunday, September 18, 2016

HackerRank Stryker Code Sprint Grind (III) - Kth Zero - First Try

Sept. 18, 2016

Problem statement:

Julia observed that more than 80% successful rate on this algorithm, so she chose to work this one (fourth one) first instead of "The Hidden Message" (3rd question).

Here are the time line Julia worked on the problem solving:

         * 3:46pm - 4:36pm
         * Read the question, and figure out the design:
         * Like database table using index, need to prepare index.
         * Only update query -
         *  1: case 1: replace the position which has value 0;
         *  2. additional element with value zero in the array
         *  Just put Hash table to the array, and then, sort the array O(nlogn).
         *  Maintain a hash table and array for value 0 in the array
         *  Otherwise, time complexity should be ok.
         *  To make sort minimum - only sort when next query of kth zero comes in,
         *  also set isDirty to track if update is need or not.
         * 4:36pm start to write code
          *5:30pm conduct testing.
          *5:48pm, timeout, and score 26/40 points

2.5 hours to work on first try.
1. 50 minutes reading time
2. 56 minutes to write first try
3. 20 minutes to conduct testing

Score 26/40 points, need to work on timeout issue

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