Friday, September 16, 2016

Blog reading - Writing is best way to share the journey to excellence

Sept. 16, 2016

Computer professor of University of san Diego - very good advices - with details - plan to spend 3- 5 hours to go over the blogs

Best lecture in the world about rest API - quick lesson - Julia, learn it in 30 minutes

Statistics of the professor's great writing:

"In addition, I have written several articles on my website that are popular with students. For example,
my article on advice for applying to Ph.D. programs [2] has over 45,000 page views, advice on applying
to graduate fellowships [3] has over 95,000 views, and professional email writing tips [4] has over 42,000
views. I receive dozens of emails each year from students around the world asking for advice; I try to
answer as many as I can and then update my website articles to share that knowledge."

50 minutes video: The Ph.D. Grind

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