Sunday, June 25, 2017

3000 algorithm practice

June 25, 2017


It is estimated that a good software programmer should practice at least 3000 easy and medium algorithm based on her research on competitive programming. Right now, Julia had around 800 algorithm in her gist profile. It takes a while Julia adopts the idea called one algorithm a time based on her research on tennis coaching and mental strategies study. Never rush herself to finish algorithms. She used to study 10 algorithms in 3 hours, or 30 algorithms in one week, or tried to go over 70 algorithms in 3 or 4 hours.

It is better to learn one algorithm a time. Based on her study of the book "The art of competition programming", the book chapter the game plan of contest, Julia learned that it is also very helpful for her to go over each algorithm as many as possible ideas based on Leetcode discussion. She also learned that it is also very helpful to solve an expert level algorithm, in order to find a solution, Julia will quickly build up skills to do some research on algorithm, review the basics, and tries a few ideas.

Small research talk 

Read the blog again, link is here. Read the article again called "Competitive programming is a good use of time".

Review 3 advanced topics for competitive programming:

1. Fenwick tree
2. Max flow algorithm
3. Bitmask DP

Try to answer a few questions on Fenwick tree - binary index tree

One discussion on binary index tree is here on

Second discussion on Fenwick tree is here on

Study Hackerrank ProjectEuler+ leaderboard - link is here.

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