Saturday, June 3, 2017

Elina Svitolina - Learn from a tennis player a time

June 3, 2017


It is the great experience to start mocking experience after March, 2016.

One thing Julia like last 2 months is like having one to one study group. She was able to meet fifty people and suddenly she started to learn the algorithm through failure and success. Fifty people in the world helped her experience how hard the peer can work on the algorithm, or get stuck and need help; Julia learns a few things from one simple algorithm and data structure from different peers. She got a few of advises to help communication, she started to correct herself, like speaking slowly. She got some tip from one peer how to analyze time complexity better, another peer how to write white board testing, another peer how to be a systematic problem solver vs being a hacker; a few of peers shared with her their onsite experience and what are the most important.

Classified those 50 mocking experience into 3 rounds, first round she concerned about how to solve the problems, and then second round she started to notice the detail and the optimal solution she missed. Now she started third round, she found out that 30 minutes should be more conversational, add test cases before problem solving is most important and she should start to practice it.

Related to tennis sports, Julia likes to set a goal for mocking. Build a good ritual to structure her 30 minutes. Add test cases setup in first 10 minutes, speak slowly, get rid of anxiety in mocking.

Julia also likes to spend time to learn from one tennis player a time, not just focus on those top 10 players, or players she likes most. Tonight she likes to spend 20 minutes to study a tennis player, how she made great success in her career. It is a short time to do the research, and see how far she can go.

Tennis player study 

13 minutes interview of Elina Svitolina - the video link is here.

WTA Can challenge 

It is the fast way for Julia to train herself to get to know more WTA players in less than 15 minutes.

Here are videos links. First one is here, less than 2 minutes.

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