Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Case study: RBC bank and my date with mortgage

January 8, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I came cross the article called cross border mortgage in google search. So I visited RBC bank today. I like to date my money, and try to get some mortgage advice.

Bank willing to work with US asset

I am banking with Scotia bank. I set an appointment with scotia bank and tried to sell RRSP fund and plan to purchase Scotia index fund. I like to get into index fund for next 12 months. I need to learn to watch the market and discipline my behavior. I did personal finance research and then I found out that I sold VIGRX in 2002 and then totally forgot it.

I am a single person but I should try to make opportunities for me to date my money, so I can learn from bank mortgage specialist and new graduate from top universities in Canada who works for those banks.

I know that the market is too high and a lot of people gambling the real estate. I should time the market and now it is too late.

Paper work to prepare

1. Last three month USA chase bank statements for my rental
2. My US asset last three month statements
3. My Canada asset last three month statements
4. My Property tax and condo association fee for rental property, rental income.
5. My social security in USA and other
6. 2016 T1 General
7. 2017 T1 General
8. Notice of assessment
9. 20% down payment

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