Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sudoku solver talk

April 11, 2017


Sudoku solver is such interesting problem and Julia wrote more than 3 solution in her practice back in 2015. Here is one of the blogs, and also Leetcode 37: sudoku solver is also very good material to review the algorithm.

Sudoku solver talk 

Here is the C# code written in 30 minutes mocking experience.

Transcript is compiled to make it work. C# code is here.

Highlights of a few corrections:

3 nested for loops. The first 2 for loops is to find the first cell with value -1 to do search, try numbers from 1 to 9 and start a DFS search, if all of them are failed, then return false; otherwise return true.

Need to talk about optimization, use the first one with value -1 to start DFS or other cell?

Follow up

Sept. 6, 2017

It is very important to learn the algorithm. Start from code review and learn from the important message in the review.

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