Saturday, April 15, 2017

What do you love most about mocking experience?

April 15, 2017


Julia worked on mocking experience starting from April 1, and so far she had 8 experience. What did she like most?

She just checked this video about tennis, what do you like most about tennis. The video is here.

Tennis is last real gladiator sports left.
Even gentle guy likes to crushing experience ...?
Love competition
Atmosphere is just great!
Sound of hitting balls on sweet spot.
What do you like most?

So Julia likes to relate to algorithm and data structure mocking experience, and what she loves most about the experience.

Learn from most talented peers how to perform the problem solving. 

Small talk 

Real fun to go up-and-downs with score, rank from 1 to 7. 
Good experience to journal and then make it better next time. 
Met people and had big surprise how talent people are. 

Let us read some report and get it serious. Understand the performance like sports, win or lose not controllable, understand what is bias and how to fight against odds to show some real work.

Work with people is most difficult part as a software programmer. Julia likes to learn how to work with people and then she can focus on more on technical skills.

Learn to play better mocking experience. One a time.

Facts to remember

April 11, 2017, Know something, Score 1 - "Do not write code until you have a clear algorithm in your head"

In other words, Julia, it is a good idea to write pseudo code first before you write real C# code. Then you can review your algorithm design, clear out any mistakes in thinking process.

Forgot to write base case for DFS algorithm - recursive function in her first writing and then she quickly added it after the reminder. The algorithm is called sudoku solver.

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