Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Case study: My citi bank 2000 12 months statements - Series 1 of 6

January 9, 2019


It is my personal finance research. Once I got all statements I like to do some personal finance research on those statements. I like to write a blog to analyze and count how many mistakes I made in those finance decisions.

Case study

I like to push myself to learn personal finance, and also I like to figure out what are my values. Why I am still the same person after 18 years.

Can personal finance research help me to learn how to build wealth? I need to grow up and be more responsible. I should step out as a single person and learn how to make a good living like others with a family to support, like a single mom to support a daughter.

Here is the github folder.

Biggest mistake

I did not purchase any second hand clothing; second hand furniture. Even though my manager in 2000 told me that his mom helped me to purchase past perfect furniture to save a lot of money. I still chose to purchase thousand dollars cloth.

I think that my attitude towards money, compassionate to others are problematic. That is the reason I did not learn how to invest money at all.

I had two sisters, one is a physician and one is high school teacher in the city of Yichun at that time. I was told by my sister that my monthly income over $5,000 US dollars is more than all doctors salary together in her office.

I was too naive and wasted all those money on clothing. I even did not know how much I spent on clothing until today, 19 years later.

Steps to analyze

First copy all monthly statements to excel sheet.

For each row, google search Excel script to get last 6 chars in the row. Here is the article. I used the script "=RIGHT(A1, 4)";

For all columns with dollar value, convert text to value. Here is the article to get help.

Open a new tab in Excel sheet, create a pivot table to do analysis.

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