Sunday, January 10, 2021

Learn to invest: PEG Ratio Explained - Intel vs AMD

 Here is the link. 

Best Way to Value Stocks: Intel Analysis: In this video, we look at what the PEG ratio is and how it can be used. We use the PEG ratio to compare AMD to Intel to see which one looks better valued today.

  1. Price/ EPS 9.3x AMD 112x
  2. AMD - one dollar profit to pay 112 times
  3. Growth INTC 3.6% - next 10 yrs, AMD 36.2% next 10 yrs
  4. EPS vs PEG - tell how much to pay for growth
  5. PEG INTEL 2.6 AMD 3.1
  6. PEG weakness - count the risk
Intel more risk? Due to operation issue.

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