Sunday, February 24, 2019

Principal application with Hong Kong office

Feb. 24, 2019


It is time for me to help the principle applicant to file documents. I spent over three hours to read and write, and then prepare things for the case yesterday.

My nephew

It is so hard for me to work with 25 years old young Chinese male. I have to read the immigration letter dated on Feb. 20, 2019, and then translated word by word, and then paragraph by paragraph into Chinese. I shared the information through wechat.

Later I had to spend time to explain everything again in Chinese, and also explain every detail in wechat.

The young Chinese does not learn how to respect other people's hard working. He does not have work experience, and he does not understand the basics of politeness, and respect other people.

It is so hard for me to work with him.

I called his father twice, and his father told me that he would give his son a call to tell him take my call. I called again, he did not answer. And then I called his father again. He answered the first time.

Being a sponsor

It is toughest project for me to be a sponsor. One day I will know the result, no matter what it is, I have to learn the lesson and I do not want to make the same mistakes again. 

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