Sunday, February 24, 2019

Weeky contest 125 performance review

Feb. 24, 2019


I move my research to personal finance. But I still like to continue to work on algorithm and data structure if I have time. One thing is to review my weekly contest performance.

90 minutes

Weekly contest only has 90 minutes. I will have 4 algorithms to work on. Usually last algorithm is hard algorithm, I do not read at all to save time.

Last week the third algorithm is tree algorithm. My strategy is to work on any tree algorithm, since it can be really easy to write and also I push myself to master all tree algorithms. Usually they are very good algorithm to practice, and also I like to give out tree algorithm to interviewees on most of time.

Usually  it takes me at least 5 five minutes to read one problem statement. If I cannot fully understand the problem, then I will have to take risk and learn from failed test case. It takes me extra time to pass online judge.

Right now, I do have time to write algorithm and data structure in weekdays, all week days after the work I have to push myself to learn personal finance, and also study more topics to explore the area first.

I do need to push myself to practice daily. It is difficult to build good habit to write code daily. But it is easy to break the habit. This time it is my personal finance research.

60 minutes lead board study

I spent 60 minutes to study lead board with ranking 1500 - 1700, I like to figure out some statistics related to those players with the score from 10 to 14.

My contest performance is here.

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