Saturday, February 23, 2019

weekly contest 125

Feb. 23, 2019


It is my favorite weekly contest. I enjoyed the contest, and was happy to solve two algorithms. I like to write a blog to document my performance.

My performance

I wrote the third algorithm first. I really like to challenge myself on tree algorithm, since I interviewed over 100 people on and I got a lot of experience. In other words, I work on tree algorithms every week and I was amazed to work on top talent people in the world all the time.

I spent 30 minutes to work on the tree algorithm, but I still could not pass all test cases. The phone ring and I had to tell my sister to wait, I was in the contest and I need to get back to her after the contest.

I moved on the first algorithm first. I was in the pressure to score zero, so I had to push myself hard to solve the first algorithm. I finished the first algorithm, but only 14 minutes left. And then I went back to work on the third algorithm, I read the problem statement again, and I read the statement "the value should be appended to the end of the array". I fixed the bug and wrote very simple code, since it is the end and it should be right subtree.

I only had 8 minutes left, I did glance the second algorithm. I know that it should be simple but I did not have enough time to finish it. I started to play with my ranking and figured out what my ranking was.

I just played with ranking system until the end.

Here is my ranking.

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