Sunday, January 10, 2021

Seven benefits to stay on same job over 11 years

 Jan. 10, 2020


I stay on same job over 11 years now. I like to think about seven benefits to stay on the same job. 

7 benefits

I like to have a job with very little stress, so that I can explore more things in my life. I have a single life and I do not have chance to experience a lot of things in my life. 

I like to learn how to invest on stock market, and I like to learn more about fitness, tennis, and all other activities I like to have. 

I also need to figure out how to stay connected with friends, and also start to work on my contributions to intelligent world. I like to craft more things if I can. 

  1. I can plan very well for algorithm and data structure practice;
  2. I start to have time to learn Microservice and system design;
  3. I start to learn more about investment;
  4. I have more ideas how to solve problems at work; 
  5. After working full time 11 years, I finally have over $100,000 dollars savings. I am busy working with ideas how to invest. 
  6. Investing is such great experience, I could not believe that I have time to learn. 
  7. I think that it is better to stay on the same job, and I can learn more things in my life. 

Actionable Items

I like to work on investments, and pray with wisdom to understand more about business. I need to learn how to build community in terms of investment. 

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