Wednesday, February 6, 2019

14 Retirement Mistakes You Will Regret Forever

Feb. 6, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I have to push myself to read more content related to stock market and other investments. Here is the article I like to read called 14 retirement mistakes you will regret forever.

My favorite learning

It is mistake 11: Avoid stock market

Shying away from stocks because they seem too risky is one of the biggest mistakes investors can make when saving for retirement. True, the market has plenty of ups and downs, but since 1926 stocks have returned an average of about 10% a year. Bonds, CDs, bank accounts and mattresses don't come close.
"Conventional wisdom may indicate the stock market is 'risky' and therefore should be avoided if your goal is to keep your money safe," says Elizabeth Muldowney, a financial adviser with Savant Capital Management in Rockford, Ill. "However, this comes at the expense of low returns and, in fact, you have not eliminated your risk by avoiding the stock market, but rather shifted your risk to the possibility of your money not keeping up with inflation."
We favor low-cost mutual funds and exchange-traded funds because they offer an affordable way to own a piece of hundreds or even thousands of companies without having to buy individual stocks. And don't even think about retiring your stock portfolio once you reach retirement age, says Murphy, of Fidelity Investments. Nest eggs need to keep growing to finance a retirement that might last 30 years. You do, however, need to ratchet down risk as you age by gradually reducing your exposure to stocks.

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