Saturday, February 2, 2019

My best coaches in personal finance

Feb. 2, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I started from November 2008. I started to find so many coaches through books and youtube videos. I like to write down top 10 best coaches and then I need to push myself to learn better.

My top 10 coaches

1. Top 1: Francis Kong
2. Top 2: Suze Orman
3. Top 3: Tony Robbins
4. Top 4: Jack Bogle
5. Top 5: Our rich journey -
6. Top 6: Rebecca Bustamante - Thought leaders
7. Top 7: Lottery winners end up broke - case study 20 winners
8. Top 8: Barbara corcoran - one hour talk
9. Top 9: Dave Ramsey - learn how to do plastic surgery, here is the talk
10. Top 10: John Carreyrou's bad blood book - here is the link

My three months self-learning

I try to cover as many as topics I can, and also I find that the learning is so exciting and also enjoyable. It is so painful for me to review my past experience, and I like to push myself to learn the basics.

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