Saturday, February 2, 2019

Personal finance research is so exciting

Feb. 2, 2019


It is so amazing experience to work on personal finance research. I have math major, once I work on numbers then I do not want to stop. I think that this personal finance project can last forever. I have s o many case study on my past experience, and I have so many videos to watch and books to lookup. Life is so exciting once I learn to work on my personal finance.

I am three month old finance baby

Learning finance is so much fun. I have so rich experience to play with so many things. I have financial difficulty to afford a home in Vancouver area. Every time I think about my age and financial situation, my tears can easy come out and then I have to push myself to learn how to value my time and every dollar I own.

I love every dollar I make, but I love to learn how to count the dollar and try to save one. 

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