Thursday, October 15, 2020

Arry stock: IPO first day

 Oct. 15, 2020


I have to push myself harder to work on equity research. I got up at 8:00 AM and then I did some equity research, I did purchase $1000 dollars stocks: NCLH, SU, AAL. I did not pay attention to Arry stock, my friend in wechat chinese group shared the stock information, one person followed her sharing. 

Arry stock:

It is the first day IPO. My friend later shared her story, she purchased 1000 shares, bought at price $20, and sold at $26. The price went up $36.00 dollars. I did not notice the stock at all through wechat conversations. 

My research

I have to take it seriously, and work on equity research. I should pay attention to IPO stock as well. No one can avoid market risk, but it takes hard work to understand which stock went to IPO today. I should start to read more about Arry stock. 

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