Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Stock investment: Monthly goal - set $500 gains as my goal

 Oct. 14, 2020


It is so hard to get rid of market risk. I like to learn better to manage risk. One of ideas is to set goal low, like $500 dollars gain, so the loss may be less than $1000/ month. I like to stay positive, do not time the market. Get back in again. 

My IRA account

I only held around $1200 dollars stock. I like to purchase at most less than $6000 dollars stock, and I plan to make some gains around $500 / month. 

I like to hold cash around $13,000 dollars in case there is big market correction or 20% to 30% pullback. 

TFSA account 

I also like to purchase around $10,000 dollars stocks and then try to make profit around $500/ month. I like to learn how to stay consistent, and learn to love equity exposure. Live a day with market go up and down. Learn how to take it easy, and do not let the market interrupt my daily work and my life. 

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