Saturday, February 9, 2019

Why I choose to write every day?

Feb. 9, 2019


It is Saturday and this 4:00 PM I have to go to party to meet my Shanghai Jiaotong Univeristy classmates in the city of Vancouver. I have to learn from friends and also keep good relationships. I start to share my blogs related to personal finance, since all my friends have 10 times more compared to my wealth.

Feel good to share with friends

I have full time job, and I also work on a few project last two weeks. I need to find a renter for my Florida Boca Raton condo, and I need to give out guidance to my nephew related to his principal application. I have to follow up wealthy friends and also keep them entertained. One of them is to share my personal finance blogs.

I choose not to be a driver for my rich elder sister. I was naive and paid $500 dollar for renting a car, a brand new car with 3000 miles, I took risk and spent time to drive one day to Yosemite in 2014; I decide not to be a servant to my sister. I need to save those airline ticket, rental fee of car, risk of car accident which may bring me a lot of trouble. One idea is to stay distance from wealth friends and relatives.

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