Sunday, November 25, 2018

My case study: California vacation trip

Nov. 25, 2018


It is my personal finance month. I like to write down the trip and also review all expenses in 2014. Now it is Dec. 10, 2018, 12:13 AM, I like to write more content on this blog.

Case study

It is the first California trip I had to visit my sister in California. I booked the car for over five days, I paid airline tickets, 5 day rental, and other expenses. Overall I spent over $1,000 us dollars.

I took two road trips, one is to visit university of California, Berkeley, one is to visit Yosemite.

The above image is added in Jan. 30, 2019. One month after the original blog. I just got my citi credit card statements in 2014, and I did rental analysis and found out that I need to work on analysis of 2014 citi credit card statement.

Actionable Items

Stay in budget. Have a plan. Instead of taking a road trip to Yosemite, I think that it is better not to rent the car, spend time with my sister to take public transit, and understand how cities are connected. Fully enjoy the public transit, bart, and other things.

I spent more than one week vacation in California. I evaluated the whole vacation and what I learned compared to the trip from Florida to Vancouver in 2010 April 10 to April 23.

I reviewed the vacation in 2019 and then I decided not to take vacation with a rental car. I evaluate the risk of driving accident, and safety issue. I also choose not to be a car driver for a relative. I say no to a relative for road trip. No more road trip more than half an hour.

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