Thursday, October 8, 2020

196 - 202 lb: weight control - M. W. F. 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM tennis sports

 Oct. 8, 2020

I like to come out some very good ideas to control my weight. I have to eat less, and stay hungry all the time. And also I like to take more breaks to do some indoor workouts. 

Every day I should weigh myself a few time. Put my weight watch as highest priority. Everything will be under better control if I can control my weight. 

Also I need to control consumption of red meat, like port. What I can do is to add some wheat flour into red pork meat, so that I can make meat ball. 

I will eat less pork meat and then control my weight. I also need to reduce the consumption of whole chicken from Costco. The idea is the same, make chicken meat ball as well. 

First step, next two weeks I should put my weight under 195 lb. 

I will play more sports and also run more often. Take more walks as well. 

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