Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Florida rental condo: An engineer works remotely and plan to move in

 Oct. 13, 2020


USA is such a great country. The engineer is so smart and then figure out moving to Florida for cheap rent. Work remotely is such great deal for family and professionals. Specially for those working at Florida before. 

Florida rental condo

I am planning to rent out the condo in Nov. 2020 for a new renter. History is such great thing for me to write about. 

I will try to find some pictures back in 2001. It is almost 20 year since my friend moved in the rental place, who used to be my first renter back in 2000. 

An engineer decided to move from Sillicon Valley back to Florida. It is smart decision and then Florida winter is such great time to enjoy. 

Airline ticket cost is less than $200 dollars. The transportation of car is around $1000 dollars. I do think that I am also taking risk to lower rent and just cover $300  monthly maintenance, and those property tax $2000 dollars. I need to pay $5000 for roof repair this year. I need to have some cushion in order for me to survive. 

I need to save at least $2000 in order for me to survive as a landlord. Even if the home is paid in full. 

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