Sunday, October 4, 2020

My behavior research: My tough finance situation last 10 years

 Oct. 4, 2020


It is not easy for me to figure out how to be a good business person to survive in Canada economy. I like to write blogs about this topic. 

My behavior problems

I have some behavior problems. I like to write a series of blogs to look into this issue. How to be a frugal person? How to survive in this economy since coronavirus? How to take care of my own business, and do not fall into traps with others. 

Recently I reviewed my finance problems, and I chose not to talk about my tough situation since coronavirus, hay fever, challenges in my current job etc. 

I choose not to open communication to my siblings. I do believe that hard working will pay off. I choose to be a software programmer, it is not guaranteed and risky job. It is not a job with union, and it is not a stable job like working for government. 

I have to continue to study and work on my algorithm and data structure in order for me to survive. 

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