Wednesday, October 14, 2020

System design: Managing in Microservices

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Randy Shoup shares proven patterns that have been successful at Google, eBay, and Stitch Fix. Shoup covers managing data, the need to isolate a microservice's data store behind the service interface, using events as a first-class tool in the architectural toolbox, techniques for service extraction from a monolithic database and much more. This presentation was recorded at QCon New York 2017. The next QCon is in London, March 5-7, 2018. Check out the tracks and speakers:

Starting from 28:00 - 30:38

Talk about stitch fix - how to extract microservice?

Two apps, - three tables

Extract -> client- service

core client

item-service - core item

style-service -> core sku

Styling app / warehouse app

Two apps -> three services -> three databases - dependency, join, and then ...

Extract things to service

Microservice techniques: Shared Data

Manage data - Join,

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